29 April 2008

and this is why we don't trust wikipedia as a credible source of info, most times

trivia siguro puwede pa. but credible source of info? sus. lead us not into. super.

take a look.

nabuang ako, ati.

"bea alonzo is a taiwanese actress... (pero) british father and filipina mother!"




at bakit ko ini-i-stalk si bea? wala, gumagawa ako article about her for mega. yeah, siya yung huli kong assignment, pero for june pa ito.

o sya, back to work.

20 April 2008

10 things you chorva about moi

da libay was tagged by da lensky so ito nah! hehe :P

  • Each blogger starts with ten random facts/habits about themselves.
  • Bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their ten things and post these rules.
  • At the end of your blog, you need to choose ten people to get tagged and list their names.
  • Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they're tagged, and to read your blog.
  1. I collect nice notebooks. as in kuwaderno ha. paper products kumbaga, preferably handmade and not the mass produced type, like the ones they sell sa duntog store in baguio (buhay pa ba to?). i feel kasi na malapit na silang ma-extinct. e i heart notebooks pa naman.
  2. I blog to help me fall asleep. i also play computer games to help me fall asleep. ang weird no? e ganun e.
  3. I once had a "mild word spat" with kuh ledesma. but that's another blog entry. and no, it's not about monique wilson hehehe. ching! basta. kasalanan ni ka pete lacaba yun. hahaha nangdamay! in fairness, i miss her republic of malate venue.
  4. I used to watch an average of 4 films in a week. ngayon parang goodluck kung maka-4 films a month ako. dunno why.
  5. I wanted to be an astronaut when i was small. seriously. unlike my sister kasi who's more interested in studying the underwater world a la marine bio mode, ako gusto ko outer space. but lo and behold, pinagpalit ko ang NASA sa Star Wars. and the rest is history...
  6. Ang dami kong ginagawa lately, sabi nga nila (turo, admin, sulat, sulat pa, thesis, workshop, sulat ulit, direk minsan). pero surprisingly, it doesn't feel that way hehehe. pramis! talaga lang.
  7. I need to drink a glass of water before going to bed. to ward off chenelyns. basta.
  8. I can't leave the house without taking a bath.
  9. I once entertained the thought of auditioning/applying for UP Rep (theater org) during my freshman year. but when my classmate who was applying came to class wearing a bahag and memorizing francis m's rap (he was a diehard metalhead and hated rap), i changed my mind. not to mention may stage fright ang lola mo. noon.
  10. Pinagtatawanan o dinededma ko lang ang mga taong nagagalit, naninira o nang-aaway sa akin. kadalasan kasi, sila naman ang nakakarma in the future e. karmic retribution works, baby, so be careful -- the universe is watching! >:P

i'm tagging ANGIE, OCA-PROGAY, INDI (kung di ka pa na-tag), AVIE, BENG-REKORIDA, SARAH (para magkalaman ang blogs niyo hehehe), XE, OVIE, GERMAINE, ARLENE-LOKNLOL.

17 April 2008

well, look who's back...on TV

that would be me. doing this. again.

parang summer job ko na lagi ang magdirek ng show na ito a. hm...

here's the official PR i lifted from the show's site.

"LDFG versus Takaw Mamaw"

Airing on April 19, 2008
Saturday, 10 a.m.

Kiddie Kitchen Camp

Do you want a summer activity that’s not just interesting but can also ease your hunger?

Love, Bea and Gabby joins the Kiddie Kitchen Camp, a summer workshop that teaches kids how to cook and bake! Here, Bea and Gabby, together with Ate Love will try their hand at cooking and learn how to make Nuggets & Cheese Fondue, Ham & Cheese Quesadillas and Toasty Apple Pie. Your appetite will surely be awakened by the tasty treats our little chefs will prepare!

Il Pirata

Pirates don’t only exist in storybooks and movies, they can also be seen in… restaurants?

Il Pirata Restaurant is a pirate themed restaurant with seafood specialties and waiters dressed as pirates. Gabby will try their Pizza Serena, a gigantic pizza that’s a half-meter wide! He will also taste the Black Nero Pasta, with a sauce that is made out of squid ink! Gabby also learns the history of piracy as he fills his tummy with this mouth-watering food trip.

