22 June 2011

What is the essence of pride?

Buy me a beer and I'll tell you in 1,000 words or less.

But in Baguio.

Excited to see this one again. Skipped the one last year for reasons even international pride organizers couldn't fathom, especially those from the land of the maple leaf and mounted police. (Don't ask; buy me a beer and I'll whisper it to you. But the whole of Baguio already knows! Pfft.)

But the year before that was my first attendance of the Baguio march there. Just generally excited to see how pride is exercised there... because they do it better there. Ah, don't ask. Buy me another beer and I'll tell you for another 1,000 words. Okay, 2,000.

But we are still in tangent in some ways with some stuff down here in imperial Manila as well. At least when they *do* remember to invite people (especially longtime activists who have paved more ways for them to act that way today!). But hey, we can't always keep our hopes up, even if we are fighting for common goals but their tactics are so divisive, exclusionary, and -- dare I say it -- elitist. Ahahaha yes my darlings, that is not an oxymoron. Like what they sang in Moulin Rouge, "I only speak the truth..."

Welcome to Hypocrisy 101.

Well, maybe I am limiting myself to the university-based stuff, since that is my university and I would like to support our fellow queer members of the university student council this year. Yes, when they aren't run by extreme extreme extreme narrow-minded interpretations of dead philosophers' tenets, the USC is an okay entity. Yes, this merits another beer if you want me to expound, but this one has to come with bbq isaw.

Now you owe me a bucket of beer.

More later. But first, read how I connect LGBTQ pride with the relevance of our national hero's 150th birthday here. Worthwhile to engage in.

Later gators.

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