20 May 2012

Fancy a new look?

I tend to be such a square when it comes to redesigning this space. If you've been following -- and I thank you ever so deeply for that -- then you'd notice. If there's one thing I'm vanilla about in life, it's this whole web design business thing, designing by myself, that is. I'm not such a techie as my other dyke friends and so I tend to stick to whatever's familiar and well, manageable, in such a short time. And yeah, thank goodness I ain't no vanilla when it comes to other things, eh? Yes, yes, silly, I'm talking about sex. Haha!

But it has been a year since a lot of things happened in my life. This space also tends to get an overhaul whenever major changes in my life happen, mostly in the department of fancy affairs. Fancying someone, I mean. Yes, I am all Lip Service-y right now as I just finished the last 2 eps before the 6th and final ep, the season ender next week. Yeah, the accent rubs off, even in writing. I guess my brain and my tongue combined are talented like that, in another kind of non-kinky application. I kid you not. Heheh. :)

Well, the basic color palette I've grown to love is still there. Basic autumn is the season of my life and hence I follow its color scheme. My early favorite color of blue has been reverted to its complementary orange this latter part of my life, which is better. Funny how I've managed to pull out from the blues and surf amongst the oranges in life, eh? I've noticed that early on. And thank goodness it changed. If not, my condo would have been all-blue now instead of this bright orange that welcomes guests inside. Good transition.

And of course, there's that header photo. I also change that once in a while.

This photo means a lot. It was taken when I was in Singapore last February, for a pre-Valentine date with a girl that would turn out to be my girlfriend right now. We went there both to sort things left unanswered, face to face, here in Manila last January. And it was the best fucking trip of my life so far. Yes, I think I will love Singapore extra-special because of the meaning it gave me. Yes, I am a traveler that way, not your garden variety tourist preoccupied with appearances but more of an inner traveler more mindful of the experience rather than the souvenir. You can read about those thoughts in my travel blog. Here

I also liked that there's this lotus in bloom and lotus closed, side by side, juxtaposed meanings. I love it. Symbolized who I was, who I am, and who I'm going to be in the next few moments, I suppose, in relation to her, in tandem with her, her that I fancy upon going to that trip,  and her that I ended up loving as soon as we parted. Yeah, that's her and me -- closed, opened up, still guarded, but ever so ready. 

I'm glad. Ever so glad. Things happen for a reason. Trips materialize if they're needed. And some things just fall into place when you thought they wouldn't. Story of my year so far. And what an awesome and fucking helluva year this is turning out to be. And I am loving every moment of it. Each one. I kid you not.

So here's to new things, to redesigning things, to recalibrating things, and to celebrating them still. Don't get tired to party, even if the celebration changes styles. As long as the participants are still cool, then the fun and intensity won't wane. 

Yes, I am living life, because it is indeed short. 


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