21 September 2007

the funny thing about life is...

talking, working with, interacting, comparing notes, listening, hanging out and seeing people in their twenties these days, particularly this month, brings me to one conclusion i never thought i'd be happy to declare:

i do not miss my twenties!

for sure!

i mean, let's face it. it's nice to be in that age bracket but it's also hell. it's the in-between ground where you just recently got out of college and will be, for the next 3-6 years, orbiting purposefully or aimlessly to find your own spot in the cosmos to build your entire universe, and then the scare of the next decade is right around the corner to remind you that you need to do something in your life, fast, as in right now, to be able to stand up to people and say hey, i have made my life what i want so far blah, only to realize that you really haven't and you're scared shitless of what will happen next that you're just content with stepping on other people's toes, making your mark without thinking of other people (especially your parents) and just trying to make it from new year's day to christmas eve, without a scratch and with a lover to show off to the world, and trying to hump each other like crazy rabbits only to find out that indeed, the condom has its important role in life.

blah. i so do not miss my twenties. even if i miss the label "generation x" because that was us, indeed. but even douglas coupland has moved on and is now refocusing his energies, but like us in that label, we are all still productive. the way we want to. word up!

observe the twenties of this generation. this is not how my twenties was spent. was able to make something out of the decade. kaya nga i am able to spend quiet moments with myself in this decade. peaceful, zen-like moments that give you inner smiles.

hehehe sabi nga ng isang fellow writer, 40 is the new 30. tama. dahil sa totoo lang, 30 is the new 20. and if we go by that mccann erickson youth survey, 20s is the new tweens -- spending/thinking like teenagers only this time with more disposable income at their disposal, especially with the call center profit, the aim of the young ones daw is to "earn fast sooner than later." at tama sila dyan. in short, mas dumarami ang rakstar sa kanila! hahahahaha. and that is so true.

i am content. bow.

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