03 September 2008

i am in lurrrrv!

meet. my new girlfriend. jessica clark.

hoo-wee. check her out!

panalo! tasya pantasya itey. laman siya ng pantasya ng tasyang itey hahahaha! chos.

although parang ang simple ng name niya. jessica clark. wengk. so american common.

for a model, dapat may iba siyang namesung.

men hanep sa blood mixtures.

A 23-year-old stunner of British, Indian and Nigerian descent, Clark was raised in a single-parent home in the U.K. At 16, she won a beauty contest, and before you could say "work it," she was strutting on runways from New York to Milan.


man! and she's an openly out lesbian model ha! and she sounds intelligent.

read the full interview with her here.

pang-graphic novel model ang dating ng lola.


yan ang tunay na "ay papi!" hehe unlike that papi character sa lword! chakaness.

some inanitie
s lang before i go to class. hehehe.

man i'm such a dyke.

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