28 August 2008

a night of firsts

it's 1.08a as i write this, and i came home about less than an hour ago. just needed to continue that slight nightcap i tried to begin earlier after late dinner with some good friends. of course the proverbial question had to be asked [kamusta ka na te?] and of course a few proverbial answers need to be mentioned [okay lang...]. but recalling and remembering left an unpleasant taste in my mouth, so it really has to be washed down before i face a new sunrise.

so here we are.

a night of firsts this is. or maybe mornings? whichever. i ran through the usual nightly rituals upon coming home, and one uncommon ritual was i just laid in bed for a while, opened the window and looked outside my picture window (the one thing that made me fall in love with this abode) before continuing with the rituals and calling it a night.

a habit of mine is staring out at the sky, whatever time of day it is, but i especially love the night skies, as i am an astronomy enthusiast. it was no more than a minute of staring when i saw my very first meteor pass by. meteor, yes, and it was big, and it graced the night sky for about two whole seconds. for a meteor, that is quite long. a
nd impressive. that was 12.35a or so. it passed by east of the little dipper, so i waited at the very same spot/area for others. but alas, it was a lonesome traveler just saying hi, perhaps to a fellow lonesome traveler down here...

that was something.

it made me smile. and warm, inside. meteors do that to me most times. most times.

like now.

i'm glad.

it might be a sign of things to come, a reminder that bigger things are out there for me, and i need only look to see them closely, even without my glasses. that's how i saw the meteor, my first for this year, and first to witness while inside this new sanctuary of mine.


another first:

pula sa bughaw revisits

my friend bought three stalks and gave each one of us one of these. and i brought it home. the first flower to grace the household. another living thing to accompany a barely living thing, a barely breathing thing. but not anymore.

yes, i guess we are both in bloom. full bloom or not, it's still a bloom.

yes, perhaps another sign of better things that will sprout, if i just wait for the harvest.

yes, it comes. it really does.

and at this time, i feel peace settling in. i should hold on to it.


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