01 October 2011

and just like that...

...September is gone, with one snap.


Time flies when you're having fun, busy with things, and trying to evade this thing called longing. Or something.

But still, amidst the whirlwind of work stuff/stress inducers/idiot quotas/facepalm moments/comfort food indulgences/mega-laugh trips/escapism via smoke-drink vices, we overdose from positivity -- especially sweetness, whether from artificial means or from persons who mean a lot to you.

fumo-froyo in Eastwood
[Sept2011 photo snapped by the
Golden Spoon dude who gave free samples hehe]

La vita e bella, indeed.
Also having la dolce vita as well. Indulge.

P.S. Okay fine, so maybe it's just one person for me, for now. Hey, I miss you.

So there.


I've been feeling better lately. Since it's the first day of a new month, I am currently parking my butt here at home, since it's also raining again here in Metro Manila. Signal number one as we speak. So I hole in.

September has come and gone but it left me a lot of realizations about lots of things -- about life, about family, about career choices and which professional things/paths/routes to choose (from), and of course about love. I have yet to sit down and write
all these realizations down, but sometimes, I also don't want to do that, simply because when I write things down, it's like they have some sort of finality kind of tone to them, as if writing thoughts and experiences down make them more real, more tangible, or something like that. Am I crazy in thinking that way? Hmm no, maybe not. And this is why sometimes writers don't write.

But no, we still *do* write. In bits and pieces, snippets here and there. I still can't wait to hibernate and pour all of these thoughts down, uninterrupted. I think this month will give me that chance... unless I start running around again, to catch up on other things, like money. Hm, if only money grew on trees, eh? Then we wouldn't have any problem with anything, or most things maybe.

Oh well, I'm just babbling. Anyway...

Still, the bottomline has always been the major "battle cry" of the year for me: LIFE IS SHORT! And with that one death last month, I was able to helm one article to somehow "objectify" some subjective thoughts in my head. Here, read my tribute article to queer blogger AJ at POC:

Um-offline na si Bakla: AJ and online LGBTQ activism

But like those of us who stumbled upon blogging in the early 2000s, AJ’s space served as an online journal full of personal posts that cover selected goings-on in his life. Of course as an LGBTQ, what attracts fellow LGBTQs to such personal spaces full of often-revealing stories is reading about how the queer heart works, the concerns about living as a queer, and the deep-slash-shallow-slash-witty musings of queers. Most of all, we queers are interested to see how our fellow queers deal with matters of the heart enveloped by SOGI issues.

Read the full article here.

When I find more time to write this month, I will be populating my blogs with more thoughts. I really need to spill them out na, like now na!

Plus I'm also excited to share this latest project I'm wrapping up this weekend to you guys. It's also giving me a new set of goals and possible directions to pursue, actually. So I am glad that this project happened, despite some setbacks. But hey, all projects have setbacks naman, e. So... take everything in lang. Di ba?


Again, life's too short to dilly-dally. So go out there and LIVE!

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