31 August 2008

half down, half to go

it's the last day of august, thank goodness. more than half of the year is done and only the -ber months are left to contend with.

it was a whirlwind of a month. as a lot of lez friends mentioned, th
ere's a sort of break-up season here lately this month. i wonder why.

but yes, i belong to that population that experienced it. the first week was supposed to mark one anniversary (which seemed unremembered) but i found myself cutting it off on the second week. on the third, i rethought it but as i still faced a big, hard and wooden fence, i decided against it. nevermore, to quote edgar allan poe.

indeed. to quote the raven, nevermore.

so here we are.

strange to be sharing this with you all. i dunno.

but as ate shao said, yes, everyday is still a lovely day, kahit single. ayuz. syempre may kasamang plugging aney! go durian dalanghita hehehe!


now back to regular programming.


half of the heavy work that started last year was over yesterday. it's the upcentennialdigitalfilmcompet. haggard. yesterday, we finally conducted the screening and judging of entries. haggard ever.

but we're happy with the results.

because of that, we decided to unwind and make tuhog another meeting na rin na kasama pa rin sa work load sa theater. workshop season is nearing na kasi, kay we're all preparing for it na.

hay kapuy...

baket bucket? basta ba!

pero masaya nung gabi kasi we decided to unwi
nd nga. while the rest of you folks were in the eheads reunion concert (na haggard din pala kinalabasan, as mama mlou pointed out that people were walking like zombies!) e dun na lang kami nag-happy hour and beer buckets galore sa conspi.

teacher teta and lola libay

as usual, my kabisyo trio plus one were there, at ayan, nagselebra ng instant bday treat kay sustagen kid hehe. ayuz.

flash! drive

aaah sarap mag-unwind grabe! especially after a hard day's work, sobra. hay...

our lighting preference: natural

it was also nice that cynthia was playing that night. nice to hear da ale sing again, and mama malou perc-ing it up yay! kahit may bandage na ang kamay, hataw pa rin!

gumig saglit si sustagen kid,
kasi nakita ni cynthia ahehehe

silip sa judging kanina.

(l-r) with direk jeff jeturian, manunuri ng pelikulang pilipino roland tolentino
and manyunyugi ng pelikulang panget bayli leaflens heeheehee

lafang galore lang din. one thing na okay sa upfi talaga e we heart food, so much hehe. kung may budget! salamat sa doray's kitchen hehe.

nabunutan na ko ng tinik talaga dito. hay... okay, awards night na lang and i am ready to face baguio naaaaaaaaaaaa! o la unionnnnnnnnnnnn! or both!!!!!!!

sama ka?

29 August 2008

PANOORIN BUKAS: si mariang makiling naging dementor!!!

er, at least that's how i see it heheh. watch this ep. i directed it. bukas na ito! mas maaga: 9:30am na siya. umaga ha. sabado. gma7 kapuso network.

don't mind the photo's time. lumang pictorial na kasi yan e. 9:30, not 10.

LDFG vs. Luningning Praning-ning

Airing on August 30, 2008
Saturday, 9:30 a.m.

Toothpaste factory

Do you want to know what the secret is behind clean and sparkling white teeth? Host Love Anover finds out in her visit to a toothpaste factory!

Inside the factory, Love witnesses how the toothpaste’s ingredients are mixed together and placed inside their tubes! She even lends a hand to the workers by placing tubes of toothpaste inside their respective boxes! Love also gets the chance to see how the yummy kiddie flavors of toothpaste such as Bubblegum Pop and Cookies and Cream Ahoy are made.

All about hair

In this visit to a one-of-a kind salon for kids, Host Bea Binene turns her imag
e like her favorite Barbie Doll! In Pink Salon by Barbie, kids can choose to look like a rockstar with the Barbie Diva hairstyle, or become like a princess with the Barbie Fairytopia hairstyle!

Bea’s quest for learning more about hair doesn’t stop in the salon. Bea visits the European Wig Factory to learn everything about hair and witness how wigs are made for all occasions! She also meets Tessa Prieto-Valdes, a celebrity who loves to wear all sorts of hair wigs!

LDFG vs. Luningning Praning-ning

With her super powerful Hilo-Hilo Sibat, Luningning Praning-ning terrorizes anyone who gets in her way, including the LD Force!

Luningning is a wood nymph who used to live in a lush forest, but because humans have turned her forest to a park, the plants and animals in that forest died! Luningning cursed this park by making people lose their way inside it! How will the LD Force lift Luningning’s curse in the park? Will they be able to unite and defeat Luningning if they themselves can’t find each other?

baka lumabas si luningning...hmm...

28 August 2008

a night of firsts

it's 1.08a as i write this, and i came home about less than an hour ago. just needed to continue that slight nightcap i tried to begin earlier after late dinner with some good friends. of course the proverbial question had to be asked [kamusta ka na te?] and of course a few proverbial answers need to be mentioned [okay lang...]. but recalling and remembering left an unpleasant taste in my mouth, so it really has to be washed down before i face a new sunrise.

so here we are.

a night of firsts this is. or maybe mornings? whichever. i ran through the usual nightly rituals upon coming home, and one uncommon ritual was i just laid in bed for a while, opened the window and looked outside my picture window (the one thing that made me fall in love with this abode) before continuing with the rituals and calling it a night.

a habit of mine is staring out at the sky, whatever time of day it is, but i especially love the night skies, as i am an astronomy enthusiast. it was no more than a minute of staring when i saw my very first meteor pass by. meteor, yes, and it was big, and it graced the night sky for about two whole seconds. for a meteor, that is quite long. a
nd impressive. that was 12.35a or so. it passed by east of the little dipper, so i waited at the very same spot/area for others. but alas, it was a lonesome traveler just saying hi, perhaps to a fellow lonesome traveler down here...

that was something.

it made me smile. and warm, inside. meteors do that to me most times. most times.

like now.

i'm glad.

it might be a sign of things to come, a reminder that bigger things are out there for me, and i need only look to see them closely, even without my glasses. that's how i saw the meteor, my first for this year, and first to witness while inside this new sanctuary of mine.


another first:

pula sa bughaw revisits

my friend bought three stalks and gave each one of us one of these. and i brought it home. the first flower to grace the household. another living thing to accompany a barely living thing, a barely breathing thing. but not anymore.

yes, i guess we are both in bloom. full bloom or not, it's still a bloom.

yes, perhaps another sign of better things that will sprout, if i just wait for the harvest.

yes, it comes. it really does.

and at this time, i feel peace settling in. i should hold on to it.


27 August 2008


huwaaah! bakit di sa akin in-assign ang september issue cover story sa mega??? hm.

just got my compli copy in advance kasi at tumambling ako when i saw anne curtis on the cover. anne curtis! sayang!!!!! i so wanted to do her pa naman. este do her interview! hehehe. shet sayang! avie! kras mo, sayang o! hahaha! yung pinakaiintay mo, ala rin hahaha! kainiz... dami kasi nag-volunteer mag-PA sa akin kung sakali daw si anne ang iinterbyuhin ko hehehe. ala na, sori laos tayong lahat... :P

well, interesting din naman ang na-assign sa akin this month. i can't remember if i plugged it na. anyway eto siya...

si ms. apples aberin sadhwani. cover girl for august. ms. project runway. hey, matalino siya. bet! journ major! yes, dito sa cmc!

in fairness, maganda ang pictorial niya sa loob.

for september, what i have are reviews lang of the two UP Press books Children's Hour volume one and two. maganda ang layout in fairness. nag-OC ang artist. pumictorial ang books. pero dapat august issue din ito e. na-bump off. oh well...

but i wanted anne! aaarrgh! sayang! she's quite a character and i wanted to see sana what's up with her and all.

hm, dahil ba ito sa tinanggihan kong gawin yung kay lucy torres cover months ago? hihihi :P ayoko lang kasi yun... basta. long story hehe. hey, in fairness, i did ruffa gutierrez! kainiz!

wala, venting lang hehehe. chozzzzzzz.

the mag has a new assoc editor and she sounds sensible naman. i like what she's asking me to write. more in-depth features ek. yes, dapat lang, slight humabol tayo sa marie claire at sa cosmo aney! heheh :P well, at least sa marie claire, kasi kay myrza yun. bet ever pag siya ang head. sa cosmo lately, parang matubig na ang artiks. hm.

wala lang. shameless plug!

pag usapang mega, lumalabas ang aking closet kikay persona hahaha! yes, may ganun ako. hey, i was once a stockholder of revlon matte lipstick ha hehehe dahil yun ang favorite kong bilhin (burnt sienna!). saka yung buong clinique face regimen chorva (esp #3 for oily fez) and some make-up (eyeshadow chorva). pramis! mukha lang hindi ngayon hahaha.

oh well... those were the days.

only at UPFI: film premiere of "The Thank You Girls" by Bebs Gohetia

let's support charliebebs "bebs" gohetia's first full-length directorial debut. student namin si bebs sa upfi. originally, semi-finalist itong film na ito sa last cinemalaya pero it didn't make the final cut. so heto at tinapos pa rin niya. watch tayong lahat.

mahalin ang sariling atin. tangkilikin ang pelikulang pilipino, lalo na't tungkol ito sa mga taong tulad natin na naisasantabi ng lipunan dahil sa nagmamahal tayo ng taliwas sa kinaugalian ng nakararami.


i so heart the poster design :)

see you thursday!


