29 August 2008

PANOORIN BUKAS: si mariang makiling naging dementor!!!

er, at least that's how i see it heheh. watch this ep. i directed it. bukas na ito! mas maaga: 9:30am na siya. umaga ha. sabado. gma7 kapuso network.

don't mind the photo's time. lumang pictorial na kasi yan e. 9:30, not 10.

LDFG vs. Luningning Praning-ning

Airing on August 30, 2008
Saturday, 9:30 a.m.

Toothpaste factory

Do you want to know what the secret is behind clean and sparkling white teeth? Host Love Anover finds out in her visit to a toothpaste factory!

Inside the factory, Love witnesses how the toothpaste’s ingredients are mixed together and placed inside their tubes! She even lends a hand to the workers by placing tubes of toothpaste inside their respective boxes! Love also gets the chance to see how the yummy kiddie flavors of toothpaste such as Bubblegum Pop and Cookies and Cream Ahoy are made.

All about hair

In this visit to a one-of-a kind salon for kids, Host Bea Binene turns her imag
e like her favorite Barbie Doll! In Pink Salon by Barbie, kids can choose to look like a rockstar with the Barbie Diva hairstyle, or become like a princess with the Barbie Fairytopia hairstyle!

Bea’s quest for learning more about hair doesn’t stop in the salon. Bea visits the European Wig Factory to learn everything about hair and witness how wigs are made for all occasions! She also meets Tessa Prieto-Valdes, a celebrity who loves to wear all sorts of hair wigs!

LDFG vs. Luningning Praning-ning

With her super powerful Hilo-Hilo Sibat, Luningning Praning-ning terrorizes anyone who gets in her way, including the LD Force!

Luningning is a wood nymph who used to live in a lush forest, but because humans have turned her forest to a park, the plants and animals in that forest died! Luningning cursed this park by making people lose their way inside it! How will the LD Force lift Luningning’s curse in the park? Will they be able to unite and defeat Luningning if they themselves can’t find each other?

baka lumabas si luningning...hmm...


  1. panalo tayo! as usual :D 5.4 ang lamang sa kalaban. weee!!!

  2. our goal is 3.3 lang na difference. so bonggang-bongga ang ating lamang :D

  3. uy ngayon ko lang napansin itey! kamusta kaya yung ep na isa? sana ganito din. wheeeeeeeeeee! :)