09 May 2005

blimey part trois: attack of the sith-phunin hihi

i guess the curse of the written word is still hovering above me like smog over metro manila. good thing it doesn't render me totally useless in that department... but the visuals are what's strong with me these days, heightened by current mini-engagements. i am happy about that...

i am sad about jumping without a safety net. but i need to. jumping is better than slowly rotting inside. my soul yearns for more flight. i should take heed. doesn't matter if i fall flat on my face or i get drifted by currents. the thing is, i need to jump. now. before it's too late.


peek a boo-hoo.

should we should we should we... let's fly! let's take a cosmic ride, pare. whatdya say?

ra-he-ye-i ye!

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