15 January 2006

astrological advice

some people might pooh-pooh the astrological zodiac descriptions and prescriptions of individuals' signs, but i don't. in fact, it's a good reminder that bigger things work around you and over you especially whenever one is so overwhelmed and preoccupied only with the things that work within him/herself.

and to quote a friend, sabi niya matagal na nga namang inoobserbahan ang mga planetary motions eklavu na yan sa astrology so it must have some sort of bearing in our lives as humans.

mizmoh. di ba bles? :)

kaya i listen to the stars today and here is what they have to say:

Relationships have shown you a path toward growth that has pushed you beyond your old comfort zone. It's not time to pull back out of fear, but it is wise now to reassess your destination in light of your current position. Today, it's better to be realistic than idealistic.
The feisty red planet, Mars, symbolizes the direct expression of physical energy. The large gaseous planet, Jupiter, acts in an expansive manner. Today, after weeks of moving slowly toward alignment, they are in exact opposition. We are fired up and ready to go, but our reactions to current circumstances may be overstated. Additionally, with the Moon in proud Leo, we need to be noticed and appreciated. Although potential may truly be greater now than usual, a little self-restraint is still a wise course of action.

it's so true. lalo na talaga today. applicable sa aking life. tama, it's better to be realistic than idealistic, especially in all relationships i have today, lalung-lalo na sa work relationship ko with some people. hay...basta i should just remember millennium resolution numero uno lagi. lagi lagi lagi. intiendes????

si señora.

sya, arriba muna ako sa tarbahong tunay. break lang itich e.


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