A Fabulous Journey with “The ‘Thank You’ Girls”

In gay lingo, beauty pageant candidates who do not make it as semi-finalists are called "backstage
beauties", "clappers" or "thank you girls".

The writer of the box-office hit "Daybreak" and Asian Film Awards nominee Charliebebs “Bebs” Gohetia ventures into his first full-length directorial debut with a fun and funny gay film about beauty pageant losers in 'The ‘Thank You’ Girls” (TYG).

TYG is an interesting, intelligent comedy about six dysfunctional gay beauty pageant veterans who embark on a journey from their hometown Davao City to Cagayan de Oro City to join a big contest riding in a loudly colored orange jeep.

This indie film provides a breath of fresh air from the usual gay films released this year about tragedy and sex. Shot for ten days in the breathtaking landscapes of Davao , Bukidnon and Cagayan de Oro, Bebs used nonprofessional Visayan actors for the film, most of them real beauty pageant contestants in Davao .

"In TYG, crossdressing gays are not the subject of ridicule but are portrayed as intelligent, strong individuals who have dreams, aspirations and personal issues like anybody else. This wonderful, colorful side of gayness is rarely explored in films and I hope that after watching TYG, the audience will be more understanding and more accepting of how diverse the world is", Bebs says.

Aside from being Bebs' first full length film, TYG offers other firsts. This is the first production venture of New York based film outfit Brooklyn Park Pictures, the first line producing job of renowned indie director Adolfo Alix, Jr., and the first movie to use Visayan gay lingo as its language.

"What's unique about the film is that it transcends gender preferences and sexuality. Gays will love TYG for its fabulous costumes and its empowering message. Women will love it for its wit. Straight men will learn from it," comments James R. Hohl, the film’s executive producer.

TYG has already been invited to compete at an international film festival in September. But before that, Filipinos will have a chance to watch its world premiere with tagalog subtitles on August 28, 2008, at the UP Cine Adarna (formerly UP Film Center ) at 6:30pm. Tickets are 100php each.

UP Film Institute this September: relax go see queer and classic movies

UP Film Institute this September

September would be another hectic month for UP Film Institute’s screenings.

The Anniversary of Movies; Clash of Cultures/War of the Worlds; Screenings for Film Academy’s Luna Awards; Global Lens Film Series are just few of the month’s variety of programs.

A highlight is the awards night for the UP Centennial Digital Video and Photo Competition.

Apart from main cinema engagement are parallel Videotheque offerings.


Main Cinema Engagement:

Sept 1 Mon

No End to Pink: La mujer de mi hermano (My Brother’s Wife) 2:30/5/7 p.m.

Sept 5 Fri

5:30 p.m. No End to Pink: Adam & Steve

7:30 p.m. No End to Pink: Boy Culture

Sept 6 Sat

2 p.m. No End to Pink: Adam & Steve

5 p.m. No End to Pink: Adam & Steve

7 p.m. No End to Pink: Boy Culture

Sept 8 Mon

10 a.m. & 1 p.m. Screenings for FAP’s Luna Awards

5 p.m. No End to Pink: Boy Culture

7 p.m. No End to Pink: Adam & Steve

Sept 9 Tue

10 a.m. & 1 p.m. Screenings for FAP’s Luna Awards

7 p.m. Premiere: Room 209

Sept 10 Wed

10 a.m. & 1 p.m. Screenings for FAP’s Luna Awards

5 p.m. Global Lens: Border Café (Iran)

7 p.m. Global Lens: Buffalo Boy (Vietnam)

Sept 11 Thu

10 a.m. & 1 p.m. Screenings for FAP’s Luna Awards

5 p.m. Global Lens: Of Love and Eggs (Rindu kami padamu - Indonesia)

7 p.m. Global Lens: Dam Street (China)

Sept 12 Fri

10 a.m. & 1 p.m. Screenings for FAP’s Luna Awards

Sept 13 Sat

10 a.m. & 1 p.m. Screenings for FAP’s Luna Awards

5 & 7 p.m. Clash of Cultures/War of the Worlds: The Air I Breathe

Sept 15 Mon

10 a.m. & 1 p.m. Screenings for FAP’s Luna Awards

5 p.m. Martial Law Babies: Eskapo

7 p.m. Media Bewareness: Dreamboy

Sept 16 Tue

10 a.m. & 1 p.m. Screenings for FAP’s Luna Awards

5 p.m. The Anniversary of Movies: Tuhog

7 p.m. Media Bewareness: Bikini Open

Sept 17 Wed

10 a.m. & 1 p.m. Screenings for FAP’s Luna Awards

5 p.m. Martial Law Babies: Dekada ’70

7 p.m. Martial Law Babies: Eskapo

Sept 18 Thu

10 a.m. & 1 p.m. Screenings for FAP’s Luna Awards

5 p.m. Pan Xenia Fraternity Presents Chronicles of Narnia—Prince Caspian

Sept 20 Sat

4 p.m. Miranamedina’s Film Premiere for SpEd Advocacy: A Silent Odyssey

Sept 23 Tue

5:30 p.m. UP Centennial Digital Contest Awards Night

Sept 24 Wed

2:30 p.m. The Anniversary of Movies: Lagarista

5 p.m. OBEM Presents Vantage Point

7:30 p.m. The Anniversary of Movies: Lagarista

Sept 25 Thu

2:30 p.m. The Anniversary of Movies: Lagarista

5 p.m. The Anniversary of Movies: Raya Martin’s Now Showing

Sept 27 Sat

2 p.m. The Anniversary of Movies: Raya Martin’s Now Showing

Sept 29 Mon, 30 Tue, Oct 1 onwards

2/5/7 p.m. The Anniversary of Movies: Brillante Mendoza’s Serbis


@ the Videotheque:

Sept 1 Mon

5:30 p.m. The Birth of a Nation

Sept 2 Tue

5:30 p.m. Intolerance

Sept 3 Wed

5/7 p.m. Brocka-Bernal 101- Queer Edition: Tubog sa Ginto; Manila by Night

Sept 4 Thu

5 p.m. Brocka-Bernal 101- Queer Edition: Manila by Night

7 p.m. Brocka-Bernal 101- Queer Edition: Tubog sa Ginto

Sept 5 Fri

4:30 p.m. The Anniversary of Movies @ the Videotheque: Star starring Rudy Fernandez

Sept 6 Sat

2:30 p.m. Zuma

4:30 p.m. Anak ni Zuma

Sept 8 Mon

5:30 p.m. Brocka-Bernal 101 for the Anniversary of Movies: Pagdating sa Dulo

Sept 9 Tue

5:30 p.m. Brocka-Bernal 101 for the Anniversary of Movies: Kontrobersyal

Sept 12 Fri

4:30 p.m. Global Lens: Kubrador (The Bet Collector - RP)

6:30 p.m. Global Lens @ Ishmael Bernal Gallery: Let the Wind Blow (India)

Sept 13 Sat

2:30 p.m. Brocka-Bernal 101- Queer Edition: Tubog sa Ginto

4:30 p.m. Brocka-Bernal 101- Queer Edition: Manila by Night

Sept 15 Mon

5:30 p.m. The Battle of Algiers

Sept 16 Tue

5:30 p.m. The Legend of Suriyothai

Sept 17 Wed

5:30 p.m. The King and I

Sept 18 Thu

4:30 p.m. Brocka-Bernal 101 for the Anniversary of Movies: Pagdating sa Dulo

6:30 p.m. The Birth of a Nation

Sept 19 Fri

4:30 p.m. Brocka-Bernal 101 for the Anniversary of Movies: Kontrobersyal

6:30 p.m. Intolerance

Sept 20 Sat

5:30 p.m. West Side Story

Sept 22 Mon

2:30 p.m. The Anniversary of Movies @ the Videotheque: Star starring Rudy Fernandez

4:30 p.m. The Legend of Suriyothai

7 p.m. The King and I

Sept 24 Wed to Oct 4 Sat

4:30/6:30 p.m. Special Full Run: Daybreak with Alternative Ending back-to-back with Imoral-Director’s Cut

To always get screening alerts, join UP Film Institute e-group: upfilminstitute@yahoogroups.com

Always watch UP Film Institute screenings and be kept informed of all UP Film Institute’s forthcoming attractions. Be especially alert of added screenings day by day.

