13 May 2005


it's not what you think.

just a quick one before i go to sleep. tried tweaking kemikal earlier and i'm glad where it's going. pero saka na ulit. didn't go to work today due to residue sneezing yesterday carried over today. you know how i hate such mornings... hay. pollen and pollution, i hate you. so i ended up resting, really, and catching up on sleep. old friends reconnected within the last 24 hours and it's cool. more of that soon. follow-ups with life threads seem to be...slow...but i'm glad to hear from the couple on the top spots. yipeee! i got in! :) i got it! :) shucks, i hope i get the other one... just when i was losing hope... 'ika nga ni princess leia "help me obi wan kenobi; you're our only hope."

the force is with meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

more later. bathroom break. sleep na rin.

rise, lord libay. (insert darth's hika breathing sound fx)

hihi. :)

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