11 June 2008

Ang Pinaka: fabulous lesbian roles in Phil. cinema

ngayong weekend pa lang pala ito ipapalabas. ayuz. man, sana hindi ako mukhang bangag, adik or worse, pangit hehehe. vain eh!

self-plug. got this from their multiply:


In showbiz, actresses always reach a crossroad where they must choose to accept more challenging and career-changing roles and one of which is tackling a lesbian role. But who among our female stars have pulled off the most effective, most memorable, and most ‘astig’ performance of a lesbian role in Philippine cinema?

Last year, we listed down the most memorable gay performances of male actors in “Ang Pinaka: Fabulous Papa-turned-Mama.” This Sunday, we bring you the much-anticipated companion episode with “Ang Pinaka: Astig na Mama-turned-Papa!”

Joining Host Rovilson Fernandez are guest panelistas: Film director Gil Portes, UP Professor Roselle Pineda, Production designer Bong Gacho,UP Professor/Young Critics’ Circle member Nonoy Lauzon, and UP Professor/Writer Libay Linsangan Cantor.

Who among our female stars are the most believable butch and femme? Which gender-bending performance will emerge as the ‘Ang Pinaka: Astig na Mama-turned-Papa?’ Find out this Sunday on ‘Ang Pinaka,’ June 15, 2008, at 6PM on QTV 11 (channel 24 on Sky and Home cable, channel 15 on Destiny cable, and channel 19 on Sun cable).

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