Unless indicated otherwise, screenings are held at the Cine Adarna’s 800-seat main cinema. Program is subject to change without prior notice.

University of the Philippines Film Institute



Academic Programs and Research Division

Theater Services and Extension Division


University of the Philippines Film Institute

(Member, CILECT/International Association of Film and Television Schools)

Academic Programs and Research

Plaridel Hall, Ylanan Road, UP Diliman, Quezon City

Tel: 9818500 (UP Trunkline) local 2669, 2670; 9206863 (Telefax)

Extension and Theater Services

Cine Adarna, Magsaysay and Osmeña Avenues, UP Diliman, Quezon City

Tel: 9818500 (UP Trunkline) local 4286, 4289; 9262722 (Telefax); 9263640 (Cinema Hotline); 9250286

26 August 2008

dahil sleep ever eludes me...

sabi na eh! einstein is moi!

What Classic Movie Are You?
personality tests by similarminds.com

hahaha natawa ako dito! why can't i be ALL ABOUT EVE instead? that film is so fucking queer that it's not aware of its own quality! hahaha. choz. seriously, i could also be SPARTACUS. homoerotic din hahaha. o kaya REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE. ayuz...

counting blue cars and orange clouds

pampaantok lang. at pangtesting nitong new optical mouse na binili ko. it works naman.


10 WHAT’S:

1. What was the first thing you thought about when you woke up?
-- shet sana walang pasok...

2. What did you do last night?
-- supervised the edit of the second episode in a row of lovely day. huwaaaah. masaya naman. mabilis ang editor namin e. dahil dun, napa-lechon dinner ako! waaaaah...

3. What is the most important part of your life?
-- my career and my arts combined. i guess.

4. What would you rather be doing right now?
-- um, having sex? yes, it's that time of the month

5. Have you ever done something outrageously dumb?
-- yes. fall in love with a man. what was i thinking!

6. Have you ever been back stabbed by a friend?
-- one too many times it seems that i wonder if there is a sign at my upper back that says "saksak dito" sabay turo ng arrow

7. Have you ever had the cops called on you?
-- hm, parang wala pa naman...

8. Have you ever dated someone younger than you?
-- age ain't nothin' but a numbah, sabi nga ni aaliyah (sumalangitnawa) so yes, i did and i still will; age is not the barometer of a person's maturity kasi, at least in this country!

9. Have you ever read an entire book in one day?
-- oo naman ano bah

wait, nine lang to a. oh well.


1. Who was the last person you saw?
-- the guard at the lobby greeting me "good evening mam"

2. Who was the last person you kissed?
-- what kind? kung beso, my mom. kung the censored kind, my ex. hm come to think of it, i miss that with us kasi we really had one heck of a physical chemistry happenin'. oh well.

3. Who was the last person you texted??
-- a friend and co-worker

4. Who was the last person you called?
-- my mom ata

5. Who was your first crush?
-- i dunno. some cute person sa kalye namin.

6. Who is the last person who texted you?
-- my katrabaho friend

7. Who is the last person you freaked out on?
-- that would be mari, i guess hahahaha last saturday night when we were talking about neurotic people in da neighborhood. sorry mare!

8. Who did you last hug?
-- a friend who was consoling me and whom i was also consoling back.


1. When was your last shower?
-- hours ago.

2. When did you last see your mom?
-- nung isang araw

3. When was your last time you saw your dad?
-- same time

4. When did you last change clothes?
-- pagkaligo. nubah!

5. When was the last time you cried?
-- hay naku... sometimes when it hits me how easily i was trashed and pshed away, it starts. labo no?

6. When did you last go to the movies and with who?
-- nakalimutan ko na. sabado nga dapat pero iniwan ko na sila dun after i rescued the day! hahaha! really, man. it takes a lesbian to rescue a gay guy. hahahaha! chos.

7. When did you last listen to music?
-- kahapon


1. Where does your best friend live?
-- depende. sino'ng best friend. ngayon, ako lang yun e.

2. Where did you last go?
-- sa gateway to buy this mouse

3. Where did you last hang out?
-- i can't remember. sa riverbanks pa ata, to get drunk, with my friend marnie as she listens to yet another story of heartbreak. hay... shet. marns di ka pa ba nagsasawa?

4. Where did you go to school?
-- peyups

5. Where is your favorite place to be?
-- my condo. it's my sanctuary.

6. Where did you sleep last night?
-- sa kama ko


1. Do you like someone right now?
-- yes. me.

2. Do they like you too?
-- i think i like me so yes

3. Do you ever wish you were someone else?
-- yes. brad pitt. only a woman version. then i'll get to fuck all the beautiful women who want me heheheheh. chos. wine speaking.

4. Do you know the muffin man?
-- i know the muff muncher! ako! hahaha! salamat sa SUGAR RUSH for the term, at kay LIZZIE THE LEZZIE (google this! kakatawa siya hehe)

5. Does the future scare you?
-- not really. i look forward to it, actually, being a sci-fi fanatic


1. Why are you best friends with your best friend?
-- because she's cool and gorgeous and wow, what a catch! hahahahaha!

2. Why did you get a friendster
-- because i think my generation always finds itself at the throes of these new innovations so we try it out just to see what it has to offer. like when blogging began in the late 1990s, we, being writers, latched on to it, and being communicators, we also tried out this cellphone and texting thing, and of course email. laging ganun e. so same with this social networking thingie.

3. Why did your parents give you the name you have?
-- because my mommy liked the star of franco zeffirelli's ROMEO AND JULIET, that 1970 or 1969 ata film which starred olivia hussey as juliet. oh god, does this mean i am bound to have starcrossed lovers my whole life?????????? punyeta ngayon ko lang naisip ang association a. hm... although i don't think i want to live in a shakespearean tragedy forever. i wanna be in a coen brothers comedy film na!

4. Why are you doing this survey?
-- pampaantok


1. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
-- i really want to fly. mahal ang plane ticket e.

2. If you could go back in time and change one thing, would you?
-- yes. i'd change the fact that i was introduced into the lesbian world by my first girl ex. i wanted my first lesbian relationship to be happier than that. and she was so not worth it. sobra. sana sa iba na lang ako na-intro dito "properly" baga. at sinabi ko talaga sa kanya yun. tameme siya. hahahaha!

3. If you were stranded on a deserted island and could bring one thing what would it be?
-- one thing lang? okay, my library. more time to read. yey!


1. Would you ever get back together with any of your ex’s if they asked you?
-- depende sa motibo pero baka hindi rin... at least majority of them. siguro sa isa lang. the rest can die. as if i care.

2. Would you ever shave your head to save someone you love?
-- yes of course. huwag lang nya ko ibe-break afterwards kasi ako naman ang magshe-shave ng buhok niya everywhere! sige lang!


1. Are you happy with your life right now?
-- contented is more like it, as i always say

24 August 2008

yes i concur, your honor

the facts the facts!

facts sheet. :P

Your horoscopes for Sunday August 24, 2008

General Daily Horoscope for everyone

We're emotionally restless, feeling our way around the possibilities in our life, but resistant to settling on any one option for now. Venus, the planet of personal love, forms an uncomfortable quincunx with Neptune, the planet of spiritual love. We cannot find the right balance between our specific individual desires and our more ethereal need for a connection with the cosmos, making it easy to lose our way in relationships without even realizing it.

Taurus Horoscopes

(Apr 20 - May 20)

Sunday, Aug 24th, 2008 -- Your key planet Venus leads you down a sensible path to romance when she is in analytical Virgo and your 5th House of Love. But today her connection with nebulous Neptune can cloud your thinking and prompt you to forget what you really want. You aren't as sure of yourself, which can lead to a bad decision. Instead of trusting your instincts now, make your choices based strictly on the facts.


sumisilip lang. pagud today is. happy my feeling is nonetheless. sleepy i am now.

