01 June 2008

last minute nothingness

nairita ako. may nagsabi sa aking wala siya most of the coming week for a last-minute vacation daw, gayong napakaraming pending work to be done. gusto ko sanang sigawan ng "e ako nga ni walang first-minute vacation or middle-minute vacation, last minute pa kaya!" pero huwag na lang. zen dapat ako ngayon. om....

are the things i do for 700 pesos an hour close enough to the things you do for 30,000 pesos per month? perhaps not, because the things you do for 30,000 pesos per month are actually near the things i do for a whopping 13,000 pesos per month, or more. at may gana pa kayong magreklamo at mag-diva! poonyetah.

a business executive asked me last week if i don't have any plans of working outside the academe. i told her i don't want to leave teaching but if the price is right, sometimes the heart follows the mind. sometimes. thought balloon ko: why, you wanna pirate me? hehehe.

there are indeed those that want to, but they don't have enough gold bullions to make me happy happy joy joy. laos. pero sayang rin.

at least what i will do for 700 pesos an hour will earn me some good karma points as well. masaya na ako sa karma coins. i've been collecting them all this whole summer. grabe lang. ganansya galore, kaya nabiyayaan rin ang mga nakapaligid sa akin na mahal ko.

been talking to a good old resurfaced friend last week and she observed that everything that's been happening to me lately is like me collecting karma points due to me, and that those are the results of karmic retributions of people who slighted me majorly in the past. oh man, i say collect away! grabe lang. i happen to believe that, too. kaya talagang lintik lang ang walang karmic retribution. mwahahahaha.


and more karma coins for me!

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