17 March 2015

floating, fleeting

I'm so busy as usual, hence here I am, procrastinating lolz. 

I don't know what's with today. Almost three cups of coffee and things are still not kicking in. Well, I already wrote one article, two out of the required four for the month in my usual gig. But other work? Ewan ko ba. The more I know how to finish the damn work, the more I delay doing it. Not that I don't want it to finish but...ewan ko ba. 

Sometimes my mind just flies and wanders around, somewhere in the universe. It takes a special dose of energy to pin me down and write, and my usual discipline will latch me down hard naman anyway. It's the energy that's fleeting lately, to finish this specific project I have. I think my soul is yearning to write something else na kasi. But of course, kabuhayan package comes first, as always.

Was going through my cloud repository of concepts to kill time when I stumbled upon a short poem I wrote last year. Ewan ko ba, bigla lang itong lumitaw, like parang bula mula sa gitna ng karagatan or something like that. 

Kasalukuyan akong nasa Leyte-Samar trip ko noon, para sa ocular ng Yolanda devastated sites ng isang environmental NGO na producer ng librong sinulat ko para sa kanila. Ang dami siyempreng thoughts at feelings na pumalaot sa akin sa three-day trip na iyon, grabe lang, sa lugar pa na iyon. Isang araw, I have to write those down pa rin. 

In the meantime eto 'yung tula, share ko lang dito.

Minsan kailangan kang
Pumunta sa
Ng kawalan
Para makahanap
Ng tamang lugar
Kung saan may
Ang pagsagwan. 
 (28aug14 touchdown to Tacloban)

Tacloban: Sa gitna ng kabihasnan at kawalan. (August 2014)

I am by nature a storyteller, and I have said that here many times. But there are times when poetry just springs forth from my mind. Rare ito lately, actually, maybe because my life lately is full of good heartfelt stories that are better to retell. But of course, I can't control my muse if she wants to produce this way. So hey, what the hey.

So many travels, so many musings. Sometimes I am paralyzed and unsure if I should even share them. But of course, some are raring to be told. 

And we will. soon.

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