LDFG vs. Takaw Mamaw

Raijin has fallen into the Pit of No Return, but the LD Force’s fight against evil is not yet over.

The LD Force meets Maui, a good-hearted chef whose only goal is to cook healthy and sumptuous meals. But an evil spirit possesses Maui and turns her into Takaw Mamaw, a monster who uses her delicious yet poisonous bread to make people’s tummies hurt!

Will Takaw Mamaw succeed in tempting the LD Force to eat her dangerous bread? Watch out as the team fights this bloated monster in Lovely Day Force of the Guardians this Saturday.


since it's a news and public affairs show, may segments na informative chever. pero ang tahi pa rin nun ay yung narrative portion na 2/3 ng show nakikita. yung narrative ang dinidirek ko. they used to call it spiels pero it's more than that na nga since naging narrative na may fictional kuwento ang approach. ikalawang bihis na ito ng fictional focus. may costume costume pa rin pero iba na ang quality ng powers at may main villain na silang kaharap chever.

it's like directing a short film every week. literally. hay. pero masaya naman kapag masaya ang cast and crew. this time around, masaya na lahat. wala nang negativity center kasi, nasipa na. kaya nga i'm back e. the world is at peace.

which goes to show na talagang ang pagpapatakbo ng isang bagay ay nakasalalay sa harmonious co-existence ng good leadership and amiable constituents. achieve na ito this time around. happy for them.

wala akong behind the scenes photos because i didn't bring my cam this time. i was imagining a whole day affair of feeling the vibe there again after some time, kaya i needed to focus on that lang. at saka haggard ang summer sun kaya walang extra energy to be super happy for pitiks.

pero happy naman ito. goal pa rin is to shoot for a day. hiraf. extra hiraf pag medyo hindi happy ang ibang talents. hay... pero kekerihin na yan ng special fx.


help with our ratings. just turn on your tv at this time and tune in sa kapuso network. tapos tulugan niyo na hehe. okay lang, basta mag-rate.

feedback always welcome. kahit nega. go!

14 April 2008

first time to be published in india!

publication news! read all about it! hehe. sorry can't resist.

lumabas na pala yung article ko sa I-Speak column section ng In Plainspeak journal, a publication in india of the South and Southeast Asia Resource Centre on Sexuality na hosted ny TARSHI (talking about reproductive and sexual health) na kaalyado naman ng CREA (creating resources for empowerment and action) women's org na may office sa india at new york. sila ang sponsor ng film conference na pinuntahan ko sa india last year (pictures sa pitik section under "neemrana mania in india" album).

my article is here and the whole magazine is here. you can actually download the pdf. hey may nasingit na leap photo nga pala diyan i took last pride march. ms. djlush, andun ka hehe. :)

but anyway, i-repost ko na lang din dito.

Issue 4, 2007
The ‘I’ column

... on how sexual rights affect one personally, and how they are affirmed and/or violated in one's local cultural setting.

I live in Metro Manila where indirect heckling occurs in most Filipino circles, especially during drinking sessions among friends. Sadly, LGBT people are always the target or subject of these hecklers. Yes, discrimination is very much alive in the Philippines despite the active LGBT presence and movement in our patriarchal society. And Filipinos love to show this discrimination by inventing new words of bigotry or using bigoted and condescending word associations.

I have always maintained that I will not let hecklers get to me. Sometimes, this is hard, especially if the one they’re teasing is someone I love. But if they tease me, I’m okay with that. I’ll just ignore them, plain and simple.

Lately, I experienced a different kind of heckling, and a different kind of defense of this heckling. Never in my ten years of being a lesbian have I experienced this sort of defense – defense by the woman I love.

Recently, my girlfriend and I went to say hi to her group of male friends who were having their regular Friday night drinking session outside their friend’s neighborhood eatery. Weekend drinking sessions were a fixture in that neighborhood, and everybody supposedly treated everybody fairly, meaning any neighborhood friend belonging to any gender and sexual orientation could join the drinking session. Gender and sexuality never mattered overtly to them as long as people could hold their liquor. Well, there is a small irony there: sexuality is, in fact, an issue. But like any other sensitive issue in Philippine society, the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy (or rather, don’t discuss even if they know) prevails.

