12 October 2007

sensing senses / eksenang one liners

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i'm lost... responsibility should never be passed on to other people. nor should people accept/take on responsibility that is not clearly theirs. but people still do that. i don't know why.

and then there are those who could not own up or owe their responsibility for whatever reason. that is just so strange. if you did something, either by accident or not, you should be able to face up to your responsibility like a thinking human being.

so think. real hard. and face the music. or learn how.

sometimes i just could not believe how callous other people could get. but then again, i understand why people could become so callous.

go figure.

but a dear friend reminded me of one important tidbit tonight: help is not an obligation. therefore, you are not obliged to help those who are in need, regardless of who they are. or who they were to you.

i should remind myself more about this. i keep forgetting this important fact. like i keep forgetting i no longer have near waist-length hair (ghost hair feeling a la phantom limb mode). sometimes when i lie in my bed, i automatically rearrange my head to as to fix/accommodate my long hair like i still have long hair. then i catch myself doing that and laugh.

quote nga ni barbie last arnis session:

"what happened to libay's hair?"

and she asks this kay fire while i am spitting distance from her ha. hahahah natawa lang ako sa eksena. as if nahagip-hagip nila ng arnis ang hair ko kaya kasalanan nilang umikli ito. hahaha!

and then she goes on to say that she can't come near me that much because i look like her ex. hahahaahahah. funny talaga ang bunnies i swear.

arnis naaaaaaaa!

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