25 August 2007


since i currently have a music-related misery, i wanna answer this music question meme from my multiply contact ginny. saka kasi interesting siyang pamatay-oras habang umiinom hehe...

Which bands/artist do you own the most albums by?
-- that would be tori amos, up until her scarlet's walk album and skipping that double album named venus something, and alanis morrisette up until the one with the song "hands clean" and her mtv unplugged cd, and i'm not sure if natalie merchant counts, but i have her first 2 albums when she went solo from her 10,000 maniacs stint (but i also have the last 2 maniacs album na kasali siya

What was the last song you listened to?
-- my neighbor's radio was playing this opm song revival kanina, forgot the title. sa dami ng revivals ngayon, i lose track na of what's on air

What's in your CD player right now?
-- alanis' mtv unplugged cd. it's good soundtrack when you do your laundry, pramis.

What was the last show you attended?
-- musical show you mean? that would be the last friday film bar hours ago, where agaw agimat played, and their very muscled aggressive drummer ruined the skins of my drumset i lent them. hence the source of my misery tonight.

What was the greatest show you've ever been to?
-- alanis' one night only concert at the araneta coliseum in 1996 yata or 97, and also paula abdul's feast for the senses concert back in 1991 o 92 yata. i swear dedma na sa pagkanta niya pero the spectacular visual display and the choreography of that show is something else! pramis! i mean, dancing on stilts! dancing on air, even way before the concept of airdance! man i tell you, she is a pioneer and a visionary!dedma na sa american idol career niya now. she rocked before, tapdance and everythang!

What's the worst show you've ever been to?
-- oh man, sorry to say this but lea salonga's solo concert in 2001 o 02 ba yun where she sang broadway tunes chenes which was musically directed by her julliard-trained brother was such a snorefest! walang arrive ang lola mo outside musical theater! hindi marunong magdala ng show! huwaaah. buti na lang libre ang tickets ko dun no. wala siyang libog ati... mas natuwa pa ko sa isang freebie stint ng aegis na pinanood ko sa isang kinda hole in the wall bar sa cubao dati noh! as in! yan ang authentic pinoy talent! aegis rocks hahahahah!

What's the most musically involved you have ever been?
-- hm, i was backstage help sa high school musical production namin of andrew lloyd weber's joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat. chos. i also learned how to play the drums in late high school-early college. wah. i also play some small indigenous musical instruments for the all-women world music group engkantada. yun na siguro. pero kung biniyayaan lang ako ng nice voice that could live up to my last name, men nag-audition na ako nung 1990 sa miss saigon i swear hehehe...

What is your favorite band shirt?
-- wala yata akong band shirt talaga. bumili lang ako dati ng cambio shirt kasi binentahan ako ni earnest weheheheh saka cute kasi yung orange shirt nila. i heart orange. pero i have a favorite musical-inclined shirt, yung top40 branded miss saigon logo tee ko noong 1991 na up to this day e buhay pa rin! pramis ati ang tibay niya!

What musician would you like to hang out with for a day?
-- oh man. i'd like to explore how tori amos translates her thoughts into munchable music, know what i mean? because i'd like to do the same, pero prose level. ah basta. gusto ko siyang maka-hang out kahit isang oras lang. pero i have a feeling it will be like hanging out with chinchin gutierrez for a day if i hang out with tori..minus the talking to the plants thing and greeting every living being na non-human "good morning." basta. gusto ko ring makahuntahan si alanis para tapatin niya ako kung nakikiuso lang ba siya sa bisexuality chenes niya o ano ba ang real score, at kung paano niya hina-handle ang artistic psychosis niya kasi hihingi ako ng tips heheheh.pero to flashback, i'd like to spend time with billie holliday, and maybe ask her how it feels like to be closeted that way during that time, and produce music like that pa rin.... hooooweeey baby. bring on the gin!

Who is one musician or group(s) you wish would make a comeback?
-- i've always wondered where irene cara went. ganda ng boses ng aleng yun ha, pati nung songs niya nung 80s. saka i wanna know what suzanne vega's up to now.

How many music related videos/DVDs do you own?
-- i'm not sure. sa dami ng hiniram na di na sinoli, i lost count.

Name 4 or MORE flawless albums:
-- alanis: jagged little pill, mtv unplugged
-- tori: little earthquakes
-- soundtrack: i am sam, the l word
-- anthologies: red hot+blue a tribute to cole porter
-- musical: rent, sunset boulevard
-- indigo girls: 10000 curfews

Name 5 of your favorite songs of all time
-- na pag nakanta ng ninuman ng maganda ay puwede akong mainlab habangbuhay type? hehehehe. well, it has happened before...
1. time after time, ebtg or tuck n patti version
2. downtown by petula clark
3. moonriver by audrey hepburn from her film
4. nearness of you, any jazz version
5. selling the drama by live
6. galileo / virginia woolf by indigo girls
-- actually marami pa yan pero yan na lang muna

What is your favorite movie soundtrack?
-- of all time? wala. i love a lot of osts kasi. pero currently, heavy rotation sa aking cd player yung ost ng DE-LOVELY. i also love the osts of chocolat, i am sam, pretty woman, forrest gump, girl interrupted, il postino

What was your last musical "phase" before you wisened up?
-- none that i wanna be apologetic about. i am not that apologetic about lots of things i like, music or whatnot. e that's what makes me a person e, bakit ba? so i liked and like some pop tunes? so what? i heart grunge and altrock when it evolved. so what? i love old school rap, pre-hiphop. so what? i love lots of music e. bakit ba? eclectic is the bomb! when i was asked nga in a job interview kung what kind of feminism i subscribe to, i said i am what you may call an eclectic feminist, because i believe in the chorvas of many strands of feminism, not just one or two (but lesbian feminism takes much room in my personal discourse)

What's your "guilty pleasure" that you hate to admit to liking?
-- like i said above, there's nothing to be guilty of, to quote that song by barbra streisand and that member of beegees the brothers gibb blah... see, talagang eclectic ang taste ko sa music men. hmm ok pero kung guilty pleasure lang pag-uusapan e... okay paula abdul na nga i admit, pero first album lang, saka kasi she tapdances kaya men i like that. hm sino pa ba? abba dapat pero cult status na sila so it doesn't count... ay wala talaga e. i live by qaf's brian kinney's credo of "no apologies" and that applies to all aspects of my life kasi, including my taste in women and in music. c'est vrai. deal with it.

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