08 June 2008

photo posts

uploaded pix at the pitik section of my multiply account. go check them out.

here are samplers:

ito sa LD shoot. directing the fight sequence.

nakatulong ang arnis lessons ko last year courtesy of fire. fire, kelan tayo ulit? miss ko na arnis every saturday! your disciples are waiting, sensei hehehe chos. classmates, where are you?

ito sa eastwood chenelyns, kasama ko some friends.

rona, sofia and me

ito sa baptismal re
ception ng bagong pamangkin, half-french half-linsangan sofia amandine. anak ng sanpits kong si rona, kapitbahay ko dati sa kamuning duplex.

ito naman nung dumating si carla.

sa heaven and eggs eastwood. my high school friends cho-cho and her hubby, jing then that's carla sa likod and me.

at ito naman sa IWFF08 opening

the annual international women's film festival ng UP Film Institute. 18 years na siya this year. sculptures are by our favorite full faculty, ms gigi alfonso.

sa mga nag-a-add sa akin, sorry pero hindi ko kayo ma-accommodate unless i know you or know a little bit about you. sorry pero you know how these social networking sites are. i'm just taking precautions. hope you understand.

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