18 January 2010

forecast broadcast, before i forget

reminding myself of reminders this year. i decided to check three aspects: life in general, career, and love. doesn't hurt.

2010 Taurus Forecast

Answer the call for change

Your natural reaction to being pushed is to hold your ground, but if you don't respond to subtle calls for change this year, the pressure will only grow; you may be forced into even more difficult adjustments in the future. On the other hand, your willingness to seek new solutions can transform minor annoyances into major opportunities. The issues that threaten to unravel your cocoon of comfort signal a need to adjust your course. The world is moving quickly; gear up and participate in the unfolding adventure.

Traditional Saturn and revolutionary Uranus form the last of their five stressful oppositions on April 26 and July 26 in your 6th House of Habits and your 12th House of Spirituality. Increasing pressure at work can motivate you to consider leaving your job. In addition, your own restlessness could make it equally impossible to stick to a boring routine. Explore alternative paths to your employment to provide the stimulation you desire.

hmm restlessness is right. parang ngayon pa lang, nararamdaman ko na ito e. kaya nga patalun-talon ako sa ginagawa in a span of, what, two weeks? sobra lang teh. wow, 50 weeks to go.

call for change, huh. yeah, just the other day, i was talking to a friend about changes, and he was suggesting some changes for me which i were afraid of, really. nope, as much as i want to help, i will not give up my privacy for anything. i learned that from jodie foster my love heheh.

2010 Taurus Career Forecast

Ideals over income

The year opens with high hopes for your professional life: opportunistic Jupiter is completing a sweep through your 10th House of Career, where idealistic Neptune remains throughout the year. Your growing compassion for humanity and the planet motivates you to consider work that's of greater social value -- and more rewarding to your soul than to your bank account. Practical Saturn performs a balancing act in Libra the Scales in your 6th House of Employment for most of the year, showing the importance of creating harmony on the job. Working in tandem with a reliable partner will increase overall productivity. However, if burdens are not shared equitably, judicious Jupiter's opposition to Saturn on August 16 could produce a crisis. This clash of titans may be what it takes for you to see the big picture and deepen your commitment where you are. It could also lead you to contemplate a new job -- even a different career.

hay naku, can the stars lay off the crises and clashes this year? dami na last year, e. hm although okay ang kaperahan. well, mukha namang ganun pa rin this year, so that's good to know.

so, soul over bank account, eh. wala, this year, ganun pa rin ang goal, and it has something to do with banks hehe. no, not rob them. confident naman ako sa aspetong pinansyal lagi e. sa lalo yata akong tinitira ng mga panget ang soul, lalong lumalago ang bank account ko heheh. truli pramis napansin ko 'yan. o sige galit na tayo.

2010 Taurus Love Forecast

The heart of the matter

While you will certainly have some playful moments, this year is quite serious when it comes to love. In a pattern that should be familiar to you, pressure will expose weaknesses that you may address or deny, provoking radical transformation. Pluto, the ruler of your 7th House of Partners, is locked into rigid squares with strict Saturn on January 31 and August 21, requiring commitment and a clear sense of direction to keep a relationship on course. If you're single, these could be dark moments of doubt, yet you may be hitting a bottom from which the only way to go is up.

Attractions grow stronger when Venus enters sultry Scorpio on September 8, followed by passionate Mars on September 14. This erotic pair meets in your 7th House on October 3, further intensifying feelings, though their consuming heat may cool rapidly. Venus turns retrograde on October 8, prompting a review of recent events and, perhaps, a deeper reexamination of relationships. Old resentments may surface during the following six weeks, yet revisiting wounds and sprinkling them with compassion and forgiveness can be a significant step to healing. Blame is a losing game, so seek solutions instead of labels that tend to reinforce disappointment. Delve deeply into your heart and you will reemerge with a new power in relationships.

we actually both had a big scare so early in the year, which we were able to hurdle immediately, as instantly as the situation arose. yes, mas mabilis pa sa instant coffee, chos. and i am really impressed with the way we both handled that situation. it really shows that we're strong and sturdy, no matter what, and that we are one in objective, still, and that makes me tremendously happy. tremendously. sabi nga ni kuya germs, walang iwanaaaaaaaaan! ay, tulugan pala yun. pareho na rin.


so it looks like the stars are navigating me better this year. dapat naman. bawi lang sa last year, noh. early with the happy news and early, too, with the could-be-life-altering news this year, and i think that's a good sign that i'm going to be better in a lot of things i was sick at (or sick of, or sick with) from last year. basta, laglag na ang mga sickness at sicko. on with my happy life ahead with my loved ones and dedma pa rin everrrrr sa mga nega. oi doctorate ko yan no, PhD. Iwasnega major in Pangdededma Fatale. wanna see my diploma?

happy monday.

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