And then, there were these...

Sometimes, I create special series of stuff that form a thematic framework for my writing assignments or for my own personal chuva. Thought of gathering them here, for easier reference. 

Feel free to share.

This is the soundtrack of your lez lovelife
A Valentine month special (February 2012) for POC Pinoy LGBT channel, interspersing song lyrics in nonfiction narratives with slightly fictionalized events, a technique I often use since I began my literary career in the late '90s. The idea was to chart the evolution of a love's journey, but not necessarily tracking one story alone.

Trivia: I got the inspiration for this while waiting for my flight to Singapore, to meet the inspiration of my current love status. And well, alam na!

Status: Love hanging 
Status: Love hoping 
Status: Love found 
Status: Love lost

Why 89
Since I was away during the crucial months prior to the May 2010 elections, I decided to help campaign for my partylist in the best way I know how: blogging. 

As I wrote in the footer then: Why 89 is a seven-part series of creative nonfiction narratives I will write as a countdown to the upcoming May 10 elections in support of my partylist, Ang Ladlad.

Of course, today, it's now known solely as Ladlad. And yes, I will still be supporting when they will run in 2013. Hey, so should you. Read up why. Still relevant.

1: The benefit(s) of recognition
2: The career closet
3: Medical maladies, malpractices and mistrust
4: Equality to party
5: Property protection
6: Sealing the love with a kiss... and a contract
7: Bless the bigots and the children

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