17 August 2008

now you're telling me!!!!!!!!!!

Your horoscopes for Sunday August 17, 2008

General Daily Horoscope for everyone

The Moon enters gentle Pisces at 3:45 am EDT, yet we can still feel the lingering magic of yesterday's Full Moon Eclipse, boosted today by mental Mercury's trine to visionary Jupiter. Logic can carry our ideas into lofty places of philosophical idealism. But darker issues can surface when warrior Mars runs into a harsh square with ruthless Pluto, placing obstacles in our path, which may provoke us to express our anger and air old resentments.

Taurus Horoscopes

(Apr 20 - May 20)

Sunday, Aug 17th, 2008 -- Although you want to enjoy the pleasures of this summer day, you may have too many chores to complete before you can turn off your mind and relax. Your desire to have fun goes a long way now toward motivating you to get busy early in the day. But you might also be envious of those who don't have to work before they play. Convert your negativity into productive action, rather than letting it build inside you.

emphasis mine. all mine. ALL FUCKING MINE.

words! words! words!

saang shakespearean play/tragedy ito binanggit? help. di ko na maalala. tinatamad akong mag-google.

words! words! words! how i love words and how i long to have words spoken to me as if they are the substitutes of caresses of an absentee lover. yet this person is also a filmmaker who believes in the truth that actions speak louder than words in a film, so where words could fail, actions should prevail.

aye, m'lady, there's the rub you never quite understood. how distraught this person is in the realization of yonder approach.

sorry channeling shakespeare. i am currently in a shakespearaean tragedy now, so forgive me for all the melodramatic lines and whatnots. hey, at least hindi ako nasa greek tragedy a la medea na i will kill my own children for a purpose.

comme ca:

medea's philandering husband: parang "why did you kill our own children?"

medea: TO MAKE YOU FEEL PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tama. in order for the husband--na pinagpalit siya sa ibang babae--to feel pain, nilason ni medea ang mga anak nila.


hay nako, don't make me mention oedipus rex!

i heart greek drama talaga. ever.

don't mind me, i'm drunk.

last na. may nagsabi na rin ba nito sa isang fictional play:

"i regret the day i fell in love with you.

that's how much it hurts."

kasi kung wala pa, e di original ko pala yan. hehehe. red horse speaking. time to call in a night.


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