17 April 2008

well, look who's back...on TV

that would be me. doing this. again.

parang summer job ko na lagi ang magdirek ng show na ito a. hm...

here's the official PR i lifted from the show's site.

"LDFG versus Takaw Mamaw"

Airing on April 19, 2008
Saturday, 10 a.m.

Kiddie Kitchen Camp

Do you want a summer activity that’s not just interesting but can also ease your hunger?

Love, Bea and Gabby joins the Kiddie Kitchen Camp, a summer workshop that teaches kids how to cook and bake! Here, Bea and Gabby, together with Ate Love will try their hand at cooking and learn how to make Nuggets & Cheese Fondue, Ham & Cheese Quesadillas and Toasty Apple Pie. Your appetite will surely be awakened by the tasty treats our little chefs will prepare!

Il Pirata

Pirates don’t only exist in storybooks and movies, they can also be seen in… restaurants?

Il Pirata Restaurant is a pirate themed restaurant with seafood specialties and waiters dressed as pirates. Gabby will try their Pizza Serena, a gigantic pizza that’s a half-meter wide! He will also taste the Black Nero Pasta, with a sauce that is made out of squid ink! Gabby also learns the history of piracy as he fills his tummy with this mouth-watering food trip.

LDFG vs. Takaw Mamaw

Raijin has fallen into the Pit of No Return, but the LD Force’s fight against evil is not yet over.

The LD Force meets Maui, a good-hearted chef whose only goal is to cook healthy and sumptuous meals. But an evil spirit possesses Maui and turns her into Takaw Mamaw, a monster who uses her delicious yet poisonous bread to make people’s tummies hurt!

Will Takaw Mamaw succeed in tempting the LD Force to eat her dangerous bread? Watch out as the team fights this bloated monster in Lovely Day Force of the Guardians this Saturday.


since it's a news and public affairs show, may segments na informative chever. pero ang tahi pa rin nun ay yung narrative portion na 2/3 ng show nakikita. yung narrative ang dinidirek ko. they used to call it spiels pero it's more than that na nga since naging narrative na may fictional kuwento ang approach. ikalawang bihis na ito ng fictional focus. may costume costume pa rin pero iba na ang quality ng powers at may main villain na silang kaharap chever.

it's like directing a short film every week. literally. hay. pero masaya naman kapag masaya ang cast and crew. this time around, masaya na lahat. wala nang negativity center kasi, nasipa na. kaya nga i'm back e. the world is at peace.

which goes to show na talagang ang pagpapatakbo ng isang bagay ay nakasalalay sa harmonious co-existence ng good leadership and amiable constituents. achieve na ito this time around. happy for them.

wala akong behind the scenes photos because i didn't bring my cam this time. i was imagining a whole day affair of feeling the vibe there again after some time, kaya i needed to focus on that lang. at saka haggard ang summer sun kaya walang extra energy to be super happy for pitiks.

pero happy naman ito. goal pa rin is to shoot for a day. hiraf. extra hiraf pag medyo hindi happy ang ibang talents. hay... pero kekerihin na yan ng special fx.


help with our ratings. just turn on your tv at this time and tune in sa kapuso network. tapos tulugan niyo na hehe. okay lang, basta mag-rate.

feedback always welcome. kahit nega. go!

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