07 July 2014

Second day hey hey-ing

I'm hey-hey-ing right now because of my current status. It's the second day of my monthly curse and goddess knows how my system is screwed up when this happens. Good thing I didn't wake up with dysmenorrhea like yesterday, when I didn't do much except lay down in bed or in the couch watching TV. I hate that. I hate this.

Anyway, today is relatively better and I'm glad. Going back to work I wasn't able to touch since yesterday. I feel iffy when I do that sometimes, like when I know I have to do something yet something prevents me from doing that, especially things that are beyond my control. So I try to just chill and be, even with looming deadlines. When the body wants to rest, let it. So there.

Anyway I also thought of getting back into the groove today by populating my online thought bins again. So here I am. Just wanted to reflect on a few things and share them here.

Coming from a great Friday us-only-date with the girlfie which leads to our beloved coffee-con-chickahan ritual the morning after, it's so great to be rejuvenated this way with your love. As she has her own life to run in her own world-home, so do I. So we make it a point right now to be together, just us, every Friday, and just be us. Until we could be together more, this works for now. And we're happy with what works, because we're really both happy that we work. That us works. That's what I mean.

Yeah, us works. Who woulda thought, eh? We never did. But that's for another post.

Coffee con chikahan looks like this:. 
Peaceful, meaningful, and caring. 
Couldn't ask for more. 
Such simplicity rocks. 
[July 2014 at my sanctuary]

In the meantime, sharing with you one of our "beyond mushy" exchanges. Since we became a couple, we've observed that we could really be cheesy at times. But as I observed, ours is a sophisticated kind of cheese, the one I always joke about on Twitter whenever I say that we are "camembert-ing" hehe. People have often described me as sophisticated, and her as well. So I guess the combination of two "sophistications" could produce such...leveled up category of cheesiness? I don't know. O baka inaaliw ko lang sarili ko ng sobra. Sabagay, siya rin.

Last summer, over our usual intellectually stimulating mealtime convos, we talked about how we view being proprietary in a relationship. And I was amazed by the agency she put in the relationship, like who has real agency, or how proprietary relations are handled and such. And I said that that would make for a good article in the future, so I jotted it down. And yeah, in my Relationship 2.0 series for POC, I did just that: made it into an article. You can read that here. And also see that here, as I shared it on IG as well. During her second day, it was her turn to hey-hey it, and it so happened that she read my article and felt like reaching out.

So yeah, that's how we roll, I suppose. I guess this is what happens when like-minded individuals finally fuse. Not collide this time, but fuse. And not morph into one as well, but still, fuse together, two-in-one. That sort of thing. We're peas in a pod, as we often conclude. And we're liking it, very much.

So good morning. A toast to simple joys, to waking up, and to being free.

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