04 December 2008

strangeness in the morning

alam ko dalawang tasang kape pa lang naiinom ko, at malapit nang magtanghalian (at wala pang solid food na laman ang tyan ko) pero parang kelangan alak na inumin ko sa mga balita ngayong araw -- to drown my disbelief and/or to rejoice heheh regarding some karma* perhaps, na sumisipa sa mga taong long overdue nang kelangan batukan ng universe.

sabagay, i am reared in/on/with film, so the concept of "suspension of disbelief" is something i live with, day in and day out.

eto: puwede palang magnakaw ng isang building. hanep.

Newspaper steals Empire State Building
Agence France-Presse
First Posted 09:34:00 12/04/2008

NEW YORK -- City crime is one thing, but a New York tabloid upped the ante Wednesday -- stealing the entire Empire State Building.

The Daily News claimed it had pocketed the 102-storey Art Deco icon by filing fraudulent documents with the city register to expose New York's dangerously lax system for recording property.

According to the News, the "heist" took just 90 minutes. Then they returned the building to its real owners, Empire State Land Associates.

The phony documents were made even more laughable by appearing in the names of legendary bank robber Willie Sutton and original King Kong movie star Fay Wray.

"The massive ripoff illustrates a gaping loophole in the city's system for recording deeds, mortgages and other transactions," the News said.

"Of course, stealing the Empire State Building wouldn't go unnoticed for long, but it shows how easy it is for con artists to swipe more modest buildings right out from under their owners. Armed with a fraudulent deed, they can take out big mortgages and disappear," the News warned.


uh-huh, wumi-witty ang headline ha: "towering fraud" heheh.

eto naman: puwede palang maglakbay ang passport lang, na di kasama ang may-ari. hanep. akala ko sa luggage lang nangyayari yun.

Gary V detained in Qatar
Philippine Daily Inquirer, INQUIRER.net
First Posted 17:30:00 12/03/2008

MANILA, Philippines—Gary V was detained for four hours last week at the Qatar airport. He lost his passport while onboard a Qatar Airways plane, according to an SMS from his wife, Angeli.

Gary was released because he was a Unicef ambassador, and given a temporary entry permit. “[At first] they wanted to send him back to Dubai,” the text message said. Gary’s passport was returned to him on Tuesday, after it “went to London and back.”

Gary performed to a crowd of 3,000 in Dubai and 10,000 in Qatar, Angeli said. “It was the biggest pop concert in Qatar history in a very long time,” she added.


san naman kaya kasi sinaksak ni lolo gary diba?

ano, gising ka na ba? ako, oo.

tara, trabaho na.

but first, check in with the stars -- the real stars.

Taurus Horoscopes

(Apr 20 - May 20)

Thursday, Dec 4th, 2008 -- It's time to check in with colleagues about how to better join forces instead of being at odds with one another. It's easy to create adversarial relationships now, yet this strategy won't be beneficial to anyone involved. Consider what others have to offer and what you may need to give up in the process. Then be willing to negotiate from that starting point.

*choose your own headline for this day only (04dec08) >:P

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