22 August 2008

naman e!

waaah ayoko na.

kung ang bansang ito ay may girl group "band" na pangalan e... PHILIPPINE JUICY FRUITS:

Add Philippine Juicy Fruits to the growing list of all-female song-and-dance groups making their presence felt in every corner of the entertainment arena today. Named after the local fruits, Larah Beth Rebong a.k.a. Kaymito Bayabas, Jhoana Marie Elaurza (Mangga Rambutan), Marvic Madrigal (Makopa Santol) and Sheena Marie Fructuoso (Langka Duhat) comprised the group formed by its mentor-manager Bella Dimayuga who heads Bellestar, the company that hones and promotes Filipino talents here and abroad.

full story here.


i am all for talent, sure, but...

aaahh. *bonk* (nag-faint).


o siya sige, ako'y busy sa long weekend na ito. honeymoon ko. chozzzzz. i wish!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha. hanapan niyo muna ko ng makakasiping hehe. yes, that means i'm single.


there. i said it.


there. said it again.

honeymoon with work ito. my occasional lover work. shoots then edit. 3 days straight. gudlak sa eyebags at semi-vegetarian diet. i need water. with extra joss.


20 August 2008

i love you from the bottom of my hypothalamus

my friend jen once said that the part of our body that makes us romantically function chuva is not really the heart but the hypothalamus pala. there's some kinda discovery channel explanation behind this but i can't remember na anymore. kaya nga daw hindi dapat "i love you from the bottom of my heart" ang sasabihin dapat kung may mahal ka kundi "i love you from the bottom of my hypothalamus." anatomically and biologically correct.


naalala ko lang. had several mentions of love and hearts today at work kasi. but not the personal kind.

proposal defense (first batch) ng mga bata kanina at bilang academic coordinator, punong abala ang lola niyo doon, which means kahit rumaragasa ang ulan kaninang 730am, lakad pa rin ako (salamat sa doc martens boots) at sakay papuntang peyups para asikasuhin ang 830-1130am session na ito. hang hagah! hantok pah koh! heniwey...

there was this kid who wants to do an experimental film showing what his heart, which is full of love, looks like daw, from the inside. figuratively, of course. opening line pa lang niya na "this film is about love..." i noticed several eyes of co-faculty peeps roll over or glazed over ang look hahaha! including mine! with matching taas ng isang kilay pa nga 'ata (i hope the poor kid didn't see that! hehe). natawa talaga ako sa episode na yun when i noticed it.

ewan ko bakit ganun ang reaksyones naming tanders sa proposal na ito. wala lang, nalurkey na lang siguro kami, being of the "been there been that" movement kaming lahat when it comes to lurv hehehe. of all genders and preferences ha, and spanning decades nonetheless! hahaha! hay buhay... kakatawa.

tapos there was this other kid who wanted to do an animation film naman of her sickness chever, which is also one of my co-faculty's problem pala, which is a heart condition na may malfunctioning valve na hindi nagwu-work properly kaya yung pumping ng blood e problematic, with dire syndromes ek. something like that. we suggested na i-animate din kaya niya yung heart na nagma-malfunction chever. ewan. weird lang ang mga kabatak ko kanina sa mga suhestiyon. ganado kaming lahat; mas marami pa 'ata kaming ideya at konseptong nabuo mula sa tesis ng mga bata. all they had to do was take down notes hahaha! hewan. minsan we film faculty function that way. and i lurvs it. hehe. the diversity! the craziness! masaya lang kanina hahaha!

tricky talaga ang love and sexualities discussion lagi sa amin. tricky but in a good and creative way. imagine kaya even before. there was this kid who wanted to make a narrative film about people in satellite relationships daw, meaning there was one object of affection and she had three lovers (two guys, one girl) and they all live together, harmoniously. at yes, may research findings pa siyang pinresenta about this ha! natural, lumabas lang ang diverse opinions ng faculty about this, with one undying pro (tita gigi "share da love") and con (bossing anne "stick to one!") tandem i can't forget -- dahil up to now, they still talk about it when the topic comes up! hahahah! i lurv my film goddesses. and guess who that kid chose as her thesis adviser -- me! si miss "love whatever you can whenever you can" hahahaha! kalurkey. tumbling ito. well, the film turned out fine naman, so to speak hahaha! gradweyt na siya. hay. those were the days...

yes. at the film institute, we get all kinds.

and then, in the early afternoon, my artist friend lea, one-third of the komikera gals, passed by to meet with the 2/3 na kasama ko previously sa lunchtime meeting naman. from her bag, she pulled out one pack of heart lollipops and gave us all one each, with a smile of course. iba talaga ang inlab ano lea? hehe. sharing the love, literally.

i told her "i will eat my heart!" sabi niya "oh no!" hehehe. basta. weird kaming friends hahaha!

sabi ko di ko muna kakainin yung heart lollipop kasi pipiktyuran ko mu
na sa bahay. at eto na nga siya.

munimuni lang.

people do strange things when in love. people also do things better when in love, sometimes. an ex told me that once, after we broke up, na sana makakita na ako ng bagong love dahil i function better daw when i am in love.


i guess those days are over. or are they? ewan ko lang.

true, i found another nga after her, pero it didn't work out na
man din. such is the nature of love, too. sometimes it's not really love but another science altogether -- chemistry. sabi nga ni marlon brando sa GUYS AND DOLLS "yeah, chemistry!" and then he breaks into song... chenes.

so malamang yang chemistry at hypothalamus na yan ang may kagagawan ng mga chenes sa ating buhay na minsan e bine-blame natin sa heart. hm. baka nga dapat ibang part ang i-blame...

love. love is like oxygen. love lifts us up where we belong. love is a many splendored thing. all you need is love!

saang pelikula galing yang linyang yan? truth! beauty! freedom! love! ang battlecry namin dati nina ed cabagnot sa writers' night hehehe. before he got booted out hahaha! chos.

hay, love...

and in response to that friend who texted last weekend asking about my welfare, i told her "well, it's not that broken anymore. it heals fast. i think i've mutated."

yeah, i think i have. devastation doesn't last for long, unlike before. long and winding. not anymore, i think. i think it's totally different na. i'm not sure how, where and why this happened. basta i know that i'm okay.

xmen na ako. chos.

dati pa naman e. hehe. i have a secret power. secret! :P

i'm okay. yeah, seriously. kasi i can listen to the IL POSTINO soundtrack again without flinching, especially when andy garcia reads "tonight i can write the saddest lines..."

tonight i can write the saddest lines
i loved her
and sometimes she loved me, too

iba na ata andy. see, that's the thing. "sometimes." operative word there. sometimes.
sometimes made it easier to forget.


i no longer love her, that's certain. but how i loved her
loving is so short,
forgetting is so long


but welcome to the 2000s, pablo. hearts heal faster than the government can say "oil price rollback!" or pagasa can say "walang pasok ang mga bata sa elementarya, haiskul at kolehiyo..."


but nonetheless, thanks for asking, you all. *hugs*

though this be the last pain that she makes me suffer
and these the last verses
that i write for her

last. our new operative word is "last."

okay, i will eat my heart now.


18 August 2008

sige na nga, bago ko makalimutan...

chichiryahin ko na ang cinemalaya full-length films.

in order of viewed films.

d. ned trespeces
s., p., ned trespeces, onnah valera
dop. jke see

pitch: about the lives of young and old call center agents, the newest kind of yuppies on the philippine scene

catch: camera handling needs polishing

i like this film, and not because mga kabarkada ko ang gumawa hehehe. kaya maiintindihan din nila (i hope :) ) ang constructive criticism na sasabihin ko dito.

i like ned's sensitivity as a filmmaker. his sensitivity as a scriptwriter shows kasi. his material is not that mainstream. it actually treads on that border between mainstream and independent, in terms of storytelling, story handling, (choices of) characterization, and narrative development. this is evident in his star cinema-produced script JOLOGS where multiple characters are given short times to interact with each other and to have each of their lives unfold a bit, creating a narrative chain that sustains the viewers' interests from beginning to end. he utilized the same technique in TRABAHO, his first digital full-length, about the travails of jobhunting.

with this new film, he still utilizes the same sensibilities by unfolding the lives of call center agents. and i like the humor and wit; so contemporary kaya ride ka agad. i think that's the charm of his material, and his films. and for me, that works. wala kang masyadong mabigat na three-act structure na aabangan (very indie) pero may makukuha ka pa ring narrative satisfaction in the end or within the course of the film (very mainstream) so best of both worlds talaga.

my glitch about this film is that bitin siya. i guess kung may mga ganitong naratibo, talagang mabibitin ka kapag konting panahon lang ang naiuukol sa mga karakter. pero kung kumpara sa TRABAHO, parang mas buo iyon in terms of narrative expectations. o siguro talagang naaliw lang ako sa MY FAKE kaya i want to see more.

