22 September 2007

a nice nightcap

it's been a while since i saw a live music performance at a bar that serves liquor. of course, been patronizing our very own friday film bar event only if i like the film and/or the musician involved for the night. tonight, or most proper last night, was a film i wanted to catch, TODO TODO TERROS and capped by the music of cynthia alexander. since her third gig for that night was at 70s bistro, i decided to hang out with the gang there na lang because i live like 30 seconds away from the place. figured i might need the nightcap, and it's near, so it's cool. at saka sabi nga ni teta, pambawi sa last time i caught her there because i arrived like last 4 songs na kaya di ko na sila na-enjoy. tama nga naman.

so here i am.

and it was a nice nightcap indeed. earlier, she sang nice tunes at the film bar but most of them rather made me feel like weeping. i don't know why. well, i know why but of course i'm not sharing with y'all hehe. well, whatever. basta, i got the blues this month and it ain't about jazz, baby. no sirree it ain't. oh well...

so it was a nice nightcap because after a long time of wanting to sample bistro's superb lengua dish again, i got to listen to some cool tunes while downing some affordable liquor at last! too bad cynth's gigs are always no smoking fares kaya suffer ako kanina hahahaha. oh well... bawi na lang tomorrow.

and the bistro gig was happier because the tabla guy was there! she has this indian dude who plays tabla kasi, and he's always there at the bistro gigs kaya talagang ako pumili ng front row seat para clear view of him ang aking perspective. i've always wanted to try to play that instrument kasi. kasi unlike the djembes or bongos na heavy sa palm work, mas hapi sa akin ang tabla kasi more of finger work. e mas sanay ako sa finger work kasi if ever i play skin perks. hm, i dunno why, pero baka my being a lesbian has something to do with that heheheh but i digress...

anyway, it was a nice set. kahit cynth was kinda sleepy na, nabuhayan after midnight. she sang covers na nice to hear after all this time, especially hearing joni mitchell's "both sides now" played with tabla! wahaaaa that was something! and we goaded her to play indigo girls' "ghost" we being me, teta and beng. some girl from the audience sang with her and that was cool. then their rendition of the om shanti song was also ethereal but with drums, thanks to budeths who made an appearance. hm, na-overshadow lang niya si tabla dude kaya well... whatever...

also heard two cynthia songs i like ever since, na tagal ko nang di narinig kaya nagfa-flashback ako when i heard them kanina: "insomnia" and "hello baby." wow grabe lang sa flashback yung hello baby... reminded me of days when i was...i dunno, braver, i guess... and more gutless, but super sappy. hahah go figure. basta.

well, the liquor also helped so that rather completes the night cap for me...

so we're good. for now. i hope tomorrow would bring better tidings.


ps buti na lang walang undesirables na nakita kanina hahahaha yun lang worry ko lagi sa gigs ni cynth, except for... hahaha bad chord progression? or maybe bad poetry for us hahaha... not to mention... hay naku bailar bailar ka jan... hahahaha. kakaiba.


as i said, some people never learn. and some people never learn the difference.

for sure!

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