06 October 2007

now you believe Prince has pinoy blood? / eksenang klasrum

forgot to share this here. originally posted at my multiply blog.


in one of my film classes, a student of mine was wondering why president arroyo cited tia carrere and lou diamond phillips when they came here before. sabi niya [something like this, di ko na maalala ang verbatim]:

siya: like, i dunno why they were awarded. e like, they're not pinoy naman or anything...

the class: *gasp* (yung iba) *...* (dedma yung iba)

me: darling, they are pinoy. they have pinoy blood. si lou diamond dito pinanganak sa pinas, sa subic nga yata, pero sa texas siya lumaki. i'm sure ang totoong name niya ay "luis diyam
ante" or something, pinasosyal lang.
and i went to cite other pinoys or pipol with pinoy blood working as actors in hollywood.

segue to this.

i was reading an interview with one of my favorite american actors, si gina gershon, the undying dyke icon, sa afterellen.com. and this excerpt proves that prince, or tafkap (the artist formerly known as prince) o kung anu man ang pangalan niya ngayon, has pinoy blood talaga [emphasis mine]:

AE: It's been a while since you've done anything musical. I remember when you did Cabaret.

GG: My first professional shows were all music or dance. And then I kind of stopped because I wanted to be a quote-unquote serious actress. I went back and I did Cabaret on Broadway. And the musical director kept looking at me and going: "You actually sing. You're a singer."

I kind of forgot I loved doing [that]. And I had many different opportunities to do music. Prince wanted me to do Purple Rain years ago. He flew me out there and he's changing my name, and for some reason, I backed out of that.

AE: What did he want to change your name to?
GG: Gheena. He goes, "I think I'm going to call you Gheena." I said,
"Gheena Gershon?" And he said: "No. Just Gheena." At that moment I knew this was going to be weird. I was so young. I was like, "I want to go to college …"

AE: It could have been worse. He could have said, "I think I'm going to call you Apolongheenia."
GG: Yeah. It just didn't seem right. But looking back, who knows where I would have been now.


shet nalaglag ako kakatawa. only a person with pinoy blood would really think of putting an H in your name and interchanging similar-sounding vowels like i to e and multiply them to have one i equals two ee yung ganun...

punyetah. natawa talaga ko dito!

- lheebuy


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