28 September 2005


when was the last time you had sex?


wala lang. wala akong masulat. thought of something shocking. was thinking of a million thoughts earlier but when i opened this, hala ala na... na-drain bigla sa online student consultation... sobrang haytek kasi si mam hehehe.

i'm hating the word "attachment" lately. i wonder why. somehow it's connected to the word "virus" which somehow leads me to ask, nagkokondom kaya siya? hahaha. naloloka na ko. wala, i'm just playing with words. 'wag nyo ko seryosohin. :P my friends are so caring ha. ching!

sino'ng may keyboard na may pedal dyan? pahiram naman o, for one night only. i'm serious now. e me.

i finally caught a glimpse of VIETNAM ROSE the other night. my friend's the head writer. she texted us to watch the premiere pero kasabay siya ng ILUSYON gala sa peyups. hay pagsisisi... nasa huli... :P to quote christian slater quoting charlie sheen and emilio esteves in a quoted magazine interview eons ago when they were dissing keanu reeves who just appeared in the bertolucci LITTLE BUDDHA epic: how did this guy get in?


maybe sleeping with david geffen didn't hurt. cha-riiiiing!

i'm drunk on puyat. nyeta.

bloghopping led me to winterdoll's statement and i try to apply it to myself. do i live for the moment or do i live for the future? right now, je ne sais pas talaga. ikaw?

hmmm looking forward to a ribeye steak lunch tomorrow yum :P :P :P avowed carnivore here peeps.

and i'm thinking of an orange martial artist tarsier right now thanks to kris lacaba. haha. long story hard to tell. basta orange siya. at tarsier.

sana may faculty promotion points ang blogging ano. tumataginting na mega-points ako dun if ever. since 2002! or 2000? kakatawa, akala ng estudyante ko generation lang nila ang nagba-blog. di nya alam na nauna kami dito at may mga nauna sa amin ng konti ang agwat ng edad pataas. haha. try asking them if they associate blogger with the word pyro.


me want isaw now.

nourishment. yea i got plenty last night shlurp. yummy. 'ika nga ni oliver sa OLIVER! "i want some...more..."


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