glitch din ng kaunti ang handling sa character ni mailes kanapi, that team leader-manager (whatever it's called) na bida. i'm not sure how mailes saw her role, pero parang caricature-ish ang treatment niya sa karakter niya (na very teatro ang dating for me) kaya parang na-off ako minsan. parang exag na hindi, parang OA na hindi. lam mo yun? basta, parang ganun ang pull-tug sa character attack. feeling ko nahihiya ang director to direct her baga. minsan talaga, may ganun.

yun ding camerawork minsan. may konting depokadong eksena na yung bg ang focused at ang fg ay hindi. sorry jke! pero i think this is really the folly of the digital technology e. kasi sa shoot ko sa gma, minsan ganyan din ang nangyayari sa cameraman. i wonder why. last na. once, nakita din ang reflection ng camcrew sa eksena. iwas lang sana! :) peace, people.

well, yun lang naman. this is still highly recommended. i like that it doesn't give a heavyhanded lecture on the pros and cons of call center life. casual lang, and that works well.

d. joel ruiz and abi aquino
c. ces quesada, mark gil and a host of others

pitch: about the landlady's search for the person who threw a fetus in the garbage near her apartment compound

catch: nasan ang naratibo?

what happened to the drained look of this film? it doesn't really help the story at all.

as usual, storylines like this are not new. put different types of characters in one setting and let them interact. put a whodunit path para may konting tatakbuhan ang kuwento. and then end it. but how? ayan ang naging prublema ng film. it knew what to start with, when to start, but sustaining what it started was hard for the filmmakers. in the end, we just get an ending na...wala, kelangan lang tapusin. hindi siya bitin, kasi wala kang makagatang malaman na kuwento in the first place. it doesn't work, sorry.

it doesn't help din na the characters are expected na sa kanilang roles. masyadong cookie cutter na siya. yung iba naman, di mo alam ano purpose. yung iba, weird na out of character siya. i'm particularly iffy about those two garbagemen who were feeling icky and all that when they picked up the trash and saw a fetus inside. hindi na sila ganun kasensitibo sa mga napupulot at nakukuha nila sa trash! have you actually seen actual garbagemen pick up trash and all? ang weird lang nito sobra. hay.

sayang pera.

d. paul morales
c. meryll soriano, shamaine buencamino, nonoy froilan, jay aquitania

pitch: about a wwII story of a family who hid in davao but has music as their refuge ek

catch: hindi kumeri ang pitch na to, kahit well-funded siya!

memoirs of a war nga ang pelikulang ito, tungkol sa isang pamilyang kung saan-saan napadpad kakatakas sa japs during the war, where their father endured hardships and all. sadly, hindi ito lahat nakikita. bagkus, nalalaman ito through expository dialogue na kinukuwento na lang ng mga karakters. eg "kawawa naman si tatay, dalawang taon siyang kinulong ng mga kempentai(sp?) at pinahirapan.." chenes. haysus. nagpelikula ka pa. sana bumili na lang ako ng kopya ng book na pinagbasehan nito, matutuwa pa ko.

tapos weird lang na musika eklat ang nagtatahi sa pamilya eklat para mabuhay chorva, e before the war, wla naman tayong nakitang ganoon kabigat o memorable na episodes kung saan music prominently figured in their lives (cross-reference: watch polanski's THE PIANIST!), save from one scene or two na tumutugtog sa bahay ng piano si ate at sister at nakikinig ang boylet siblings. kaya sobrang walang impact yung na-ship na yung piano sa bukid na pinagtataguan ng family tapos they played pa a concerto sa bukid for the japanese soldiers na naging friendships na nila. hay! ang hirap! ang hirap tanggapin ng narrative unfolding nito. i'll just read the book siguro... sayang ang akting. akting! weird din na parang may mga sexual tension ang characters, especially the siblings! ewan ko. may ganung feel. basta. o baka gutom na ko while watching this. hohum.

d. francis pasion
c. baron geisler

pitch: a gay reality tv news reporter follows the wake of a murdered gay man, twisting some truths and enhancing some facts all for the glory of tv ratings

catch: TUHOG REDUX, anyone?

the film is very talkative and aptly so, for the medium that it presents in the film (the world of television broadcast chuva, especially of the current affairs/public affairs type). however, i just find it too talkative sometimes that i need a breather/break from too much words. i wanted visuals.

visuals. yes, they're here, and the camerawork is okay naman. very tv lang nga din ang approach at attack. sige, apt na rin sa kuwento.

actingwise, okay siya. nakakatuwa si baron lalo na yung nakikipaglandian siya kay coco martin, yung "basaan tayo. sasabunin kita" ek. hahahaha! typical! funny. he deserved the award.

the story is okay. contemporary, i guess, that's why the foreign judges found it quaint. but for someone who has seen jeff jeturian's TUHOG, it might be bothersome. kasi parehong-pareho ng handling. does it matter that tuhog's scriptwriter was jay's script consultant? i'm not sure if that was a good move on sir bing lao's part. and the director thanking jeff during the screening was...weird.

it's a kind of film you only see once, and that's it. novelty ang dating. sayang. siguro the narrative handling could have made a difference in turning it into a timeless piece. pero parang...mahirap ata yun. talagang pang-here and now lang siyang pelikula. yes, sometimes merong ganun. at eto na nga yun.

d. paul sta. ana
c. agot isidro

pitch: a writer deals with the separation from her husband by writing her feelings and hardships into a fiction novel which we also see unfold along with her own narrative

catch: dumaan lang siya, yun na

it's nice na ang isang pelikula ay nag-focus sa isang writer--at fiction writer pa!-- bilang bida. tapos pinakita din ang kanyang sinusulat na kuwento sa atin. novel within a film. tapos nakita natin na ang mga karakter na nag-portray ng fictional characters niya ay ang "real-life" characters na nakakasalamuha niya sa buhay niya (hello shades of dorothy in THE WIZARD OF OZ). pero parang hanggang doon na lang ang charm ng pelikula.

ito yung film na dadaan lang sa iyo, walang masyadong major impact or emotional dent. hindi ko mawari kung bakit. ripe naman ang naratibo for plausible richer scenes, given the kinds of conflicts it presented. kaya lang parang dumaan lang talaga siya, just like the pasada ng taxi na siyang bida sa nobela sa pelikula. dumaan lang.

in fairness, magaling ang akting ng mga aktor. they were handled well. the camerawork i'm not too happy about. may off sa framing, lalo na yung nagsasalita ang characters tapos nasa edge tapos parang saliwa pag pinagdikit ang dalawang shots shot this way. basta. there's something wrong about the visual language; medyo hindi pa siya hasa. passable, pero needs polishing sobra.

d. jay abello
c. christian vasquez, angel jacob

pitch: bacolod bred ex-lovers work together to find the right cuisine of their upcoming restaurant, and in a way find that that is the way to each other's hearts. ek.

catch: saliwa ang camera handling te

cute itong film! one-time watch lang siya pero may novelty kahit papaano. that o baka biased lang ako dahil i love negrense (tama ba term?) cuisine. i heart bacolod and the food and the quaint surroundings and the diction of the ilonggos. tama, biased lang ako. hehe. i wanna be an honorary ilonggo kasi hahaha!

cute yung film. the story is simple: love story pero hindi siya a la star cinema-kilig factor, pero you still find yourself na kinikilig. it helps na siguro maganda ang onscreen chemistry ng actors. at ewan ko lang kung bakit pero when i saw angel jacob outside the cinema, hotness siya! kahit sa screen, hindi naman gaano. hahaha. now this is biased! hahaha. ewan.

in fairness, maganda ang film kahit na obviously rahrah pro-negros chorva ang materyal, pero ang maganda, hindi halata ang pagka-rahrah niya madalas, at hindi salamat-po-dept-of-tourism ang approach. although weird lang minsan yung character ni christian na chef chuva siya pero di niya ma-sense ang basic ingredients ng negrense cooking chuva. flaw itong malaki. sana ibang motivation na lang ang binigay sa kanya kung bakit hindi niya bet ang local cuisine nila in the first place. sayang.

off din ang camerawork dito. may eksenang nagsasagutan na ang lovers pero nakatalikod pa rin si gelay. among other shots. sayang. needs polishing.

all in all, its simplicity worked. hindi siya spectacular, hindi siya pang-award, mainstream ng konti ang sensitivity pero pumapatok naman. watch!

d. chris martinez
c. mylene dizon, eugene domingo, tessie tomas

pitch: a woman diagnosed with cancer lists the 100 things she should do before she dies, and does them

catch: BUCKET LIST, anyone?

