29 November 2013

thank you providence, thank you clarity

Errands, work meeting, home improvement stuff, consultancy tasks, preparing for a trip. These line up my day today yet I want to stop and smell the aroma of coffee for a while and park my thoughts here.

Like I am soooo up to here with stuff to do regarding work alone (imagine me holding my hand at the level of my eyes). But yes, I still want to share stuff here with you guys. For the simple reason that I am truly appreciative of honest and kind gestures. And I want to close this month on a positive note, despite some negativity that accompanied the beginning of it.

Those who have been reaching out to me in various social media and on email, thank you. Your messages of support and your kind words are precious to me during the time that I had that momentary personal crisis a few weeks back. Emphasis on the momentary, for when the truth revealed itself unto me, there's really nothing I could utter other than what Alanis once sang: THANK YOU PROVIDENCE. 

Overnight, truths were revealed. Received an ounce of prevention: always worth more than a pound of cure, as they say. So thank you. Thanks to the universe for dropping the bomb on me at the time that I needed to be shattered from an ongoing illusion, an illusion that could have shattered me more if it has engulfed me totally in the future. Thanks to divine intervention for showing me that linkages had to be severely severed, for my sanity, because the setup is just totally insane. I am ever so grateful for the universe for sending me these sets of friends, colleagues, and confidantes that I have in my life right now, people who provide precious perspectives, who accompanied me in nights of frowning and laughed with me in evenings of comebacking chuckles. 

And to the strangers who volunteered information and the lurkers who came out just to give virtual hugs, positive vibes, and pats on the back, muchas gracias, merci beaucoup, thank you very much, maraming salamat. I can't thank you enough. I never realized the extent that my writing/blogging has reached, and I never thought that my stories have been reaching out to you guys as well, enough to resonate familiar feelings and elicit empathy, to offer your sincerest sympathies at a time when I thought the world would darken a bit again. The universe really provides when you least expect it. You guys totally rock. Thanks.

And with that, we now have clarity. Thank you, as always, for clarity, universe. Hard packaging, this one, but thanks for its speedy delivery, and for the unapologetic unraveling, before it was way too late.

And now, MOVING ON...

Sharing with you two of my latest November articles for POC Pinoy LGBT channel: one about homophobia in commenting on relief effort frustrations, and another is a reflection on turning the Maximo Oliveros film into a stage musical. I should have two more articles coming up to end the month so let's see when that will be posted.

Happy reading, guys. And thanks once again. For real.

The odds are always ever in my favor. And in yours, too. As long as we do good, good karma will never leave us. So folks, do good. Do more good. Good is always rewarded. Please keep that in mind.


See you next month.

Down with duplicity. Carry on with being cutesy.

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