30 September 2005


sometimes i remember memories of past things through the rays of the sun. the light falls differently on a cartain place at a certain time, and then you feel a dsitinct feeling that you bring with you wherever you go. that's how sunlight works for me: a reminder of memories.

the sunlight two hours ago reminded me of those days back when i was living in a house along naranghita street in project 2, back when i was cooped up in the smallest room of the 3-room house and my housemates were not in. i had the house all to myself but i was facing my old computer and the capiz-opened windows were letting the sun in, illuminating half the room, but my back was on that light and i was facing the dark side.


emotional. i think that was the time i just learned my grandmother died. it was a sad light.

it kinda felt something like this:

i guess that's why i prefer the moon and the nighttime. the sun's light reminds me of so much sadness. i want to change that, though. but how?

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