06 May 2005

meeeess personaliteeeeeee

Your #1 Match: INFJ

The Protector You live your life with integrity, originality, vision, and creativity. Independent and stubborn, you rarely stray from your vision - no matter what it is. You are an excellent listener, with almost infinite patience. You have complex, deep feelings, and you take great care to express them. You would make a great photographer, alternative medicine guru, or teacher.

Your #2 Match: ISFJ

The Nurturer You have a strong need to belong, and you very loyal. A good listener, you excell at helping others in practical ways. In your spare time, you enjoy engaging your senses through art, cooking, and music. You find it easy to be devoted to one person, who you do special things for. You would make a good interior designer, chef, or child psychologist.

Your #3 Match: INFP

The Idealist You are creative with a great imagination, living in your own inner world. Open minded and accepting, you strive for harmony in your important relationships. It takes a long time for people to get to know you. You are hesitant to let people get close. But once you care for someone, you do everything you can to help them grow and develop. You would make an excellent writer, psychologist, or artist.

Your #4 Match: ISFP

The Artist You are a gifted artist or musician (though your talents may be dormant right now). You enjoy spending your free time in nature, and you are good with animals and children. Simply put, you enjoy bueaty in all its forms and live for the simple pleasures in life. Gentle, sensitive, and compassionate - you are good at recognizing people's unspoken needs. You would make a good veterinarian, pediatrician, or composer.

Your #5 Match: INTJ

The Scientist You have a head for ideas - and you are good at improving systems. Logical and strategic, you prefer for everything in your life to be organized. You tend to be a bit skeptical. You're both critical of yourself and of others. Independent and stubborn, you tend to only befriend those who are a lot like you. You would make an excellent scientist, engineer, or programmer.
What's Your Personality Type?

i recently discovered how to transfer the survey slut here. and the quizmonster. that's why we have such stuff now here. ayun.

what a day. literal highs and lows. from a seemingly overcharged battery to a depleted helium balloon... that's moi. my mind can't decide whether to sleep or to create, veg out or rebel, celebrate or mourn. like a friend said "enjoy your freedom. your time is yours." that makes a lot of fucking sense to me right now. it really does.


my number one match says i can be a guru dudette. hm. masseuse puwede? i'm learning! pero swak sya ha. interesting result.

number two agree din ako sa career choices. puwede nga ako child psychologist. ginagawa ko na yan e. animal psychologist nga trip ko ngayon e. may ganun pala.

match 3 gawa ko na lahat. writer, artist, psychologist. tru. i am my own psychologist. mahal sina dr. reyes eh. 1k per hora mader. syet. never mind.

with match 4, i'm not sure about the vet part. grossed out ako minsan sa mga roadkill e. pano pa pag hawak ko na yun? pero they got the others right. hm, composer? actually, i have quite a few rap songs i composed before. does that count? i count them as poetry kasi. most of them suck now as i read them. dehins talaga ako po-wet.

hm, kakaiba yung 5. the wannabe csi in me siguro dito papasok. i loved watching science-related shows nga naman when i was a kid. who remembers THE EDISON TWINS? winner yun. actually, i wanted to be an astronomer, so scientist na rin yun. programmer? siguro to a certain non-geeky extent. engineer? i almost wrote a related course -- "architecture" -- as my top choice sa entrance exams ng peyups dati. i chose fine arts. who woulda thought i would get in sa first choice ko? e di sana nag-archi ako. hm. but not landscape archi ha. yung tunay hehe. :P bad ko.

gosh, i'm surprised at the accuracy of this exam. kakaiba.


bakit nga ba? minsan mag-iisip ka kung may dahilan ang ilang pangyayari, kung may purpose ang ibang bagay. sabi nga ng classic jaclyn jose delivered line sa MACHO DANCER "Walang sayang sa buhay. Lahat may gamit, lahat may pakinabang. Di nga lang malinaw minsan." galeng di ba?

kung wala ka nang mahanap na purpose, move on to other things. kung di mo alam ang dahilan ng pagtrato nila sa iyo, flyzoom ka na sister. life's too short, sabi nga ni csi warrick dun sa gorgeous club singer na type nya. too short to experiment on obviously wrong choices. hay. sabi nga ni csi catherine, the difference between beautiful and kitsch is time. o devah? kaya bago mag-fade ang byuti ko, fade out muna ko from this mise-en-scene and reenact my script in another set. para pag rollcam na ulit, i will be ready for my close-up, mr. de mille.

and that's a wrap. good take ba? let's hope so.

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