02 November 2010

tumbling tripping

My good friend emailed me in good old-fashioned way this meme thing that you have to fill out, those getting to know you thangs of yore. Of course in the information superhighway, yore means like 2-3 years ago, or pre-FB.

It was a nice experiment, seeing how people don't seem to be doing these sort of things outside Facebook. But I still posted mine on FB since it's easier to tag my friends there. But I'm reposting it here just the same.

Good way to kill time while pain is killing your lower back because of the dreaded monthly curse. These times of the month, I hate being a woman, I tell you.


welcome to my planet.
[at the griffith observatory
in los angeles, california
/ april 2010]

tumbling tripping

sabi sa instructions, post one day at a time. e kinarir. so eto. tapos send back to people. tag na lang, easier.

sa tumblr daw dapat ito. e wala akong tumblr. kaya tumbling na lang.

kung di kita na-tag, sige lang din. sagot ka tas tag me. huway nat.

Day One: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now.

1 - love yourself more. like now na. please lang.
2 - get a room na kasi and get it over with! dare! hahaha
3 - stop looking. it will come, sooner than you think.
4 - congratulations for being strong. stronger pala.
5 - don't worry, tatama din ako sa lotto.
6 - take it easy.
7 - i-petition mo na ko. like now na. hahaha!
8 - well, salamat na lang din.
9 - pucha ano ba talaga iq mo? curious ako. sa totoo lang.
10 - geez. talagang they put the A in biatch because of you, 'no?

Day Two: Nine things about yourself.

1 - i don't drink coffee after 6pm. or else i won't be able to sleep.
2 - i know how to ride a skateboard. kahit may ayaw maniwala.
3 - lately, mas gusto kong magsulat in filipino. ewan kung bakit.
4 - i'm beginning to dislike eating chocolate. afraid!
5 - i stopped eating rice na. congratulate me.
6 - i like all things orange. lalo na sa food. like carrots.
7 - i actually like living in buildings than in single detached houses. basta above the ground floor ba.
8 - once upon a time, i took bellydancing lessons. and i miss it.
9 - i miss deeskowdanceeng sa clubs. di ko lang matiis ang usok-usok now.

Day Three: Eight ways to win your heart.

1 - just be nice.
2 - wag ka matapobre. lubayan mo ako kung ganun ka.
3 - turn off ang uber-aggressive. mag-bungee jump ka na lang. dun mo ilabas yan.
4 - wag kang manlait nang walang basehan. constructive criticism keri ko.
5 - just care.
6 - just be there.
7 - wag ka makulit. titiradurin ko ilong mo.
8 - ewan ko. play it by ear na lang. characteristics change every year.

Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.

1 - sana tumama ako sa lotto
2 - poonyemas na saddlebags itoh
3 - sana kuminis ulit ang fez ko like back in college.
4 - hm kelan kaya ko ulit makakapunta sa bangkok?
5 - mag-migrate na kaya ako?
6 - stupid people.
7 - may saysay pa ba yan?

Day Five: Six things you wish you’d never done.

1 - gone to india without roaming around new delhi. olats.
2 - gone to new york without taking at peek at harlem. olats.
3 - gone to LA without trying to stalk jodie foster's house heheh
4 - became heterosexual. olats.
5 - became a cougar. harhar.
6 - turned down a modeling job? malay mo venus raj na pala ako ngayon. char.

Day Six: Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever)

1 - the one who said "lilipas din yan. ano papanoorin nating sine?"
2 - the one who said "aliwin mo muna sarili mo. eto 300 dollars."
3 - the one who said "maghanap ka na lang ng bagong kaibigan"
4 - the one who said "kelangan yumaman na tayo libay. next year."
5 - the one who said "anong baka kasalanan mo? stop that."

Day Seven: Four turn offs.

1 - yabanggacious full of themselves peeps esp yung wala namang ibubuga talaga
2 - pa-victimization forever moda
3 - mapanlait ng race class gender sexual orientation disability social status intellectual capacity lalo na if they use the word of god against people to justify their hate
4 - hindi witty

Day Eight: Three turn ons.

1 - smartness
2 - kindness
3 - happiness

Day Nine: Two smileys that describe your life right now.

>:) - at work
:P - at play

Day Ten: One confession.

1 - i crush tyang amy? hehe.wala ko maisip. ibubulong ko na lang later. painumin mo ko.

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