Upon arriving, my girlfriend’s male friends saw us together. They were already familiar with me as she had already introduced me as her girlfriend to most of her friends. Upon disembarking from her motorcycle, I headed to the eatery counter to order food while she headed to the bunch of male friends drinking on the other side.

Because my girlfriend looks very feminine (despite the fact that she is known in their neighborhood as a sporty, strongwilled single mother who rides a motorcycle), most of her male friends discount the fact that she is bisexual. They never fully realized the scope of her sexuality earlier because her previous girlfriend never made the effort to get to know these neighborhood friends.

It was indeed a revelation to them when these friends saw me and I was introduced as her new girlfriend. I still get weird stares every now and then, even if most of the neighborhood already welcomed me as the newest addition.

Lately, I have been sporting shorter hair and wearing comfortable clothing (simple shirt and jeans), making me look a bit on the butch side. My girlfriend doesn’t really mind, until I was heckled as someone who ‘looks like Aiza’.

Aiza is Aiza Seguerra, a famous young TV/movie actor/ musician who had her own fair share of negativity as she grew up in the public’s eye (she started as a child actor) and grew up to be a lesbian – a very butch-looking lesbian at that. Now, she is out and proud, and still accepted by her movie, TV and music fans. Aiza’s name became synonymous with being a lesbian much like Ellen Degeneres’ name became synonymous with lesbianism in the US, and it was not the first time I heard Aiza’s name used in reference to a Filipina lesbian’s sexuality.

My girlfriend doesn’t mind the usual macho men heckling; neither do I. However, there was this particular heckling that she frowned upon. When one of her macho men friends told her in jest ‘O, nasaan si Aiza? (Hey, where’s Aiza?), my girlfriend took a stand. It’s one thing to banter about one’s sexuality between close friends but it’s another thing to use names for a demeaning heckling. Obviously, the ‘joke’ was taken as offensive by my girlfriend since the joker was a known sexist bigot.

Being an avowed feminist, my girlfriend has shot down this bigot’s sexist remarks in the past. But she shot down harder this time, because, as she told me, I was the one being targetted by the condescending remark. In the end, the bigot shut up and remained that way until my girlfriend and I left the scene.

As an out and proud lesbian, this is the first time I had a girlfriend defending me outwardly, and proudly protecting me as her loved one. That moment of tandem discrimination-defense was something new for me. As I looked at her, I was more convinced that I made the right decision of choosing her, and loving her as well. And by her actions, I would say she feels the same way about me, too.

Olivia (Libay) Linsangan Cantor is Faculty member and Head of Academic Programs & Research Division, University of the Philippines Film Institute, College of Mass Communication in Quezon City, The Philippines.


10 April 2008

of pinning and owning

go ahead, pin it on me. pin it all on me.

i can take it.

actually, i don't care. not one bit. about you. yes, you. not anymore. do you really, really get that?

i just find it strange for people of questionable repute to pin their anger on their insecurities on me. on me. strange di ba? it's not my insecurities naman pero they still think i should own it. or owe it ba? ewan ko ba. ang labo.

kahit gaano mo pala sila gabayan, kahit gaano mo sila pagbigyan, kahit nagdadala ka ng salamin para makita nila lagi ang sarili nila, kahit tulungan mo sila...ikaw pa ang mapapasama. hay naku. talaga lang.

nakakatawa na hindi rin nila makita na sa ginawa nilang pagpula sa iyo e sila naman ang natitilamsikan ng sarili nilang mantika. isang araw, sa mata na nila siguro titilamsik iyon. baka iyon na lang ang time na mare-realize nila na dapat e tignan nilang mabuti ang sarili nila sa salamin nang husto at malaliman na indeed, baka nga may bearing ang observations ng tao sa paligid nila at sa mga komunidad nilang iniikutan na may depekto nga sila. may depekto sila.

may depekto kayo, hoy.

pero siyempre hindi nila papakinggan iyon.

hamu na. not my loss. not my community's loss. not my environment's loss.

your loss.

you are your own loss, you know.


i'm sorry, but i love where i came from so much. no one will just ruin that just like that. no, not especially people who cannot contain their insecurities.

sorry na lang talaga.

maghanap kayo ng sarili niyong patch of earth at doon na kayo magtanim ng magtanim. don't spread your weed on our garden.

sayang lang dahil sa panahong nakasalamuha ko kayo, itinuring ko kayong kaibigan. hindi pala deserving ang title na iyon.

hm... bakit kaya ang daming ganitong klaseng tao sa paligid lately? no? well... must be the summer heat.

can't wait for june?

hindi rin.

