16 January 2006

all part of the business

if you can tell me where that quote came from, i will kiss you hehehe. ching!

share ko lang ang isang kalokahan ngayong hapon. as in, kanina lang. grabeh. kelangan ko lang i-unload.

this is in the form of an email to my co-workers.

thank goodness i subsribe to meditative buddhist thought. kundi... ox and taurus will emerge.

just to give you an update of sorts.

it's 1.13pm as i write this on a monday and behn cervantes just stormed out.

he came here looking for (our boss) and was saying na he talked already to someone ek ek about what he wants from us.

(our research assistant)  referred him to me since (our boss) is out. the first thing he asked was, how old am i.

tapos he went on to tell me about this first american actress in the phil during the 50s who is here on a sentimental visit to the phil and he thinks masscomm should take advantage of this. she's leaving for iloilo next week and whatever forum he wants should be this week daw.

sabi ko, baka hindi ganon kabilis ma-arrange kung this week na kasi kelangan pang mag-gather ng maraming tao and create publicity for it para di naman sayang.

sabi niya "well, if you're seeing it as a problem! it's a problem! everything is a problem!"

sabi ko hindi naman sa ganun pero gusto lang natin i-maximize ang event just in case.

and then i asked him kung kailan kaya babalik yung actress from iloilo and he said something like, "she's not coming back! okay, if that's how you see it! (calling his alalay) come on, let's go!" and left huffing and puffing.

there you go.

it's people like him that makes me thankful that i am not in showbiz anymore.

to quote jim morrison, people are strange.

comments are welcome.

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