14 December 2008

today is officially "play hooky day" + dealing with phobic fundies

pakinggan ang sinasabi ng stars para sa ikaluluwag ng utak at ikagiginhawa ng damdamin...

Your horoscopes for Sunday December 14, 2008

General Daily Horoscope for everyone

Today's security-conscious Cancer Moon can remind us of our emotional, physical or economic vulnerability. We may attempt to retreat into a safe space that is within our control; however, we may also realize that we don't have the luxury of such a place. With assertive Mars still tracking the Sun, it's hard to let go of anger. We must guard against our tendency to be passively aggressive as Mars pushes us out and the Cancer Moon pulls us in.

Taurus Horoscopes

(Apr 20 - May 20)

Sunday, Dec 14th, 2008 -- You might try to take on too much today because everything seems as if it will be simpler than it actually is. Part of the problem is that you are not willing to let go of a project until it feels right, so you may go back over what you already did. Although others may not notice the difference, it's important that you honor your own need for quality. Instead of rushing through your tasks, postpone some chores for another day.

dibala? go. relak lang today.

kaya ayan, games games lang. upload upload pics, online-online.

nga lang, naha-haggard ako dito sa multiply since this m
adaling araw. nakikita ko kasi sa imprint ng bottom of page kung sinu-sino ang dumadalaw sa site ko.

there's two particular visitors i'm wary about: one with the username djpray and one is gomitch. they only visited the pride march photo album page, and nothing else. when i visited their sites, i found out that djpray is a member of some religious congregation in cavite while this mitch is an american caucasian who travels to parts of the world to preach or something.

na-bother talaga ako. i saw in this amerkano's site some invite calling on his readers to join him in some protest rally dito sa pinas, during our pride march here. haggard. tapos he used one of the pride march teaser posters (yung "walk with pride") and some photos from the manila pride 2008 site sa article niya, along with other photos of pride celebrations somewhere else. haggard.

i'm sure he's trawling the web to find more material to use in his propaganda of hate. i just don't get it why these people don't just mind their own businesses and get a life. ito ba ang tinatawag na "other side of advocacy" na advocacy ring matatawag ang ginagawa niya? haggard.

for the first time in the history of the lgbt pride march in the philippines, ngayon lang ako nakakita ng ganitong klaseng hate protest directed towards the lgbt community, and during pride march at that. mula pa noong una akong nakanood ng pride march noong 1997 (tanda ko nah), small smiling hecklers lang sa crowd ang nakikita ko, pero nothing that serious and organized. this is something else. na-haggard talaga ako when i saw them lined up sa adriatico street, waiting for the march to begin sa remedios circle last last saturday. ngayon-ngayon lang ako nakampante actually when i saw some of my co-marchers' photos na nagpapa-picture sila with their/our own lgbt pride placards side by side with their jesus-laden anti-gay placards.

still, i can't get myself to laugh that long. i don't know why i am truly bothered by this. maybe sa kakapanood ko ng maraming pelikula na may ganito kaya ako affected. i can't forget the episodes of THE L WORD when bette's character was hounded by anti-gay religious fundamentalists sa harap ng bahay niya, nagpukpok pa ng placards of hate sa may garden niya! the nerve! and then that TV debate episode, which earned jennifer beals an acting award nomination (you should see her say the word "monster" grabe, great acting!). and then of course, there's THE LARAMIE PROJECT, where the likes of real-life anti-gay american preacher fred phelps was featured briefly. horrifying indeed.

ewan ko ba. sometimes i feel like these religious fundies will just s
tep out of the shadows and hit me in the head with a 3-inch thick hardcover bible to knock my lesbianism out of me. dito kasi where i live, tanaw ko ang building ng "church of christ pentecostal missionary fourth watch" mula sa bintana ko. it's a big building and i don't know what it is. it looks like two big buildings na magkadikit, one looks like a school/academy while the other looks like a dormitory/office combined. walang church structure, walang cross-cross whatnot. and then a few weeks ago, a bunch of them pentecostal peeps filled to the rafters the whole marikina sports park (think ULTRA stadium) in a big big big congregation. thus, ang daming pakalat-kalat na mga manang and manong-looking peeps in lampas knee black palda at white uniform-like blouses diyan sa may kalye sa baba. harmless naman tignan sila sa mukha, pero pag nakita ko sila collectivel na marami, potah, parang afraid, at gusto kong mag-detour sa ibang kalye.

ewan ko ba. weird lang. i'm still processing why i feel this way, unlike my other friends and my girlfriend na seething anger ang nararamdaman fo
r these anti-gay protesters sa march, nakakapanggigil nga daw kasi, something like that.

i'm a catholic-reared girl who realized in her college years that organized religion, especially of the catholic kind, is not for her. thus, agnostic ang chever ko up to now. di ko naman itinakwil ang existence ng supreme being chenes, pero kanya-kanya na lang tayo ng paraan ng pananampalataya at paniniwala siguro. kaya siguro ako frustrated why thse fundies won't leave me/us alone when i/we leave them alone anyway. lam mo yun?

ewan. siguro mas takot at hindi galit ang namamayani sa akin because i am wary/worried that these hate-filled people will actually have no qual ms about hurting my loved ones directly, for real. never mind me; kaya ko silang tadyakan at sipain (or takbuhan kung meron silang weapons of mass destructions and other automated weapons). pero paano na pag mga mahal ko sa buhay ang sinaktan nila? magkakamatayan talaga kami, and this is no metaphor. this is for real. handa akong pumatay ng tao in that sense. subukan lang nila!

hay naku, ewan ko ba. yes, agit ako. does this mean they have succ eeded in their "mission" to rile us up? sana naman hindi. ibig sabihin lang nito, hanggang sa huling hininga ko, i will work my butt in my own way to keep their homophobia away from me, my family, my work, my home, my community, and my country. never mind if may occasional factioneering and disagreements sa communities; normal yun. pero pag ganito na ang laban, alam naman ng lahat -- as if by instinct -- that it's time to fight.

and that, we will.

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