03 September 2008

PANOORIN SA SABADO: taong lobo naglayag sa lamesa ecopark!

e basta ganun ang drama! minus angel locsin hahaha!

watch na lang kayo. o kung ayaw niyo watch, open your tv to gma7 then sleep again hehehe. it helps in the ratings, men. :P oo ako nagdirek nito!

again, dedma sa time sa pictyur. 930a na po kami, sabado, kapuso network (gma7). LOVELY DAY!!! bago mag-KA-BLOG.

LDFG vs. Halimamaw

Airing on September 6, 2008

Saturday, 9:30 a.m.

Tugak ng Pampanga

Pampanga is known as the “Culinary Capital of the Philippines" because of their mouth-watering dishes. But what makes Kapampangan cooking different from other Pinoy cuisines is their choice of ingredients! They can choose anything under the sun and turn it into savory cuisines. Even frogs!

Host Gabby Roxas tries to catch and cook frogs with Romy Martinez, a supplier of frogs to various restaurants in Pampanga. Because of the numerous rice fields in the province, several frog species have thrived in the area, giving farmers the opportunity to invent various dishes using this amphibian. There’s Betute Tugak or fried frog stuffed with ground pork, and the town’s specialty, Tinolang Palaka. Gabby gets to taste these succulent yet extremely exotic dishes this Saturday!

Puppet festival

Meanwhile, host Love AƱover witnesses the first ever Philippine Puppetry Festival at the Cultural Center of the Philippines! Love gets the chance to see special presentations by puppeteers using Marionnettes or string puppets, and watch children’s stories unfold before her eyes through rod puppetry!

Love also meets Ony Carcamo, a professional ventriloquist. He has the ability to control his mouth and voice and make it seem like the puppet is really talking! With the help of Ony, Love tries her hand at ventriloquism. Will she be able to pass as a ventriloquist?!

LDFG vs. Halimamaw

A rumor is spreading: a monster is terrorizing a small town, hunting children and devouring their hearts with his sharp teeth! It’s the mission of the LD Force to find this monster and stop him from further scaring the town!

But how will the LD Force defeat the creature’s monstrous strength and speed if Bea is not with them? Will they have the courage to face Halimawmaw?

jan ka lang halimaawww

some behind the scenes at the pitik section of my multiply.

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