27 August 2012

Be. Vibrant.

Posted this on my FB status earlier and my Twitter as well:
"Woke up with a feeling that the future feels hopeful. Aiming for it. Have a good week ahead, folks. Life is short; be vibrant."

Indeed, it feels like it. Perhaps it's because of the tall glass of homemade iced coffee I just had, that momentary peek I got of my girlfriend on choppy Skype earlier, or perhaps the excess two hours of sleep I got today (coming from an early semi-crash last night thanks to almost half a liter of watered down supermarket mix lime mojito), or whatever else that worked prior to the second I am typing this. But indeed, life feels good, hopeful and somewhat sunny, mimicking the weather we are having right outside my window here in the eastern part of Metro Manila.

The stars are also cooperating with their thoughts. Yes, I know these are not fool-proof messages from the universe but they are still nice to look at once in a while. Today's general readings said:
General Daily Horoscope Influences

What we do now has consequences in the future, and the ambitious Capricorn Moon reminds us that the most reliable way to ensure success now is to work hard until it pays off. Although the Moon symbolizes our fluctuating moods, we try to gain stability by building and reinforcing structures in our lives that don't change. Meanwhile, our assumptions are challenged today as logical Mercury aligns with evolutionary Pluto and revolutionary Uranus.

Work hard. Yes, doing that. Although sometimes it doesn't feel like it's paying off. But that's what being hopeful meant, also since I got quite a few insights yesterday from talking with my cousin. I was in our cousin's housewarming somewhere down south of Metro Manila the whole day yesterday, and it was quite a nice timing that I got to hang out with the Linsangans there in that sunny, quiet area. But that particular conversation I had with my cousin was the one that really gave me more hope that indeed, life doesn't need to be professionally stagnant. Yeah, listening, universe, listening.

And then my main sun sign Taurus had this to say:
Monday, Aug 27th, 2012 -- You may feel as if you are meeting resistance wherever you go when you would much rather be spending quality time with a close friend or partner. But others might seem emotionally cooler now as they set up roadblocks to delay your possible satisfaction. Try not to get too worked up over the stress. Instead, concentrate on the love that is in your life; celebrate the cup being half-full instead of complaining that it's half-empty.
Bull-headed, careful not to cross. Yep, check. 
Also steady and secure, therefore reliable and yes, for keeps.
 Yep, check and check. (May 2012 SM Marikina)

Yes, roadblocks. I've long identified them, where they're coming from, and why the people around me, especially those I never expected to act that way, throw these blocks along my way when, ever since I've been loyal a friend to them, all I ever did was remove blocks from their own paths in order for them to move on smoothly. But I guess that's over now. And last Saturday was full of moments that tested me to be stronger inside to mentally hurdle those blocks. Indeed, twas a success. And I could move on. And yes, the focus is on love these days, these weeks, these past few months. Love. It fuels me to move towards newer destinations. And I am liking the journey so far. I just hope she is, too.  
And then, ever since my astrologer-artist-prof friend laid out that I have another moon sign ascending eklat churvaloo (forgot what it's called) and that I should also check that out, I always check it na rin as well. Mine's Cancer pala. And my superfriend M actually wasn't surprised to learn of this as she said she sees Cancer traits in me pala, kasi pareho kami ng sister niya. So here's what Cancer said naman:
Monday, Aug 27th, 2012 -- Your emotional neediness could prevent you from finding happiness now, for it is not likely that others will meet your expectations. This is not as bad as it might sound since the real lesson here is about learning what you can give yourself. Use your time wisely to clearly define what you want from a relationship. If you are already in a close partnership of any kind, you may need to back off a bit to allow everyone involved more breathing room.

So this is where the fiercely loyal trait comes from pala. 
Aside from being nurturing and wanting to be nurtured. 
Okay, noted. (August 2011 somewhere in GenSan City)

Breathing room. A friend of hers advised me to give her that. Cancers tend to love fiercely pala, and sometimes that turns to smothering na pala. I don't want my nurturing to be smothering. After all, they say too much of a good thing is bad. I wonder if that is also advisable in love. Is there such a thing as being too sweet or loving too much? Hm, I don't know. But still, regardless of the advise, I will continue to give the kind of affection that I know, supply her with the kind of loving I know. But of course, being tempered to assess the new being being addressed, one should also be careful. Like the reading said, breathing room. We always take life one day at a time, like it says there in my blog motto. That, too, is applicable with love. And other things in life as well. 

The two readings have always been insightful to me, especially coming from this site I've been subscribed to for almost a decade na yata. It's cool. And nice to read naman. And it gives me a few thoughts to ponder on as I go about my day or as I assess my day at the end of it. And comparing these readings with what's happening in my life recently as well, well, they check out pretty well. Yes, sometimes I do think too much. But sometimes, you know, when I think, a lot of emotions also go with that activity. It's just that sometimes, it takes a brave soul to decipher that out, and an even braver one to accept it as such.

I'm glad that I'm surrounded with brave souls in my life right now. They may not be ever-present physically here, or may be located in different parts of the country and the world, but they are still there, and it's comforting to realize that. And for some of them to give me new things to ponder on, showing me that there are indeed many more roads to choose from other than the path I've been traversing of late, then it makes me really hopeful that there is life beyond where I am now. And I thank the universe for giving me all these clues, all these conversations, all these moments, all these feelings, and of course all these people.

So yes, life is short. Let's be vibrant.
And smile while traveling with the sun. 
(August 2012 somewhere in Paranaque)

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