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[updated May 2012]

Since I work in the media and stuff, I have also been featured in some media and stuff. But that doesn't mean I'm a celebrity like someone out there claims hehe (you know who you are, charot!). I just know too many people, that's all, and belong in many networks, like that, you know.

Anyway I previously labeled this listing as vanity fairground. But now, I'd like to think of it as a walk down memory lane. More poignant, eh? Will start documenting with what's online. Will add offline stuff later on.

Wala lang. Enjoy.

Fridae feature (2001)

Libay Linsangan Cantor is a 28-year-old who lives in Quezon City within Metro Manila, Philippines. She is the co-founder of the Philippines' first university-based lesbian organization, UP (University of the Philippines) Sappho Society.  

Fridae.Com is a pioneer of online LGBTQ presence in Asia since the early 2000s, even late 1990s if I'm not mistaken. Imagine they existed before Downelink, Friendster and the blogging boom. Plus they are based in Singapore where it is so super-hush-hush to be queer then. But hey, this site! So there.

That is why it was such a blast being picked up to be featured in their site. This was when they were picking personalities moving within the LGBTQ advocacy organizations in Asia. Several of my Pinoy friends have also been featured there. 

An excerpt:

Libay's Community

æ: Do you work with/support any gay or lesbian community groups? How?

libay: Yes. I was asked by three friends to create the first university-based lesbian organization in the country, and I helped them. This became an important endeavor of my life because I get to share my experiences with young lesbians who are just beginning to experience the "real world" out there.

I'm there to help them, support, and most especially, to encourage - encourage them to be who they really are, and to never be afraid of doing that. I also teach them precautions. It's still harsh out there for us.

Read the rest here.

And oh, the reason why I don't have a picture up is because I still didn't know how to scan and email photos then. Yes, it was that "jurassic" of a time teh! Pramis! Hehe. 

Gosh it's so fun to read what you thought about things a decade ago hehe. Makes me cringe a bit hahaha but what the hey. Posterity.

Imaging The Mekong (2002)

An experiment is meant to test theories and obtain results. The Mekong Media Fellowship Experiment (MMFE) tests the feasibility of a simple idea: empower people by letting them tell their own stories through documentaries.

The Philippines is the training ground for the Mekong fellows. Philippine media enjoys a reputation of superior broadcast communication skills and talent. Philippine press is free, hard-hitting and bold, while media in most of the Mekong countries is still heavily controlled by their governments. Philippine media also has its share of practitioners who abuse the freedom and power of the press and are vulnerable to bribery, blackmail and corruption.

It is in these strengths and weaknesses that may provide our Asian neighbours with excellent samples for learning. 

Veteran broadcast journalist Che-Che Lazaro created the Probe Media Foundation Inc., her production company's non-profit org. They partnered with the Rockefeller Foundation to jumpstart a series of documentary for social change workshops within the Mekong region of Asia and the Philippines. 

I was part of the very first batch of participants in this endeavor. And this was my first real multicultural experience. To this day, I am in touch with friends I met from Laos and Cambodia here. So cool. Wow, can't believe this was already a decade ago. Wow.

Also, this was where I first met some of my Probe-trained colleagues that will become media co-workers and colleagues later on in different endeavors. Sometimes the world is nice and small that way.

PDI featurette (2007)

During these more secular times, what's sexy often depends on individual tastes and, more recently, on what media has popularized - from Anne Nicole Smith's cantilevered breasts to Beyonce's prodigious hips to J.Lo's shapely behind.

With sex appeal just an injection and/or incision away, thanks to modern cosmetic procedures, have people changed their views on what they consider sexy?

As writers, we circulate questions and queries to fellow writers and other people in our networks when we have certain articles to be written. One such friend asked how we define sexy, so ako naman si patol, I answered her. 

And she published my reply hehe, which is:

Heheh latina ftw! Chos!

This appeared in the lifestyle pages of the Philippine Daily Inquirer in 2007. Complete with a picture of moi being sexy haha. Chos. But the online version removed that hehe. Kalurkey. 


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