31 August 2008

half down, half to go

it's the last day of august, thank goodness. more than half of the year is done and only the -ber months are left to contend with.

it was a whirlwind of a month. as a lot of lez friends mentioned, th
ere's a sort of break-up season here lately this month. i wonder why.

but yes, i belong to that population that experienced it. the first week was supposed to mark one anniversary (which seemed unremembered) but i found myself cutting it off on the second week. on the third, i rethought it but as i still faced a big, hard and wooden fence, i decided against it. nevermore, to quote edgar allan poe.

indeed. to quote the raven, nevermore.

so here we are.

strange to be sharing this with you all. i dunno.

but as ate shao said, yes, everyday is still a lovely day, kahit single. ayuz. syempre may kasamang plugging aney! go durian dalanghita hehehe!


now back to regular programming.


half of the heavy work that started last year was over yesterday. it's the upcentennialdigitalfilmcompet. haggard. yesterday, we finally conducted the screening and judging of entries. haggard ever.

but we're happy with the results.

because of that, we decided to unwind and make tuhog another meeting na rin na kasama pa rin sa work load sa theater. workshop season is nearing na kasi, kay we're all preparing for it na.

hay kapuy...

baket bucket? basta ba!

pero masaya nung gabi kasi we decided to unwi
nd nga. while the rest of you folks were in the eheads reunion concert (na haggard din pala kinalabasan, as mama mlou pointed out that people were walking like zombies!) e dun na lang kami nag-happy hour and beer buckets galore sa conspi.

teacher teta and lola libay

as usual, my kabisyo trio plus one were there, at ayan, nagselebra ng instant bday treat kay sustagen kid hehe. ayuz.

flash! drive

aaah sarap mag-unwind grabe! especially after a hard day's work, sobra. hay...

our lighting preference: natural

it was also nice that cynthia was playing that night. nice to hear da ale sing again, and mama malou perc-ing it up yay! kahit may bandage na ang kamay, hataw pa rin!

gumig saglit si sustagen kid,
kasi nakita ni cynthia ahehehe

silip sa judging kanina.

(l-r) with direk jeff jeturian, manunuri ng pelikulang pilipino roland tolentino
and manyunyugi ng pelikulang panget bayli leaflens heeheehee

lafang galore lang din. one thing na okay sa upfi talaga e we heart food, so much hehe. kung may budget! salamat sa doray's kitchen hehe.

nabunutan na ko ng tinik talaga dito. hay... okay, awards night na lang and i am ready to face baguio naaaaaaaaaaaa! o la unionnnnnnnnnnnn! or both!!!!!!!

sama ka?

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