18 August 2012

Went forth and multiplied

While many folks from Metro Manila are currently enjoying their four-day long weekend starting today, I decided to just stay home and not roll with the crowd flowing out of the metro. This is just like holy week hello. I usually jump the holidays before or after, and I rarely go during. I guess I'm lucky enough to afford that because of the nature of my work and our schedules so yes, I consider myself lucky.

Decided to also beef up my online presence again. I'm doing multi-tasking stuff here again as usual. I am writing my usual contributing writer articles then also checking papers from school then also tinkering with my blogs and doing this whole ginormous project of transferring my content from Multiply.Com. Ever since they announced they're shutting down, it just boggled me how years of content could be shifted out of there.

I started  my leaflens multiply account as an offshoot of this one. I wanted a more dynamic site and that one was a portal of sorts. Before social networking sites became popular like Facebook, we had Multiply because it combined social networking and blogging. You get to add photo albums and have specific sections for reviews. That's what I'm doing now, shifting out the film reviews I did and dumping them all to my film review blog. Also my book and TV reviews I am dumping them all into my media and pop culture blog. But the blog posts I am not sure about.

sometimes it's better to blog in private

What I liked about Multiply is it could also control who gets to see your content. If you feel like posting a blog entry to be viewed by the public or by specific contacts only (just like in Facebook), then you could control it. Only your contacts or specific contacts could see some posts. Thing is, I blogged very privately in that space and I'm not so sure if I should dump them back here in such a public space. But still, it will be archived in a chronological order still, so old posts will still remain as old posts -- buried. Hm I don't know. Should I?

A lot of the things I blogged about there focused on one past relationship, something which I don't really want to bring back anymore. Yes, even the memories. Yeah, me, someone who has been journaling like crazy since I was in high school and who keeps all of these personal historical archives of mine up to now, contemplating on deleting several portions of my life as documented in that blog journal. I don't know. The jury is still out. Should I publicize those posts or not? Remains to be seen.

In the meantime, just enjoy the long weekend folks. Stay safe. And yes, thanks for reading.


  1. Hope you'll not delete those..for those are the stories of you and how youve become.. And i wana read it too..haha im an avid reader of yours and im a closet lez.. I love ur blog coz i cn relate w ur stories sometimes..i want to know ur stories way back too..so f its rili nt asking too much..i wana see it being posted here too..B-)