24 January 2006

be sure to wear sunflowers in your hair

CURRENT BEVERAGE: toskadelicnaranja
WHO I'D LIKE TO KILL TODAY: stupid drivers
WHO I'D LIKE TO HUG TODAY: the person who invented the tech pen

wala lang. it's just amazing to discover what kinds of things happen within the vicinity of your birth date during different eras in different countries.

here is what happened in portugal:

The Carnation Revolution (Portuguese, Revolução dos Cravos) was an almost bloodless, left-leaning, military-led revolution started on April 25, 1974, in Lisbon, Portugal, that effectively changed the Portuguese regime from an authoritarian dictatorship to a liberal democracy after a two-year process of a Left-wing semi-military administration. Although government forces killed four people before surrendering, the revolution was unusual in that the revolutionaries did not use direct violence to achieve their goals. The population, holding red carnations, convinced the regime soldiers not to resist. The soldiers readily swapped their bullets for flowers. It was the end of the Estado Novo, the longest authoritarian regime in Western Europe (but not the last to fall).

kewl, eh? check it out on wikipedia.

hehe wala lang. i'm procrastinating, as usual. but it's good that when i procrastinate, i blog. still writing, devah?

anyways see you tomorrow if you're going to the conspiracy gig. wala palang free drink yun, bummer. sorry about that. i forgot kurips nga pala ang conspi.


at sino naman yang nag-declare ng pagmamahal dyan sa comment space? kakaiba. when i asked for a comment, i meant dun sa content! weird. heniwey...

salamat nga pala sa mga nagko-comment tulad ni ederic. uy musta ka na? mayaman ka na jan sa syete hehe. mukhang warak ang comment board ko hane? di ko rin alam kung paano ayusin yan. heniwey...

vandugen hapi nu yir din! musta na kayo jan??? wala na ko balita sa ibayong yan ng kawomenan ah. chika naman jan! :P

naghahanap ako ng gym na may boxing, peeps. holler if you have referrals. hindi kickboxing ha. although i'm actually thinking about it na rin. kaya lang parang mas trip kong upper body lang ang focus for now. anyway, referrals please. within the QC UP abscbn-gma7 vicinity sana. danke.


at parang naaadik akong lumangoy lately. bakit kaya? as a sport. well. as if galing ko lumangoy noh. well. kaya lang kakainis di pa rin ako umiitim!


hansaya lang super nung kickoff party ng first international jazz and arts fest sa podium last friday hehe. libre eh! there's this band who opened doing electrosamba, nyko maka (sp?). eh more like mejochaka.  haha taray ko. the electronica stuff saved 'em.

then the kool kats swinging eklat (yeah, komplete with the pomada hairstyle and retro joutfit na parang niluwa sila ng tin pan alley time) called brass monkeys played. nakakasawa pala pakinggan ang all-male band pag matagal hane? all-male swingjazzband. or that's just me. then this sirocco world music band from australia came, complete with an aboriginal dancer ek. eh parang "white man music with black man culture display" ang dating pero katuwa lang ang aborigine na yun ha when he danced. sana sya na lang ever, naalibadbadaran ako sa white dudes. colonisadores! hehe.

then the happy happy rio-inspired !carnavale! number followed. hansayasayasaya lang manood nun! the beat, the songs, the dance, the shaking booties, the colors! i swear, the next time i get down and depressed and hopeless and brokenhearted all at the same time, i will up and leave and head for brazil!!! like instantly! without looking back!  baka doon ko makita lahat ng hinahanap ko sa buhay. naunahan na nga ko ng isang kaibigan sa latin-am adventure na yun eh. i was trying to connect with a former colleague about something and when he answered me via email, he said he was already in argentina making a living as a waiter! shucks inggit ako! parang ang sarap lang na experience nun. parang yung former editor na kilala ko who backpacked in europe and ended up as a waiter in france to earn a living for 2 months. shet stuff that writers' dreams are made off.


and then of course our own beloved world music fusion group pinikpikan capped the night. it was sheer fun when they play. parang nung saturday gig nila sa bistro. i love watching them live because they're the only band who can turn the house (as in, inuman house) into a dance party. as in literal, tumatayo lahat para sumayaw. dapat sa gig places na may dancefloor na legit sila tumugtug eh para ayos at walang nababanggang lamesa o monitor. hansayasaya. eh lam nyo naman ang lola nyo, mahilig sumayaw ini. ayaw nga maniwala nina mam gigi whenever we always end up at savarin with dinner guests. eh sila lounge singing ang trip. sabi ko nga, i betray my last name; i should have been named "bailar" instead of "cantor" dapat. sa totoo lang.

well sya sige sa uulitin.

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