28 February 2005

maikli lang to

excerpts from a self-conversation a few minutes after the sun has risen:

"art grounds a person. art gives a person more than a diversion. art diversifies a person's interests. a person who has art at her disposal will never succumb to mediocre nitpicking."

'ika nga ni lola alanis...

enough about me
let's talk about you for a minute
enough about us
let's talk about life for a while
the conflicts
the craziness
and the sound of pretenses falling
all around...

hey jologz friends, sorry i missed u guys last friday night. jojo! welcome back. thanks for the book and cd na na kay indi pa hehe. :) where's joe? bunis, musta na? may bagong publikasyon na naman ba si popa-boy? ano na balita kay labordei sa s'pore? hay, summer na naman! naaalala ko na naman ang ating laidback summer days sa dumaguete workshop! hmm... need to leave the city! need to leave the city!

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