29 September 2005

channeling carrie

decided to surf the cable for the night for a nightcap earlier but failed in the csi double mission. replay ang csi vegas but saw something else: SEX AND THE CITY reruns preceded by a docu on it. the show ended sometime ago and i think they're rerunning the final season on hbo.

after about season 4, i think, i stopped watching this show because it stopped being witty and it just became...melodramatically fashionable. the wit took a vacation, the humor took a leave of absence and man, the shwe-shwes started claiming the show for the fashion element eklat. major turn off. for me, it has always been the story, witty dialogues and great characterization. c'est tout.

seeing the double-show tonight was great. it reminded me of the first seasons. i loved the book; kia lent it to me when she found it in their booksale warehouse "raid." season 1 and 2 reflected the book superbly but well, hollywood took over later on. and the fashion industry. dun na namatay ang interes ko. and besides, QUEER AS FOLK just came to my attention at that time so goodbye straight women, hello gay guys and token lesbian couple. then THE L WORD came and wow, wala na talaga ako sa het scene; traded manhattan maidens for los angeles lesbianics.

but the eps tonight were great. bumalik yung humor. and i didn't know na ang dami na palang nangyari sa girls. charlotte got married again to a sensitive bald guy, carrie's dating a russian artist but that fucker mister big's still leaving an imprint (i hate him to death and i hated her for hurting aidan the furniture maker -- the storyline was very close to home at the time of airing kasi nyeheheh), miranda got married to steve din pala after having his baby, and my idol samantha had stage one cancer removed. breast c siguro. she's in chemo now.

wow. talk about growing up. the show did just that. an ep just caught my attention one cable-surfing time years ago during the first season because that was the time i was being a siryus en dedikeyted writer and i was like making love to my computer na every night and writing the hell out of me. kaya relate ako dun kay carrie the writer in a sense. the grouping reminded me of my 2 high school friends na ka-chika ko during my het days when we used to meet like every tuesday night yata and talk about sexual encounters chuva. yea, just like what they were doing in the show. i was in my early twenties then and it was fun. the manhattan girls were in their thirties but the talk sounded the same. it was a blast.

so now i'm channeling carrie bradshaw and just typing away. and like a typical (filipino?) writer, there's a computer in front of me and an alcoholic drink by my side hehe. ching.

but i'm amazed. the good writing is back. i guess they really went overtime in brainstorming and tried to produce a memorable last season. pero ganun pa rin; the reasons why i fell in love with this show before were back, and more -- and updated. i mean, hey, samantha had cancer. shit, i can relate to that scare. it was just early this year when i went voluntarily for an ultrasound because i thought i felt something in my breasts. false alarm, thank goddesses (ang official finding: malaki lang ang suso mo hija, normal nodules lang yan. nyeta). but having women near my age getting breast cancer was just freaky. truly freaky. it reminds us that we're all creatures with indefinite but upcoming deadlines. that was a scary time, man. well, buti na lang nireimburse ng isis yung part ng medical expense.

and then there's charlotte and marriage, again, and having a baby. well, i gave up on having a baby a long time ago. college pa lang kami, tambay sa lobby ng masscomm e nadesisyunan ko na ito, na ayaw kong magbuntis. pero natatapat naman ako sa mga babaeng nais magbuntis... life is funny in a non-haha type of way sometimes, y'know.

tapos miranda and steve got married and looking for a house in brooklyn. i can just imagine my good friend in new york who underwent the same househunting scheme years ago with her partner. siguro she had the same picture there. i can imagine them like that, complete with the ket and the doggiedog. it made me nostalgic for her and i missed her company upon seeing that scene. i miss having conversations with good, decent, smart and funny people lately, and she's one of a kind in this sense.

interesting turn of events. now i'm curious how it ended. yea, i avoided the hullaballo when it ended kasi nga because of the shwe shwe rockwell fashionista crowd claiming. i just received constant updates from my sister in california who was texting me about the details. well, now i'm watching again. in the end, it's still the writing that matters. i already know these women. i want to know how it ends, and how they leave us. they left an imprint in me, at a time when i was looking for originality that spoke to me -- and it did. wow. i'm looking for the same thing now, but with the exlusive women flavor na. sadly, even TLW can't live up to that.

i need to write that show myself, i guess. wish me luck.


well, i had a nice day overall gastronomically speaking. had a meeting with a warner music exec while having prime rib steak and a nice lady client while having eggplant parmigiana. yum. it was a nice day. sayang hindi pa ready ang 16mm works ng students ko so we're seeing that next week. on friday, i deal with screenplays. argh. wish me luck. need betacarotene loading.


hey, a kyoto-based australian acquaintance of mine (the one who looks a lot like nicole kidman, no kidding) just emailed saying they'll be here in november. kewl! sayang hindi october, abutan sana nila yung feminista series sa bistro. yea darating din yung jap friend niyang kasama, the one who showed me her cellphone with a tv! as in tv! well, it would be nice to hang out with them again! looking forward to that.

and as we say goodnight...

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ganoooooon? i hated FULL FRONTAL ha utang na loob! i demand a recount! hello garci...

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