02 March 2005


how gay are you? or to be more precise, do you think you are becoming gay, or if you already are, are you just too darn gay? (something like that).

according to this site...

Congratulations. You've scored right in the middle and are happy and well adjusted lesbian babe!

hahahahaha kakaiba. hmm, bakit kaya whenever i take personality tests and other such tests eklat, i always land in the middle parts? as in, not sa extremes, or at least konting extremes. hmm. i wonder why...

haha thanks to my friend who sent this! kinda perked up the morning. (ang aga ko sa opis ha, alas-otso andito na koh!) kewl!

hey, it's the women's international film festival sa peyups film center until march 11. check out the films. those who missed FRIDA on the big screen (and there's no other way to see this film other than sa big screen, pramis), here's your chance to see it again. nasa list siya.

tangina march na pala. where did february go? nyemas, next thing you know, i'm turning 32 nah. tangnah.

okay later.

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