sure, sure, what plot is original these days, eh. pero the handling of this story was good. so very good. madaming napanalunan ito, directing and script ata included. well-deserved. simple lang, polished in an upper middle class way (think early viva films of the 80s), and acted well. maganda yung nuances ng characters dahil lahat sila buong-buo, have a life of their own, and can stand alone when tested. okay siya. natulungan siya ng magandang script, yung good editing pulse at acting and direction. sample: yung scene na first time nadiskubre ng nanay ng may kanser yung sakit. nasa ospital at nakaratay si mylene, sabay pasok hagulhol si tessie at hyperventilate, cut to next shot nasa wheelchair na si mylene at si tessie na ang nakaratay sa hospital bed. hahahaha! simple yet well-executed in all counts. winner! nakakatuwa siya. at gusto ko ang script kasi witty rin siya, contemporary witty, contemporary witty na lasting, hindi lang pang-here and now ang quality. now that's classic!

gusto ko rin na hindi heavyhanded ang mga eksenang dapat e sad, lalo na yung patukoy sa kanser niya. maganda yung pagka-casual ng treatment pero may weight pa rin, lam mo yun? basta, okay siya. nice. watch!

d. ellen ongkeko-marfil
c. coke bolipata, ricky davao, cherry pie picache

pitch: a bitter violinist and a physically abused boy find bonding as healing via the music of their violins. ek.

catch: not so new narrative

the story's not new. sampu sampera din ang ganitong seeking refuge of abused souls via art ek, especially music. marami nang films na ganito. what's refreshing siguro dito is the superb talent of the child prodigy na naglalaro talaga ng violin. doesn't require too much acting prowess din kasi pipi ang role niya. although minsan parang so unicef-heavy ang film na parang nakakairita na. pero maganda na may ganitong awareness sa pelikula. at maganda rin na ang approach ay walang tuldok sa abuser father na posibleng ma-reunite with the abused son later on. pero di na natin kelangang makita ito, kaya di na nila pinakita. open-ended. ang pinakita lang, ang superb violin playing prowess ng kid, and that's that. simple. mentor-student narrative. no big expectations, and sometimes, that works. enjoy the film lang. yun na. it's worth watching, if only to see coke bolipata act and his child prodigy play. nice siya.

d. michael cardoz
c. archie adamos, garry lim

pitch: the story of the last day of a prisoner who serves as the prison cook

catch: parang nanatili siyang pitch

michael's my former student sa upfi and i really like the way he handled his thesis short film. but playing the mainstream way might not be his biggest quality, as yet. i'm not sure what happened to this film (okay, i partly know hehe but i'm not telling!) kasi parang ang feeling e tinamad na siyang ituloy ang development ng kuwento (consequence ba ito?). maganda sana ang ina-achieve nitong "real-time mode" in unfolding of the narrative, pero dapat it was also well-choreographed in the way shots were made. we get the sense na pinapa-feel sa audience ang banality of life in prison, yung pagka-bagot, boredom ek. pero there's a way of doing this, not just through making longtake babads with scenes without an emotional focus. sayang.

saka my biggest beef here is, hindi marunong maghiwa at magtalop ng foodstuff ang mga ranchero! dapat may konti silang culinary training before the shoot. kasi kung ang reason e preso sila at lalaki at wala talagang alam kaya nag-imbento sila ng sariling style, hindi ito akma. halatang hindi marunong maghiwa ng sibuyas man lang ang mga ito. at ang kapal nilang magbalat ng gulay! dapat alam na nila by now how to make tipid sa paghiwa para mas maraming laman di ba? hay. sorry maikel, avid fan ng lifestyle/food network ang lola mo kaya i can't let this go. but the others, i think i can.

sayang lang ang ending. again, naratibong bitin ito. sayang, malaki pa naman ang potential ng material. sana hindi nabitawan ang development...

d. tara illenberger
c. yul servo

pitch: mangyan children who work as helpers of illegal loggers in mindoro meet lots of "social issue" obstacles in their task

catch: nalunod sa NGO-ship ang kuwento

maganda sana sobra ang premise ng pelikula. it has an obvious statement on the environment, particularly illegal logging (although off lang yung music video-ish sa gitna na may modang 'mahalin ang kalikasan chorva' to the tune of a joey ayala song). but along the way, the story was marred by a wayward unfolding that left the story without a clear-cut focus.

it's a simple story sana about two kids who want to make extra money the illegal way, by being "brutus" -- people who bring the cut wood to the lowlads via hidden means. along the way, dami nilang nadaanan at bawat dinaanan e dagdag sa kuwentong nakapagpalayo ng konti o malaki sa main plot nila. i guess that's the point: too many subplots na sinubukang i-resolve isa-isa at minsan nakakalimutan balikan ang main plot ng dalawang bata.

it doesn't help din na ang mga dialogues dito mostly sound like advocacy pieces, lalo na when that waxing poetic of a character ni ronnie lazaro as the army soldier with a golden heart speaks his mind. tapos si yul servo andun din to speak for the NPAs and why their fight makes sense pa rin chuva. kaya lang for a neps, hindi siya magaling gumalaw sa bundok! ang labo. parang ma-o-off balance siya sa pag-step sa kahoy, sa bato, etc. wala siyang liksi ati. parang hindi niya alam kung san tatapak -- and not because hindi siya familiar sa place kaya nagpatulong siya sa kids for directions. not to mention, as mentioned by another indie filmmaker somewhere, na ang bright color ng shirt niya, at bagong bago ang jeans! hihihi. nitpicking i know pero may point: that adds realism kasi to the story, kaya sana the production designer focused on having a believable and deliverable mise en scene. sayang.

high point ng film ay ang editing. i guess that is still tara's strength, given the years of service niya editing mainstream full-lengths. that one worked, especially during the scenes na natangay ng rumaragasang ilog ang balsa at mga bata. panalo ito te! the other aspects, sorry pero they still need lots of work. the camerawork is good, though. good colors and shots.

okay yun na. trabaho lang folks, walang pikunan!

see you next year!

i just needed to be reminded of this...

"Both abundance and lack exist simultaneously in our lives, as parallel realities...It is always our conscious choice which secret garden we will tend...when we choose not to focus on what is missing from our lives but are grateful for the abundance that's present-- love, health, family, friends, work, the joys of nature and personal pursuits that bring us pleasure --the wasteland of illusion falls away and we experience Heaven on earth."
~ Sarah Ban Breathnach

Hope everyone had a good week. :)

picked it up from charm's friendster bulletin.

this one resonated with me, girl. thanks. *mwah*

now find me a date. char!

17 August 2008

now you're telling me!!!!!!!!!!

Your horoscopes for Sunday August 17, 2008

General Daily Horoscope for everyone

The Moon enters gentle Pisces at 3:45 am EDT, yet we can still feel the lingering magic of yesterday's Full Moon Eclipse, boosted today by mental Mercury's trine to visionary Jupiter. Logic can carry our ideas into lofty places of philosophical idealism. But darker issues can surface when warrior Mars runs into a harsh square with ruthless Pluto, placing obstacles in our path, which may provoke us to express our anger and air old resentments.

Taurus Horoscopes

(Apr 20 - May 20)

Sunday, Aug 17th, 2008 -- Although you want to enjoy the pleasures of this summer day, you may have too many chores to complete before you can turn off your mind and relax. Your desire to have fun goes a long way now toward motivating you to get busy early in the day. But you might also be envious of those who don't have to work before they play. Convert your negativity into productive action, rather than letting it build inside you.

emphasis mine. all mine. ALL FUCKING MINE.

words! words! words!

saang shakespearean play/tragedy ito binanggit? help. di ko na maalala. tinatamad akong mag-google.

words! words! words! how i love words and how i long to have words spoken to me as if they are the substitutes of caresses of an absentee lover. yet this person is also a filmmaker who believes in the truth that actions speak louder than words in a film, so where words could fail, actions should prevail.

aye, m'lady, there's the rub you never quite understood. how distraught this person is in the realization of yonder approach.

sorry channeling shakespeare. i am currently in a shakespearaean tragedy now, so forgive me for all the melodramatic lines and whatnots. hey, at least hindi ako nasa greek tragedy a la medea na i will kill my own children for a purpose.

comme ca:

medea's philandering husband: parang "why did you kill our own children?"

medea: TO MAKE YOU FEEL PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tama. in order for the husband--na pinagpalit siya sa ibang babae--to feel pain, nilason ni medea ang mga anak nila.


hay nako, don't make me mention oedipus rex!

i heart greek drama talaga. ever.

don't mind me, i'm drunk.

last na. may nagsabi na rin ba nito sa isang fictional play:

"i regret the day i fell in love with you.

that's how much it hurts."

kasi kung wala pa, e di original ko pala yan. hehehe. red horse speaking. time to call in a night.


