15 December 2013

the (usual) calm before the (work) storm

Even the Catholic God rested on a Sunday, so methinks so shall I. Not that I'm a god, but oh you know what I mean.

But this is actually the calm before the next wave of work storm coming up for me this month. Halfway marker of the month now done, and we have just another half to conquer and finish many things that have started, continue those that are still ongoing, and make room for newer things that are falling onto my lap.

But first, a breather.

Sabi ng pinsan ko, memorya na daw nila ang iba't ibang hitsura 
ng tanawin sa labas ng bintana ko, dahil sa kaka-litrato ko 
dito at kaka-post. Hindi ko yata magagawang memoryahin ito, 
dahil sa araw-araw na pinapakita sa akin ng kalawakan, 
iba-iba pa rin ang aking nakikita. Depende lang siguro iyon 
sa lenteng gamit mo sa araw ng iyong paggising. 
Pero ang mas mahalaga, nagigising ka pa rin -- 
at namumulat na may nakikita.

Moments like today make me grateful that I have my own space, one I could truly call my own where I could retreat from the world after I've been exposed to it for a while. 

 And expose we did. This week, exposure was to a 
roomful of educators who want to learn more about 
other fields and improve their pedagogy. 
Also got a chance to hang out with old friends in the 
children's educ/lit field, in the process discovering 
new good places to eat.Gratis sharing, priceless learning.

Yes, I heart shrimp. Ever. Everrrrrrrrrrr.

Also got to hang out some more with my 
high school barkada. Letting them discover 
what our hometown now has to offer. 
And it indeed offers more. Our friendship is still kooky 
and comforting for me, actually, after all these years. 
Glad I feel that way.

Also a space where I could work from, where the creative juices continue to percolate, a space for brewing better thoughts. Lucky to have that in my life, and I am indeed thankful that this happened, this kind of security, at a time when I thought it was impossible. Yes, the universe guides you that way: unannounced blessings, just catch the manna from heaven, and we're all good. All very good.

The best decision I made in my life is to be independent 
and have a "room of my own" as Virginia Woolf called it. 
I've always believed her ever since; we all need that room, 
that space, that we could call our own. Glad I have mine.

Of course it's also well and good that my sanctuary is just a stone's throw away from small but necessary offerings modern civilization has to offer. Just experiencing small stuff that makes me happy makes my day. Yes, I am easy to please, I suppose. But maybe I am more of the type that appreciates all things big and small. So things are not lost on me, big or small gestures alike. 

Picking up where we left off with this. 
Stronger and more focused. 
One day at a time.

Again, feeling very lucky to have that occasional bonding of camaraderie with like-minded individuals. My ex-advocate chef friend got this idea of the older generations just coming together and hanging around in their resto. And it's turning out to be a great idea that I look forward to attending every month. Sometimes it's just nice to kick back, relax, eat, chat, drink and smoke with people in your immediate soul vicinity. Also good to reconnect with old acquaintances that sometimes turn out to surprise you in some ways. And it's also a good way to meet new people and to just relax with all of their stories and laughter engulfing you. It's a kind of recharge that a writer like me truly enjoys. I don't know, it's hard to explain, but yes, it is that: a recharging.

 Sigarilyas, mani, kuwento at tawanan, Silverbelles edition. 

And now, batteries are all set. This is the calm before the work storm. When tomorrow comes, things will start speeding up again. I couldn't be happier. I could never be more grateful. As a good friend said last night, this is just the natural order of things, the beginning of more manna, as they told me last month. I'm glad there are a few good souls out there who still offer perspectives during times when mine seem defective. Balance is aligned again, thanks to their help.

Tomorrow is another day. Be thankful for today. I know I am. And tomorrow, I will be, again.

And still, continue to experiment. 
See how things fit you, beks. Word.

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