05 October 2008

quote of the weekend

"nakakapagpabago ka ng isip"

true enough.

works for me, too.

sabi kasi ng stars nung sabado:

Taurus Horoscopes

(Apr 20 - May 20)

Saturday, Oct 4th, 2008 -- Your current work requires you to work closely with colleagues, even if you prefer to be by yourself. Withdrawing is not an option because everyone has too much at stake to let you be too independent. Although it might not be easy, relationships have much to teach you. Make a commitment to express your feelings and then stay with the discussion no matter how uncomfortable it gets.

at nung linggo:

Taurus Horoscopes

(Apr 20 - May 20)

Sunday, Oct 5th, 2008 -- Your key planet Venus is luring you into some fairly intense emotional waters now and it may take a lot of concentration

to respond to the current circumstances. You might prefer a more easygoing approach, but you cannot deny the very real feelings of your friend, partner or co-worker. Fortunately, your high idealism can encourage others to rise above any negativity and turn a difficult situation into a positive one.

so baka kelangang makinig.

ng bonggang-bongga.

okay sige. i'm all ears.

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