02 September 2008

men, nagpaparinig ka ba?

tila. ano?

Your horoscopes for
Tuesday September 02, 2008

General Daily Horoscope for everyone

We're more aware of others today and want to take their needs into consideration as we decide what to do. The Libra Moon helps us to remain objective as we try to understand our relationships. Nevertheless, we can already feel the pressure building from tomorrow's conjunction between the Sun and karmic Saturn. The sooner we tie up loose ends, the better off we'll be later on. There's no escaping our responsibilities now and no reason to procrastinate.

Taurus Horoscopes

(Apr 20 - May 20)

Tuesday, Sep 2nd, 2008 -- On one hand you are tempted to evade your work today or, at least, do as little as possible. It's not that you want to mislead anyone; it's just that you may be more motivated to do something joyful than to perform your job duties. But you also know that playing hooky now could land you in a heap of trouble. Go ahead and enjoy yourself, but don't disappoint anyone in the process.


no, i'm not playing hooky today. wala talaga akong klase (research break) kaya i decided to hole in sana dahil writing break ko naman. wala rin pala. i'm still needed to be there later this afternoon kaya atak na rin. biglang meeting with da boss and may ka-date nga pala akong afam, i forgot. no, it's not what you think. bayot itey, so platonic lang. bayot and bayli. heehee.

oh well...

so much for relaxing.

at ipagpatuloy ang theme song mula kagabi: to the tune of lola madonna's song...



god. when's the next flight to pluto? para unreachable ako.


ay congrats nga pala sa mga friendsheeps na nanalo sa palanca! omengski! otherwise known as lady rommelia hahaha by butch. at si butch din! congrats! pati sino pa. ichi! yey! at si iwa! naks, ikalawang nobela na! sino pa... emman nga pala! congrats sa inyo ni michiko for the script. who else... fellow UP Baguio co-fellow ko, tara sering, congrats. and nadine, fellow PAHL co-workshopper dati. galeng! my former localvibe.com editor chuck syjuco, congrats. pati kay joy cruz din pala, as told by ms linda.

congrats sa lahat!

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