16 August 2008

sci-fi scrounging

within the week, i decided to catch up on some films i've been meaning to watch but never got around to watching them, especially on the big screen. so this dvd fare will do.

funny but it seems i've stacked up on sci-fi pala. yes, i am interested in the genre but it also depends on the kind of science / technology it's purporting. mas gusto ko yung sci-fi na slight alteration ng current reality, not the too far out there type -- unless maganda ang istorya.

anyway, here are some.


d. michael bay
c. ewan mcgregor, scarlet johannson

i knew there had to be some good reason why ewan mcgregor would make patol such a film. i go by his gut feel of getting projects -- there must be something good about its story. and i was right. he was right, too.

i braced myself when
i saw in the obb that michael "laging 2000 decibels ang sound fx editing" bay ang director nito. i prepared my earplugs. yes, ganun kaingay lahat, as in LAHAT ng films niya noh. google niyo na lang, or imdb.com.

noon pa napukaw ang interes ko ng film na ito. the gattaca-like setting/set-up interested me, as i liked GATTACA, and the pitch (or half of it) was interesting: the lure of a promised land ek where people will win a lottery to go to this promise of paradise. pero of course there's more than meets the eye. kaya lang, that was not revealed in the trailers, kasi mega-spoiler pala siya. kaya di rin siguro ako naengganyo ng husto noon dito kasi nga bitin ang premise.

but i like what happened. the story is good pala. it turns out those who are in that gattaca-like place are living organ donors, clones of people who paid 5 million dollars to have their clones made as their insurance policy -- so they could live
longer. bale iha-harvest ang kelangan sa clone at ipapalit sa client, eg palit ng liver, heart, etc. kung anuman ang mag-malfunction na sa natural body ng client. ganda ng konsepto! kaya lang, instead of being in a vegetative state, yung clones binuhay na ng todo kasi di gumagana ng gusto ang organs, so they lived like humans, implanted with made-up memories, at fully-functioning humans sila in a controlled society. galing! kaya lang, si ewan character nga "nag-malfunction" kasi bigla siyang nagkaroon ng curiosity na tuklasin what's beyond their life ek. questioning reality, the usual philosophical meanderings baga. what sci-fi work is without those philosophical chorvas? stuff of sci-fi nga ang ganyan e, parang cautionary tale sa present o warning for the future ek. basta. happy siya. kaya rin likes ko ang sci-fi. makes me think and rethink some things in life.

bet ko ang kuwento. ganda ng effects, ng visuals lalo na nung nakalabas na sila sa gattaca-like society nila. it's still set in the future, but just an altered version of our present ito. at maganda at seamless ang halo ng realism at futuristic. hindi siya sobrang calling attention to itself unlike most sci-fi flicks. ito seamless. ang ganda! basta. you have to see it to know what i'm talking about. cute ng details. galing ng pd at dop work combined. it worked well for me.

all in all, happy ito. watch watch watch!

c. milla jovovich, michelle rodriguez

kung sinuman ang nakaisip na gawing pelikula itong video game na ito, tanga siya.

ang pangit. walang
katuturan. wala na ring epek sa akin si michelle rodriguez. matagal na kaming break. kasalanan ng bad role niya sa BLOODRAYNE. at saka wala na siyang bisexual mystique sa akin. i divorce you michelle. chos.

simple lang kuwento. clandestine government science genetic experiments gone wrong. self-extermination, self-preservation. kill all people. dead people become zombies. swat-like soldiers with high-powered weapons try to kill dead people. they all die. almost. fast forward to sequel. pero wala akong kopya nun kaya di ko na tatyagain. ech.

tho interesting sa akin how they explained kung bakit nagiging zombie ang patay. kasi the human body is full of electricity and this virus they were injected with or inhaled triggered the electric chorva of the body, making it come a
live but without any intelligence or soul, only the very basic instinct for survival, which is to eat. ewan lang kung bakit ang kakainin ng zombie e tao rin. parang walang explanation dun. or i was yawning when they were explaining it. wotevah.

chaka. sayang pera.


d. steven spielberg
c. tom cruise
story from the novel by h.g. wells

i'm sure there's a perfectly good philosophical reason chorva as to why there are aliens who buried their metal monsters on earth and activated them via lightning storms one day to rise from the ground and annihilate the human population and make human blood the fertilizer of the earth for its supposed repopulation. i have to read wells' novel.

i'm sure there's a perfectly good technical and scientific reason why all of a sudden, towards the end of the movie (after 85 percent has been shown), the metal monsters began malfunctioning, making it easy for the US army troops to blast them with their puny bazookas and whatnots until the metal monsters were damaged, destroyed, and in one scene, its ET driver opened the door and just...dropped dead, dramatically (complete with nakalaylay ang lifeless hand chorva). punyeta pinatay niyo si ET! waaaaah. ET phone home, uwi patay. asar.

yes, i have to read wells' novel for that, too.

what we have in the film is just a lot of people running, metal monsters zapping, and tom cruise battling it out acting-wise with dakota fanning. nothing more. and that weird deus ex machina appearance of tim robbins as a semi-crazed man who wanted to blow the aliens to bits. hanlabo men. uwi na ko. ay, asa bahay nga pala ko. uwi na sila. yoko na.

sayang ito. i have to read the novel. even the narration that explains some things was not able to explain the most crucial things. hanlabo.

one thing's for sure. spielberg's still that kid in a man's body with a big budget and a head inside a sci-fi fantasy. let's try to top ET, shall we? after 20+years, hindi pa rin achieve, spielberg. you let me down. sobra. i so heart ET. pero hanggang dun na lang yata ikaw. MINORITY REPORT was a fluke. nadaan ka ng kuwentong magaling ang pagkaka-edit. philip k. dick just laid out the perfectly good sci-fi short story for you there; all you had to do was film. same with AI na pagkahaba-haba ng unnecessary act 3 ng dramaturgy mo (may act 4 na nga eh!). with that, you ruined brian aldiss' super-beautiful short story ("supertoys last all summer long").


pampaantok ng adik

sige nga, sarbey na tagalog halos lahat...

1. kung magbubura ka ng isang tao sa friends list mo, sino yun?
-- dami na nilang nawala, ateng. count.

2. Nakita mo ang ex mo nasa gilid ng kalsada at nag-aapoy, ano gagawin mo?
-- depende kung sinong ex.
kung yung una, sasabihin ko "about time!" sabay halakhak.
kung yung pangalawa, bubuhusan ko ng tubig dahil naaaawa ako sa malulungkot
niyang kamag-anak pag nawala siya, pero i won't stick around to see the
charred parts
kung yung susunod dun, pupunta akong petron at hihingi pa ng extra gas para
idagdag sa liyab, para sigurado!
kung yung susunod dun, bubuhusan ko din ng tubig para ma-extinguish pero i
won't stick around para masabi pa rin niya na siya lang ang nakaraos sa
paghihirap niya sa buhay na mag-isa na walang tulong mula kaninuman

3. Sinabi sayo ng bestfriend mo na buntis siya.
-- e ako din yun e, so balewala ateng

5. Kailan yung huling beses na may tao na gusto mong sapakin sa mukha?
-- what happened to number 4? anyway, sapakin...i can't remember. last month ata.

6. Anong huling bagay na pinagkagastusan mo?
-- groceries, food. ano pa?

7. Sino ang pinakamagandang babae sa friends list mo?
-- e ako e, panu ba yun hehe

8. What is your ideal partner?
-- mapagmahal. at pinapaalam niya sa akin na mahal niya ako, pinaparamdam niya and most of all, pinapakita niya.

saka gorgeous. latina gorgeous.

9. Sa tingin mo tumaas ba o bumaba ang timbang mo nitong nakaraang buwan?
-- bumaba kasi sinusubukan ko ring maging gym nazi tulad ni ichi hihihi :)

11. If you had to sleep with one of your friends who would that be?
-- hindi ko ata bet ang gawaing ito, neng

12. Meron ka bang itinatago sa mundo?
-- marami. hindi puwedeng isiwalat kasi sikreto ito ng maraming tao.

13. Congratulations! May anak na babae ka na! Anong ipapangalan mo?
--oo nga ano, wala pa. pero dati pa ko may pick kung boylet ang anak ko: vittorio linsangan cantor, from vittorio storaro my favorite cinematographer.

14. Anong pagkain ang hinahanaphanap ng sikmura mo ngayon?
-- e punyeta hindi na puwede ang karne e, panu ba yun

15. Anong huling bagay na iniyakan mo?
-- ang realization na hindi pala ako gaano kamahal ng taong akala ko e mahal ako, yung feeling na nagsayang ako ng oras, panahon, pagod at pagmamahal na binuhos sa kanya only to find out that it was mostly for naught. yes, masaklap siya. sobra.

