02 December 2008

UPFI supports the 2008 Manila LGBT Pride March

The UP Film Institute
will have its own contingent

at the upcoming
Manila Pride March 2008,
the 10th year anniversary of the
lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender
pride march in the Philippines.

-- This event will happen on Saturday, December 6.
-- Registration will take place by 1pm and the march will begin about a couple of hours after that.
-- There will be a live variety program after the parade, complete with a b
eauty pageant crowning, a street party open for all, and an exclusive women's party at Fluid Lounge in Orosa st. around 10pm.

UPFI will have its own contingent at the Pride March.

-- We invite anyone who wants to experience this event to march wit
h us.

-- You don't have to be lesb
ian, gay, bisexual or transgender to show your pride. Having an open mind and an adventurous spirit are what matters most.

-- If you are straight and you believe in human rights for all (women, children, LGBTs) then you are welcome to join our contingent.

Those who want to cover the event (photo or video)

-- Filmmakers and photographers are welcome to shoot the event as it happens.

-- Artists are also encouraged to submit copies of you
r photos and videos to the organizing committee of the Pride March known as Task Force Pride (TFP). You can contact them via UPFI.

-- Your contribution will mean a lot in the documentation of this 10th year anniversary march.

To join:

-- Simply appear on Saturday at the Remedios Circle in Malate betwe
en 1 and 3pm.

-- Look for the UPFI contingent's banner.



-- Individuals who want to march (first-timers and old-timers) but do not have groups, you can march with us, too.

- To signify your intent to join and for any other inquiry, please email us at upfi.pridemarch@gmail.com.

For more details about the
2008 Manila Pride March,
visit the official website.

1 comment:

  1. hi libay,

    dee here. salamat sa suporta at pagdalo sa 2008 manila pride march.

    if you know of any links that posted vids or pics of our event, please let me know so i can compile and document for future references.

    salamat, libay!