09 April 2008

i guess puwede nang ilabas...

april's issue of mega magazine features angel locsin on the cover.

yep i did her. i mean the interview! bastos niyo... chos.

yes, siya yung latest celebrity crush ko. kasi mabait siya. at caring. in a non-showbiz way.

angel: hi, ako si angel. *shakes my hand*
me: hello. *shakes her hand*
her assistant: ate, ano gusto mong pagkain? sa mcdonald's?
someone sa set: talagang kelangan sa mcdonald's?
tawa kami lahat. heehe.

pagkaorder sa mcdo...

her assistant: ate, eto na order mo *hands me the iced tea*
angel: uy, iyan lang order mo? hindi ka kakain?
me: di na.
angel: bakit? kain ka!
me: busog pa ko e.
*angel smiles*

ayun, nadale lola mo sa care. hahahaha! chos.

eto funny. sa gitna ng interview.

me: (question question)
angel: (answer answer)
me: (suddenly bothered by the arrival of someone on the side, pan left to reveal luis manzano afar)
angel: hm? parang naririnig ko boses ni luis...
me: ayun siya o (nginuso ko)
angel: (natawa) si luis! kamusta naman yun at nandito!
me: (thought balloon) sus...kunwari pa...


tapos sabi nina gemma (small world! asawa ng kabarkada ko nung college! product manager ng timex) at ng mga taga-timex...

sila: sila ba?
me: ewan ko.
gemma: itanong mo!
me: bakit ako!
gemma: ikaw ang writer e!
me: kayo kaya lagi kasama sa mga timex-timex...
gemma: dapat kasama rin yun sa questions mo!
me: naman e... yoko. baka mag-walk out...
sila: hm...sila na nga.
me: naman no. nagh-HH while interviewing noh...tas kiniss pa ni luis yung hand niya kaya.
sila: (kilig) sila na nga!

hehehe. funny ang araw na iyon. tapos nadiskubre ko din na indeed, the devil wears prada. hahahahaha! charot. kidding. actually gemma discovered it, not me. shocked lang byuti ko. chos. but i sat through gemma all throughout kasi nga... basta.

but yeah, the prada shoes angel wore cost 41k pesos daw. homaygad. dapat ninakaw ko ang isang pair. pang-tuition na ito!

behind the scenes pix at the pitik section.

also included in this issue pala are two other articles i wrote:
- the pinay ex-ramp model turned jeweler based in paris, maritess damian vivier
- the book reviews of sudden fiction anthologies Fast Food Fiction, Mga Kuwentong Paspasan and Very Short Stories for Harried Readers

yes this issue is worth buying. pramis. again, dedma na sa editing...

07 April 2008

the happiest long weekend so far...

before i dive back to some serious work tonight, i just want to share this with you all. don't ask why; i just feel like it.

we've been having long weekends and 3-day holidays and such these past months, but i've never really enjoyed them to the fullest.

but it was just pleasurably strange that t
his time, and on my birthday month at that, i found myself enjoying an impromptu long weekend with people i love.

but it all began with work, as usual...

habang napanis ako kakahintay sa artistang iinterbyuhin ko para sa 10 most beautiful layout ng magasin sa hunyo (sabi alas tres so naroon ako 2.30p, tapos 4p pala darating, so bumalik ako 4.15 pero wala pa rin, yun pala naligaw sa lokasyon), nahulas ang byuti ng lola mo sa layo ng lokasyon ng photographer's studio na ito... kaya minadali kong lumayas once matapos ang hair en mok-ap niya at sumingit na ko ng 10minutes sa aming chikahan para sa lalamanin ng page niya sa layout. mabait naman kausap ang bata kaya okay na rin. sige minus 12 na lang instead of 40.

