02 January 2006

and what have you done?

continuing to share my photos lang, this time the xmas lightstuff all around.

for me, this is the best part of xmas -- the lights display. i always like looking at them, kahit mga home-made. sayang lang at di natuloy ang plano ko to roam around the city and take night pictures. mahirap na kasing gawin yun when you don't have a car anymore. kaya kung ano lang ang nasa aking vicinity ang nakuhanan ko. not much, but it was okay na rin.

  peyups xmas

can you see the oblation from here?

quezon hall

e eto, can you see the oblation from here? joke.


ngayon ko lang napansin ang mga lighted flowers as xmas decor. kelan pa nagsimula yun?

alumni wall

bahay ng alumni hall with the traditional ready-to-buy tivoli light structures

kapuso tree

just whizzing by gma7. okay, so they're not truly imaginative tree-decorators but hey, they're still in top ranking diba? so who cares?


another reason why i love xmas, esp lantern parade time at peyups. i get to buy these stuff. maabaw lang kaligayahan ko; basta may ilaw pa sila, happy na ako hehe.


saya! akala ko purple ito, nang ilawan ko, bluish. weird.


nice no? wala, ako lang yata natutuwa sa glowstix. ah, aside frm those who take ecstacy. iba ang nakikita nila.  hehe.


heniwey, was also tinkering with the design of my other blog, the one i got from dotph for free when i attended the blogging summit last summer. i just got one for the sake of having a .ph address sana and besides, the were offering for free (may bayad kasi pero now, siguro due to popular demand, they have free offerings na aside from the paid ones). kaya lang back then, their designs were rather limited. i wanted something like this here, yung light text on dark background, but their tech/design dudes didn't know how to do that pa. kaya iniwan ko muna.

binalikan ko recently and nadagdagan na ang designs nila, and it somehow approximates what i was looking for, so puwede na ulit. kaya i want to introduce this other site kung saan ko ilalagay ang mga reviews ko, mostly films and books pero anything media-related ida-dump ko na rin doon, para mas pormal. saka para it will live up to its name na maging well-oiled prolific reviews writer ulit ako at hindi ever kalawangin.

check out anti-rust punditry or as i term it, arp-arp.

hapi nu yir everyone. have a safe and orgasmic one. :P

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