03 November 2010

senses sensing

The smell of freshly-cut grass permeates this early afternoon as I type beside the window here in my usual writing nook inside my rainbow reading room, several floors above ground. But I have no indoor or balcony garden. So where is that smell coming from? Beats me.

catching summer sunrises at home
april 2010

There is a huge house beside this side of my condo where I live but there's no grass to cut there. I can see from where I am, yes. I am a peeping tom like that. But nothing kinky, unless someone walks out of their second floor veranda and parades him/herself in some kind of pervy fashion.

Rain should be the one I should smell since it rained quite a few times last night (and I'm guessing early this morning), ruining an early evening pla
n of trying to go back to my sports park walking routine before the monthly curse arrived. Haven't been able to do anything active, fitness-wise, since last Saturday's (almost) three-class marathon at Fitness First at ABS-CBN branch. No, I'm not a member but my fitness freak friend is, bless her. I'm her guest. After, we drink san mig lite by the bucket(s) and feast on our favorite adobong litid fare, usually at Cubao X. But since we were in the ABS area, we just sampled some new place there, for a change in atmosphere.


Yes, still down with dysmenorrhea, the leaflens version, which is instead of having cramps in my puson area, my lower back is the one killing me, hence alaxan is my best friend. And hence, I stay put. Day one of UP regist
ration should be today but it's always an easy day -- seniors and freshies -- during the first day. I'll just go there tomorrow when the real battle begins -- the enrollment of the second and third years. Wish us luck.

And I also have a lot of things on my plate right now, ideally to finish before the weekend comes, since weekend will be a different thing for me
, up to a few days, due to an upcoming project I have to attend to. But here I am, blogging. Hm.

I've discussed this curiosity with two of my friends in the past, that whenever I seem to be having a deluge of things to do on my to-do list, which need to be faced immediately, I stop and write, mostly blog. Escape? Procr
astinate? Hm not really. I found out that those friends also experience the same thing: one immediately watches movies in a marathon at home, DVDs. The other consumes books, one after the other. Funny that. Me, I write. Hm. What gives?


Skies are dark now. In the distance, a low rumbling is coming fr
om the horizon. Another landfall might be upon us here in a few. I'm anticipating it so that I have something fresher to inhale today. The rain breeze somewhat calms me, when I'm inside my home. I don't know why.

But the stars are reminding me, once again, to focus.

Taurus Horoscopes

(Apr 20 - May 20)

Wednesday, Nov 3rd, 2010 -- You might feel conflicted today as your high ideals pull you one way while the practicalities of your current obligations pull you another. If you let your responsibilities slide, you may not be able to take time off to enjoy yourself. Keep in mind that complaining won't help. Don't put off your work; stay focused and accomplish as much as you can.

Okay. That, I will. After this.


Well, if there's one thing I miss right now, it's my time loitering around California with my sister and friends, and before that, my time loitering around New York with friends as well.

catching the salinas sunset
at the central coast of california
april 2010

I have yet to write about those two wonderful months, so many insights, thoughts, feelings unprocessed. Much talked about, but not jotted down. Hm, I really wonder why...

I guess it's because verbalizing mere thoughts would make the feelings behind them very real. Honest feelings. Vivid feelings. Perhaps I'm not yet ready to face a few of those honesty and vividness. Thus, they are left unspoken in written word.

Ah, hesitations. Well...


a street sunset silhouette in greenwich village
march 2010

What would it take for a person to just up and leave a nest to hopefully cocoon themselves in another nest somewhere out of their comfort zones? This earth sign person is having a hard time dealing with such thoughts, even if this double oxen has been nomadic in her "rootedness" all her life. Oxymoron? Paradoxical? You label it. I'm tired of labels, sometimes, especially as applied to me. Even if those labels purposefully work for me as well.

Ah. Dramatic irony. We live it.



Friends have been flying the coop for love. It's always about love. It has to be about love. It always was. But is that the only thing that will make us move? Perhaps this is where that song "love makes the world go round" got its lyric. We became transnationals due to our heartbeats. Why is that? And is that the only kind of beat that will make this national go transnational?

As the now preggy Alanis once sang, these are the thoughts that go through my head...


Well, don't mind me. I'm just rambling. So many thoughts, so little time. Need to focus on what to write for work stuff, so I have to park these other thoughts somewhere else, somewhere where others could possibly give feedback, in order to help me process some of these thoughts, perhaps. Perhaps.

Feel free to comment.

As for my other focused thoughts, I'll be populating my other blog horcruxes in the coming days. Probably after next week, when the activities ease into my life again as the second semester begins and I face new work challenges ahead of me. For now, this will do.


  1. thank you for sharing your thoughts! they are refreshing and invigorating... i am also familiar with the so many thoughts- so little time, as well as the necessity and difficulty of writing things out... you seem to be doing quite a good job at both :) it is very inspiring.

  2. why thank you. hope you're doing well with your own thoughts and writing :) thanks for reading and for the comment. appreciate it. :)