that was friday, the debut
of my THE SCRIBE VIBE writer's column sa manila times newpaper. yehey!!!

i met up with sarah sa greenbelt 4 to have dinner, which is also actually lunch, since i didn't have any (i hate eating before a coverage kasi). punyeta lang sa gutom ako nun...

kaya lafang kami ng steaks. yum.

da before and after photos...

smile pa rin kahit mega-tomjones na ang mga kipay. notice the really clean salad plate. but when the salad arrived, potah atakkkkkkkkk!!! yeah, like there was no tomorrow.

nalimutan ko nang kunan ang before photo. ayan, simot na siya ever. ganun kami kagutom.

notice the really simot plates ha. hehe happy pekpeks na, nakakain na eh.

hanef. sarap!

dito kami kumain.

tapos naglakad-lakad muna kami sa patuloy na nanganga
nak na greenbelt area.

after g4, may g5 na pala. may ginagawa p
a atang g6. my god, when will this end! ang pangit na ng area. pero kami hindi hehe. byuti pa rin.

tapos uwi na kami matapos ang isang vain search ng mabibilhan ng yosi sa area na to.

kinabukasan... chillout lang sa bahay until naisipan lang na lumangoy-langoy, so tinawag namin si jog at pinsang aj para lumangoy sa tirahan ko. road trip tapos ayun... sarado na. malas hehe. gabi na kasi nakarating. kaya tulog na lang at kinabukasan ulit, saka nag-swimming nung umaga.

bawi na lang. ayun, enjoy ang dala
wa. ari nila ang pool e. wala pang tao. buti na lang.

natatawa kami sa mga chever na to. hahaha!
gusto kong mag-volunteer para maging editor nito hahaha! ayuz.

tapos nito, wala lang... relax relax na lang ulit nung gabi.

eto, naglalaro ng computer as usual. yung kids, sa kabila. tapos tulog na ulit, hanggang sa maalimpungatan na lang kami. ngayon na pala. at mataas na ang araw, kahit parang hindi pa dapat.

e alas-nueve pa lang ito a! the sunlight reminds me of a mid-may baguio quality, where the sun is shining but it's not that harsh on the skin. and the air is somewhat cool. it's not humid today.

they left after a while and i continued on with work here, until the sunset beckoned me to write this all down. don't ask why.

and so, here we are.

i actually feel relaxed today. after all these things. yeah. it's strange to be this way but well, then again...i love being this way.

sarap lang ng buhay ngayon.

life's too short to focus on the negative, the abysmal, the moronic. i just want to be more zen about things and just focus on the now, the moment, the happiness it brings me, and the joy it rubs off on others around me, especially the people i love.

the universe blessed us with a rainbow this weekend. see?

yes, it's like that.

so love life.

03 April 2008

new gig

yours truly is now an official columnist of THE MANILA TIMES newspaper.

starting today, friday, my column appears. so every friday na yan mga ati. my column is about writing in general chever, minsan may book reviews din ek. it's called THE SCRIBE VIBE. ayuz.

check out the first try here.

bet. but the newspaper version has an author photo of course. well...

la lang. self-promo hehe. :)

okay tulog muna ko. nyt.

01 April 2008

paalam, sid

isang maikling pamamaalam sa isang manunulat na saglitang nakasalamuha noon sa CCP noong kasalukuyan kaming tinatanong ni ed cabagnot kung may kuwenta pa ba ang pinoy tula at kuwento sa panahon ngayon. saglitan ding nakasalamuha si sid sa ilang writers' events at siyempre pa sa ilang writer's night.

sid hildawa. manunulat. paalam.

napakaaga naman. sabi ni wendell (capili) kahapon, 44 ka lang. kalahating dekada na lang, nasa dekadang iyan na rin ako, kami. ano ba...

ang aga. ang labo. ang aga.

parang noong nawala si maningning. ano ba... ang aga. ang aga-aga pa...

marami namang manunulat na macho shit diyan. bakit hindi sila ang kinukuha ni lord? alam ko kung saan sila tumatambay. gusto mo ng directions, lord? doon mo papuntahin si grim reaper sana. at lubayan niya ang mga di pa dapat umalis dito.

ang aga pa e.

bad trip. :(