16. Pag may binili ka at ang sinukli sayo ay 2 cents, itatago mo ba o sa kahera na lang?
-- hindi na uso ang 2 cents at ang pagsoli ng sukli below 5 cents, so what?

17. Naiisip mo ba kung paano na lang ang mundo kung wala ka?
-- huwaw. hindi pa naman ako ganun ka-messianic, so no

18. Meron ka bang ceiling fan sa iyong kuwarto? kung meron, madami ba itong alikabok?
-- hahaha! maraming alikabok pero wala akong ceiling fan!

19. Tungkol saan naman yung huling email na natanggap mo?
-- consultation ng students

20. May na-block ka na ba sa friendster mo?
-- sa multiply oo

21. Pinakanakakatindig-balahibong naranasan mo para sa araw na ito?
-- wala.

22. Nagsusuot ka ba ng name tag sa iyong opisina?
-- hindi.

23. Ano nakapagpangiti sa yo ngayong araw na to?
-- ang isang text ng isang super-concerned friend saying "how's the broken hearted? better, i hope" at ang realization na okay na ako at happy na. it doesn't hurt that i received the text while in the middle of gym time, having produced tons of endorphins already (endorphins make you happy! - legally blonde)

24. Anong inoorder mo pag kumakain ka sa Jollibee?
-- tlc. or champ.

25. Nagtinda ka na ba ng kahit ano sa garahe nyo?
-- noong maliit ako. may tindera pantasya ako e. i set up a mini-mini-mini sari sari store kunwari sa mga kalaro ko. in the summer, seryosong tinda ng bangkok santol mula sa dalawang punong hitik. winner ito.

26. Anong kulay ng cellphone mo?
-- black and grey

27. Anong huling serbesa ang tinoma mo?
-- san mig lite. pero ayoko na. balik-wine na ulit. lumaki na tyan ko kakatoma gabi-gabi this past 3 weeks

28. Kung maipagpapalit mo ang buhay mo sa kahit na sino, gagawin mo ba?
-- on the condition that i could return/re-live this life, yes. i wanna be albert einstein.

29. Besides your mouth, where is your favorite spot to get kissed?
-- hindi nga mouth ang favorite ko e. sa leeg at sa *tutut!*

30. How did you feel when you woke up today?
-- relaxed

31. Would you ever donate blood?
-- if it's really needed

32. Have you ever driven without a license?
-- yes but not in a major way

33. Have you ever had a best friend who was of the opposite sex?
-- syempre anuba

34. What does your last text message say?
-- can't remember

35. What is your current dilemma?
-- i want to go on a 2-week out of the country vacation but i can't due to work tie-ups

36. Do you wish someone was with you right now?
-- not really

37. What time did you go to sleep last night?
-- as usual, past midnight

39.Have you kissed anyone on the lips within the past week?
-- no.

1. Pag dinare ka na kiss same sex, gagawin mo?

2. Commute o drive ng car?
-- car na may driver sana

3. San mo mas gusto tumira, dito o sa ibang bansa?
-- dito pero bakasyon matagal sa ibang bansa

4. Kung magkakabahay kayo ng friends mo, sino sa mga friends mo gusto mo kasama? (minimun of 2 max of 5)
-- aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh, been there been that! i vanna ve alone!

5. Pinaka astig na name ng person na narinig mo?
-- does "opalyn forster" count? ay pinaka-weird pala yun hehe... ewan ko. ah, lawin pala! anak ni sir napoleon abueva. yes, dinaig ang kidlat-kawayan-kabunyan triumvirate ni kidlat tahimik hehe.

6. Pili ka para maging GF/BF, chinese, japanese, american, spanish, korean, pinoy?
-- latin american.

7. Pag mahal mo, ok lang i-take for granted ka. Tama ba toh?
--ANOOOOOOO? sino ba gumawa nito? buset.

8. May tao bang wala karapatan magmahal? Sino tong tao na toh?
-- lahat may karapatan pero ang tanong, karapat-dapat ba silang mahalin, lalo na't sobrang tigas na nila na hindi na sila marunong kumilatis ng nagmamahal sa kanila at di na sila marunong magmahal ng sapat

9. Kelan ka huling kinilig?
-- last year pa ate.

10. Pili ka, 5 taon na utot ung hangin o 5 araw na umuulan ng tae pero wala ka masisilungan? (sori, nakaw lang toh)
-- ang labo nito

11. Sino sa mga friends mo pinaka matigas ang ulo sa pagdating sa love?
-- lahat kami!!!!!!!!!!! ahahahahha

12. Tingin mo pag nagkabalikan ang mag EX, magwworkout pa?
-- depende sa chemistry nila

13. Mahirap ba makita EX/past mo masaya na sa piling ng iba?
-- hindi. because i don't care about them anymore e. so hindi ako affected.

14. Ano “special” skills na kaya mo gawin?
-- get me in bed; i'll show you. hahahhahahahha! chaka! ewan! wala. meron. marami.

15. Long hair o short hair?

16. Describe mo kung ano ang maganda/gwapo na person para sayo.
-- inside and out na kagandahan, at hindi siya mayabang dahil dito

17. Kelan ka last umamin na may gusto ka sa isang tao?
-- last year. wrong move.

18. Paborito mong streetfood?
-- isaw!!!!!!!!

19. Kung titignan mo buhay mo so far, ano mas madami, saya o lungkot?
-- pareho lang yata. hirap mag-quantify. hindi saya o lungkot pero dapat satisfaction.

20. Kanino ka mas attracted, sobra same kayo ng personality pati ugali o different sayo?
-- inay ko. ewan ko na. i've tried both and both didn't work out. so ewan na.

21. Gano mo kadalas isipin EX/past mo?
-- once it's over, i don't think about them anymore

22. Bakit may mga tao na sadyang tanga pagdating sa pagibig? Isa ka ba sa mga un?
-- oo e. ewan ko ba. i need rehab. pero i think i'm getting better. i've mutated. i heal faster na.

23. Magkasama kayo ng GF/BF mo sa car, sira na ung breaks pati handbreak, sure na babangga kayo at mamamatay kayo, ano huli mo gagawin?
-- yayakapin ko siya para di siya ma-crush

24. Sino sa barkada nyo bigla na lang “nawawala” at ndi nagpapakita ng matagal kapag nagkakaroon ng GF/BF?
-- hay nako, too many to mention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! including me, before. hehehe.

25. Magbanggit ka ng 5 friends mo na masasabi mo na TRUE FRIENDS talaga.
-- ayoko. alam na nila sino sila. and i thank you all. mwah!

26. Lilipat ka na ng bahay! Saan mo lungsod sa Metro Manila gusto mo lumipat?
-- well, qc pa rin sana pero dahil mas malinis na ang marikina, balik na ko dito

27. Mamimiss mo ba lover mo kapag umalis na sya papunta states?
-- wala kong lover, ati.

28. Mahilig ka ba sa SUSHI?
-- sashimi

29. Gusto ko na tumigil mag _________?
--pantasya kay angel locsin. char! hahahaha. gusto ko na tumigil tumaba. hehehe.

30. Pano kapag umamin sayo friend mo na sobra tagal mo nang kaibigan na may gusto sya sayo, ano magiging reaction mo?
-- tumbling. ayoko ata ng ganun.

31. LOVE. Hinihintay o hinahanap?
- hindi iniinda. tapus.

32. Sino sasabihin mo nang “I.F.O.” (it’s f*cking over)
-- kakatapos lang ne

34. Pinaka cute na foreign accent para sayo?
-- lately, british! ewan kung bakit.

36. Mahirap magmahal ng ______?
taong nagmamatigas. masakit mabukulan ng matigas.

37. Sa tingin mo, magkakaroon ba nang happy ending buhay mo?
-- oo naman. eto happy na nga e

40. Would you risk getting hurt to find happiness or would you rather play it safe?
-- what you risk reveals what you value, sabi sa libro ni jeanette winterson. i value finding happiness so if that means risking a bit and getting hurt in the process, then so be it. i admire more the tenacity of the kawayan to bend when the storms come because in the end, it still stands straight, unlike strong wood that stands strong and resists the storm, only to be bawled over and uprooted in the end. who wants to be that? like the kawayan, fragile man tignan o kung tutuusin, hindi talaga dahil ito pa rin ang nakatayo at buo matapos ang unos ng buhay. kaya ang dahong ito ay pang-kawayan.

sige, ikaw naman.