12 December 2013

international fab, local pride

Konting work break muna for now despite the yule cold sniffles circulating here within my friends and fam networks. Bawal magkasakit mga teh! But mine's manageable so we still plod on. Timeout nga muna. 

Commercial first.

Happy to note that our local Whip It campaign for Rappler is getting international traction beybeh! Hehe happy about this, since this week's Whip It Wednesday content was a solo byline, my first for the site: "Multiple burdens: One struggle, one success for all" 

And yes, this time, they put in the "linsangan" there. My mom would be proud na. Yey.

Glad to have two good friends helping out with the interviews, superfriend K as always and pretty Jean from our kawomenan networks. Happy about the result of this.  

And then international media is picking the Pantene ad up! Some with specific mentions of our work back at Rappler, and then links to the earlier article helmed by me and a teammate. Yey!

Comme ca:

Saya lang this week hehe. 

And for more saya, last weekend naman was pride. Yung muntikan nang di matuloy, push pa rin ng mga beks! Gujab TFP. Maaasahan.

Some snippets: 

Can't stop pride! Sabi nga nina Myk sa Outrage Mag artik nila hehe. Agree beks! Good to see the old new banner parade again, in no less than Malate, our fave queer haunt of yore.

And we ended up in the Nakpil-Orosa courtyard, the site of so many queer happenings before.  Ah, twas nice to reminisce. A good part of my twentysomething fabulous self was spent here in these legendary streets. Witnessed my first Pride March here in 1997. Ano'ng dekada na??? LOLZ.

And twas nice to see old friends from the LGBTQ movement circles chenelyns of yore hehe. Ayan si Pedra Calungsod a.k.a. Mother Jessie.

 Photo op syempre ever hehe.

 Tireless pogi advocate Jonas hehe.

 Ang ilan sa mga former junakis ketch! Fab kids abound. Ipagpatuloy mga teh!

Kapatid na William transplanted from Baguio Pride March to Manila now. Hello hello welcome welcome.

 Ang mga lezziefonix katropa on Twitter and beyond! Char! Di niyo ko binigyan ng headgear wah!

Our favorite queer church peeps. Becuase they truly understand that God is not about hating. Ayaw ni Jesus nyan. MCC gospel is therefore inclusive of all, even non(practicing) Catholics/Christians like (zen-ish Buddhist-ish) moi.

 Ay teh, itaas mo ang bandera. Wagayway! Cute ni Oli dimple boy hehe.

 Si Kuya Gil ever, hehehe cute.

 Superfriend Pastora K. All the way!

 Ang Tropang Tibs ng Twitter, reprezent!

Old friend Fire. Miss ko na ka-hangout ang mare kong ito. Circa UP Sappho days pa teh! At hello kelan ire-revive ang queer arnis club natin??? Yes I wanna hit some sticks!

Longtime friend ang lurvlife philosopher-educator ko (dahil titulado siya literal sa mga larangang iyan hahaha!) Ms. Bubbles. Lafesh kami with her jowawitz and their babaylaners biyanings after.

Kilroy was here. As always.

More images pa on my FB sorry katamad ipost lahat dito hehe. Dami kasi. Dakilang coverage girl, as always. Try kong i-IG ito 'pag kaya na ng powers.

Also been doing visual snippets of my trip in Bangkok nga pala, unti-unti rin. Head over to my IG if you wanna see. Will also export that in my travel blog as soon as I've the powers to revive it na. Wait lang 'k, mahina powers ng lola.

Plus plus plus, we answer Mr. President's pag-pooh-pooh sa thought of kids growing up with queer parents. Shonga of the month, this. So we rebutt with my first POC Pinoy LGBT artik: "PNoy parenting and authentic family-building"

And also, our pride march article for POC: "Pushing for pride, march to mark"

Happy reading mga beks!

I am happy. Cornucopia overflow itey! The odds are ever in my favor. Always naman eh. Good karma rocks. 

Cuteness pays off. Lolz. Thanks sa pix N!

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