05 September 2007

plug before the plunge

in less than ten hours, the 6th barlaya writing for young adult workshop will be commencing, and that's where you'll find me (the next two days). but here i am, still up and running here. i kinda need some help sleeping lately so that's what i'm doing now.

but i'm actually looking forward to tomorrow. it's just a bummer that it takes place in makati, and going there during rush hour is not the greatest of manila experiences, believe me, even in this time of the mrt, lrt and fx colorums. hay. gudlak sa paggising ng break of dawn, no? hay...sometimes this insomnia gets in the way of life. oh well.


some feedback. you're right kee, sanctum earned a lot because of both the ogling and the blitzkrieg ways hehehe. although if i only had the courage then that i do now, man i woulda asked her talaga to just...one night lang devah hehe. pero takot akong jombagin ni blitzkrieg heheehehehehe. although saw her two years ago at mukha na siyang tuyot, without the blitzkrieg in tow. hm i wonder...

hay talagang those were the days...

hey rench, what you doing there in davao na? kwento ka naman.

thanks for the comment ES. yes matagal na kong blogger. nag-u-upcat pa lang kayo, blogger na kami hehehe. good luck with your work. see you around if ever.

o tabel ang tumblebugs ay break lang sa writing ha. ayuz.


some note to self thingy delivered by the stars today:

Taurus (Apr 20 - May 20)

Although you are usually sure of yourself once you make up your mind, today it may feel as if you continue to give yourself opposing commands. Unfortunately, it's difficult to reduce the current issues to black and white. Fortunately, there's no need to do this. Listen carefully to all voices without trying to silence any of them.

tama. ang galing ano. kainizzz. i'm listening! i'm listening! and yeah, i really need to remember the gray areas. but sometimes one really needs to be on either side, without being blurred in the middle by both.


o sha, see you later folks.

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